Saturday, February 5, 2011

Yoseob Thinks Jihyun is Prettier with Makeup

BEAST’s Yoseob leaves 4Minute’s Jihyun flustered on an episode of Bouquet.
Netizens have called Jihyun a natural beauty terminator because she’s beautiful with or without makeup. This was brought up on the Lunar New Year special of Bouquet which 4Minute was apart of along with Yoseob.

Dream High Will Be Holding a Concert

Dream High cast and crew have decided to surprise the fans with a very special treat.
Dream High has been doing very well ever since it started airing, receiving many great reviews from those who watch. They’ve decided to follow in the footsteps of Secret Garden by holding a concert just as they did for fans.

Sneak Peek of BEAST's Japanese Shock PV!

Minho wins gold in the Idol Swimming Olympics

The “Idol Star Swimming Olympics” aired on the 5th. It featured 2AM’s Seulong, SHINee’s Minho, MBLAQ’s Lee Joon, U-KISS’ Soohyun, ZE:A’s Dongjoon, Lee Jangwoo, Son Hoyoung and Marco.

Goo Hara likes G-Dragon's fashion style!

Excerpt from her interview on VogueGirl:

Q. Which is better? G-Dragon's style or T.O.P's?
Hara: G-Dragon's style. He is the most awesome celebrity who wears stylish clothes even in daily life. I'm sure he'll look good even w/o stylists.

Translation by Huisuyoon
Source: bbvipz & Big Bang Updates
Credit : Vic @ Big Bang Updates, dkpopnews

Eunhyuk’s Short-Haired Transformation “Very Handsome!”

Idol group Super Junior’s Eunhyuk has revealed the latest photo of his short hair transformation.
At 3AM of the 26th (of January), Eunhyuk revealed his new hairstyle along with the message “Because I’ve cut my hair I’m sweating less. Should have cut it in the first place!” on his personal Twitter account.

“Ideal is G-Dragon,” 2NE1 Sandara’s Style Transition Trends!

2NE1 member Sandara Park, revealing that Big Bang’s leader, G-Dragon, is her ideal is becoming a hot topic. On the 29th broadcast of KBSTV2 “Entertainment Tonight,” Sandara Pak revealed that, “When I think about my ideal man that I would like to date, G-Dragon comes into mind,” she said (A/N: They paraphrased Dara’s statement).

T-ara's Qri dancing to 2NE1's I Don't Care!

Have no idea where and when this video was taken,but Qri is dressed up prettily and she dances to 2NE1's popular song,"I Don't Care"

Yuri's killer wave + unseen predebut photo!

KARA’s still 5…for now

106k12o KARAs still 5...for nowThe three KARA members who have yet to retract their contract termination notices (Nicole, Ji Young and Seung Yeon) revealed their demands from DSP Media Entertainment on Jan 25.

More dirt on the KARA scandal

 20101002 kara More dirt on the KARA scandal
“J”, a close friend of (KARA member) Nicole Jung’s mother is allegedly the mystery person behind the girl group’s new contracts. Apparently, J is a neighbor of the Jung family in the US. He is also well-versed in the entertainment industry. He explained that he has, so far, only been giving advice and opinions on the issue — as a third party.

KARA’s SeungYeon may retract contract termination

sgr KARAs SeungYeon may retract contract termination
SeungYeon, one of the original members of Kara alongside Nicole and Gyuri
Apparently, the members have previously brought up the issue of termination but they were unaware that it would happen so suddenly. It is believed that the entire situation was instigated by their parents while the members discovered the matter through the press.

Super Junior’s Super Show 3 (SS3) Malaysia

Supershow3 Super Juniors Super Show 3 (SS3) Malaysia
Good news for Malaysian Super Junior fans (Elves). The much anticipated concert entitled Super Show 3 has been confirmed!!

Jung Yonghwa’s Banmal Song hits #1

JungYonghwa Jung Yonghwa’s Banmal Song hits #1

Meanwhile, Hyun Bin’s That Man from the Secret Garden OST and IU’s Someday remained on the charts.
Banmal Song, which was written by Yonghwa, caught the attention of the public after it was featured on MBC’s variety show We Got Married.

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