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4Minute had an issue about their arrival in Taiwan

South Korean groups 4Minute and 2PM arrived in Taiwan last January 22, 2011 at 11 AM for the concert that they will have to attend together with other popular KPOP Idol groups such as Super Junior, Beast and MBLAQ.

Infinite's spring photoshoot revealed

Group Infinite transformed into "romantic guy".

Infinite's cute and innocent image was revealed on the recent February edition of Cosmopolitan fashion magazine. On television, Infinite showed a strong and powerful image, but with this shoot, they revealed an image hidden on television. They showed off their boy charms with bright and casual outfits.
source dkpopnews

KBS to Host ‘Healthy Idol Beauty Pageant’ Lunar New Year Special

As a special for the upcoming Lunar New Year, KBS will be hosting a ‘Healthy Idol Beauty Pageant,’ in which they will be assessing the health of various female kpop idols.
Rather than judging these girls simply by how beautiful they are, the Healthy Idol Beauty Pageant will take a look into their health conditions and provide advice on how they can take care of their bodies with a few simple tricks.
The female idols who chose to participate in this special were taken to the hospitals for physicals, where professionals examined their blood, skin, hair loss and larynx through tests such as x-rays. The next step of this examination will include having the strength of each of the girls tested through a competition.
The winner of this special will receive a gift for beating the rest in each of the following categories: skin, hair, s-line, muscles, spinal column, health quiz, cholesterol level and vocal cords.
So far, it’s been confirmed that Narsha of the Brown Eyed Girls, Rainbow’s Woori, Bora and Hyorin of SISTAR, Jiyeon and Hyomin of T-ara, Han Sunhwa of SECRET, 4Minute’s Sohyun, Kahi and Nana of After School, Kim Sook, Jang Youngran, Lee Jihye, Kim Joori and announcer Park Eunyoung will be participating in this Lunar New Year special.
Stay tuned to Kpoplive for further updates on this exciting new show featuring some of your favorite kpop stars!
Source: Newsen via Nate
credit tvbanimeonline
Translation: ch0sshi@kpoplive.com
Written by: shadesofgrey@kpoplive.com

Actress Lee Youngae to Give Birth to Baby Girl

Lee Youngae is preparing for the arrival of her first child in February by taking extra pre-cautions.
Lately, Lee Youngae hasn’t been out of her home. She’s been keeping quiet ever since she married a businessman in 2009. Many know she’s working on receiving her PhD. Some have speculated though that the actress would be giving birth to twins with her most recent under-the-radar activity.

The Plot Thickens: DSP Entertainment Reveals Text Message from “J”

The Korean media has been buzzing over the identity of an outside party that tried to lure KARA away from the management of DSP Media. Although no one was able to properly identify the party, DSP Media decided to reveal text messages sent by “J” to the KARA members, encouraging them to “call anytime.”

Exclusive Coverage of Rain Meeting Uk Fans at the MCM Store Signing

World star Rain has been in London for the past week on holiday; and just before returning home, he decided to meet his fans whilst making a guest appearance at the MCM London store!

Three Familiar Army Veterans Do Kara’s Butt Dance And SNSD’s Genie

Army Veterans HEADER
SBS Seollal special for Star Couple Challenge is set to be aired. Guesting the show are three kpop idols from renowned groups who showed off their skills and amused viewers by performing KARA’s Mister and SNSD’s Genie. They are Shinhwa’s Kim Dongwan, H.O.T.’s Moon Heejun, and 2AM’s Changmin.

IU Goes Horseback Riding for Ntreev

Kpop singer IU stars as the new spokesmodel for Ntreev, riding a horse for new CF The Story of a Horse and Me, Alicia.

DSP sends proposal to KARA, could possibly return as 5 soon

On January 25th, Landmark, the legal representatives for the three members of KARA (Kang Jiyoung, Jung Nicole, Han Seungyeon), revealed that, DSP Media has proposed the following for KARA members: ‘Creating an agreement on promotions within and outside of Korea’ and ‘Consulting and requesting the members’ opinions’. With regards to the first proposal, DSP expressed that the company has shown clear intentions of negotiating with the members. These were proposed in hope that the three KARA members will continue carrying out their schedules in Korea and Japan. The representative predicts that the fans will be able to see the five members of KARA promoting together very soon.”

