Saturday, February 5, 2011

Dream High Will Be Holding a Concert

Dream High cast and crew have decided to surprise the fans with a very special treat.
Dream High has been doing very well ever since it started airing, receiving many great reviews from those who watch. They’ve decided to follow in the footsteps of Secret Garden by holding a concert just as they did for fans.
Due to the popularity and praise Secret Garden received for their concert, Dream High believed it only logical to do the same.
The Dream High Concert will be held for the fans free of charge. That’s right, no one will have to pay for the tickets at all! The crew and cast wanted to show how much they love and appreciate the fans support for watching the drama. So over the next 10 days they will hold a lottery on the Dream High website giving away the tickets.
The reason for the free of charge tickets is because of the audience they’ve been reaching out to with their show. Students of all ages, mostly those who are adolescents, will want to attend the concert and most wont have the money to do so. With these free tickets they can share in the great music and even get to see the footage from the concert appear on an upcoming episode of Dream High.
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