Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Which Member of Secret is Going Solo?

One very popular vocalist from Secret will be starting on her own solo debut promotions.
Once Shy Boy promotions are through for Secret, one of its members will begin the process of her solo debut. Which member is that? None other than Song Jieun of course.
She’s very well known for her voice shining through. Secret itself as a group has gained plenty of popularity too as they release new songs and reach number one spots on music shows.
Now TS Entertainment has announced that Jieun will gain even more popularity herself. She’ll begin working on the solo path as she has a ballad she will be releasing in March. The agency has always seen her as the one to start on a solo artist path because of her stunning vocals. They even believe that fans will see a whole different Jieun with her solo.
The recording for the song has yet to be completed, but Jieun plans on having that done very soon. She will also start the filming of the music video shortly after the recording is finished. The music video will also include two co-stars. Singer Min Hyorin and an unknown male rookie from TS Entertainment.

Written by: nikkiepop@Kpoplive.com

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