IU starts filming the CF for online game, “Alicia”

Back in November of last year, we reported that IU went horseback riding for the very first time as part of her endorsement deal for the online game, “The Story of the Horse and Me, Alicia“.
It seems like the star finally broke in her equestrian boots, as she was seen filming a CF while riding on a gorgeous chestnut horse.
Fans were impressed by IU’s elegant fashion, and her ability to horseback ride with ease.
Is there nothing this rising star can’t do?
Source: Newsen via Nate, allkpop

“Star King” celebrates its 200th episode

SBS’s “Star King” celebrated its 200th episode today, and revealed that they had over 3,600 guests on their show thus far.
Since its pilot episode, “Star King” dazzled its audience with their ability in being able to sniff out hidden talents, and turning talented nobodies into headlining stars the next day. Some of the guests featured on their show include Charice Pempengco (who turned into an international singing sensation), high school student Kim Ho Joong, and a 111 year old grandmother.
The show has also consistently added different segments to keep things fresh, such as their highly-successful ‘Diet King’ corner.
PD Bae Sung Woo commented, “Recently, night-time delivery men like Kim Seung-Il have been knocking on the doors of ‘Star King’ with moving life stories. I would like to personally thank MC Kang Ho Dong for giving his all in working with the participants, as well as the celebrity panelists.
Congratulations “Star King”!
Source: Sports Chosun via Nate, allkpop

B2ST, 4minute, and Supernova to walk the runway for ‘2011 Paris GRAND COLLECTION IN TOKYO’

On February 23rd, Japan will see B2ST, Supernova, and 4minute strutting their stuff down the runway for designer Yumi Katsura during the ‘2011 Paris GRAND COLLECTION IN TOKYO‘ show.
Yumi Katsura is currently the chairwoman of the Asian Wedding Association, whose purpose is to preserve the traditional marriage culture of Asian countries.
Yumi Katsura has been noted in the Guinness World Records twice for creating the longest veil (2000 meters) and the most expensive wedding dress (worth $10.3 million USD).
Cube Entertainment told Star News, “It’s a huge honor for us to be able to stand on stage for Japan’s ‘Andre Kim’. B2ST and 4minute will also be the models for the upcoming runway show.”
Source: Star News via Nate, allkpop

Official Posters for Hyunbin and Tangwei’s New Film ‘Late Autumn’ Revealed

Hallyu star Hyunbin and Chinese actress Tangwei have collaborated for new film Late Autumn, and two official posters have been revealed to tease Kpop fans, one even with a steamy kiss scene!

Jonghyun Shares a Picture of Himself in the Hospital

Fans of Kpop idol Jonghyun have been worried about him for a while now due to his leg injury from months back. Now the shining Kpop singer shares a picture of himself, looking good in a hospital room.
Jonghyun of Kpop flower group SHINee has been nursing a bad leg for months now, even unable to dance for the boys’ first ever concerts in Japan and Seoul.

Piggy Dolls Dreams of Becoming Like 2NE1

These three members of Piggy Dolls weight 230kg all together. Music fans are used to skinny girl groups who around 40kg and they’re not like them but they have confidently introduced themselves as dolls. They debuted with the song Trend and after their first broadcast performance, their names have been searched in many portal sites.

f(x) Releases Teaser for “Paradise Ranch” OST Track

The ladies of f(x) lend their voices to the latest OST track from the hit new drama Paradise Ranch. While the full track has yet to be released, a short teaser has been unveiled, and its sure to leave fans begging for more!

The demands of the KARA trio are finally revealed

The three members of KARA have finally revealed their demands in their contract adjustments with DSP Media, with the two main points being to shorten the contract time and having a modification in the board of directors.

What could Korean entertainment agencies learn from their Japanese counterparts?

The increasingly contentious ’slave contract’ issue has grown to such proportions that even international companies are sitting up to take notice. After observing the cases of JYJ-SM Entertainment and KARA-DSP Media, many Japanese entertainment agencies have been voicing their confusion over why contract terminations are imploding into such a controversial issue.
Contract terminations are rarely seen in the Japanese music industry. Case-in-point, the idol group SMAP, who debuted back in 1991, are still going strong even after 20 years as one of the most popular groups in the idol industry.

Jo Kwon on IV treatment due to overwhelming schedule

2AM’s leader Jo Kwon recently shocked his fans with a picture of himself receiving an IV treatment.
On January 25th, Jo Kwon tweeted, “As a result”, and added a photo of an IV fluid-line injected in his arm.
Jo Kwon had an overflowing schedule this past week, as he attended the ‘Seoul Music Awards’, and filmed for the ‘Idol Atheltics & Swimming Championships”, “Inkigayo” and “All My Love”.
An hour after he uploaded the picture, Jo Kwon tweeted, “Thank you, I’m back to filming again. I’ll have to endure today with the IV treatment. Thank you.”
Back on January 23rd, he began to worry his fans with his deteriorating condition as he wrote, “I myself really don’t know how I endure my days. I’m always at the verge of fainting, but I endure with my mentality.”

Source: Medical Today via Nate, allkpop

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