Thursday, February 17, 2011

IU’s “The Story Only I Didn’t Know” MV Revealed

After successfully wrapping up the filming for the popular drama Dream HighIU is returning as a singer once more for the repackaged version of her mini album Real.

Yoo Ahin is a Club Maniac?

In a recent interview for MBC‘s section TV Entertainment News, actor Yoo Ahin revealed that he loves to go clubbing in order to relieve stress.

Korean Drama Queen Seon Deok Faces Plagiarism Issues

MBC‘s 2009 hit drama Queen Seon Deok  is now facing accusations of having been plagiarized.

Big Bang Releases Concept Photos and Track List

There’s a huge countdown going on right now for what may be one of the biggest comebacks in Kpop entertainment right now.

Possible Reasons for Kpop Receiving Harsh Criticism?

Lately there has been some backlash about the Korean Wave that’s begun to hit the world but what is the reason for it?

Lee Seunggi Will Continue with “One Night, Two Days” for Two More Years

After the announcement of Lee Seunggi making an impact in Japan, fans became worried as to whether or not he would stay apart of the shows he was currently on in Korea.

Yoon Sanghyun Releases Japanese Album “Precious Days”

Yoon Sanhyun has officially released his first full length album in Japan and is wowing fans with it.

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