Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Why Is Yoo Inna So Happy?

…and they lived happily ever after.” It’s the usual ending in a fairy tale when the prince and the princess overcome the obstacles, marry and live a happy life. But is that always the case? A lot of people are throwing the same question but the answer is, Yoo Inna is living happily.

Jokwon Reveals His Painful Past

2AM‘s Jokwon has revealed the story about him buying his parents a new house after 10 years.On February 1st, Jokwon was on SBS‘s Strong Heart and said, “For 10 years, the three of us lived in a one roomed house and I was able to gift them with a new house.

JYP Shows Off His Jumping Skills In Dream High

Singer Park Jin Young has revealed his hot dancing skills on KBS 2TV‘s Dream High.On the 1st at around 2 o’clock, Park Jin Young revealed on his Twitter,I will be showing the babies what real dancing is on the 9th episode of Dream High.

2 A.M.’s Jo Kwon Reveals a Baby Picture of Himself

2 A.M.‘s “Kkap Kwon,” Jo Kwon as uploaded a picture of himself when he was a boy and has gained a lot attention from fans.

4Minitue is Planning On Releasing Their First Full Length Album After New Years

The girl group, 4Minute, have greeted their fans with a New Year’s greeting and also their plans for the release of their first full length album.Through the entertainment, Ga Yoon said,

Simon D, Hyo Rin, K.Will’s “Amazed” is First Place On Weekly Charts

Supreme Team‘s Simon D, K.Will, Sistar’s Hyo Rin have gathered to sing the song, Amazed, which has been placed first on the weekly chart of Soribada.On the 4th week of January, Soribada has revealed, on February 1st, that on the weekly charts, K.Will’s Amazed has been placed first. Through Simon D’s heartbreaking rap, K.Will and Hyo Rin’s vocal, it has jumped up 79 steps all at once.

Park Sunzoo Compliments Taeyeon's Singing, "Amazing girl!"

Composer/singer Park Sunzoo recently praised SNSD's Taeyeon's singing.
On the 1st, Park Sunzoo updated her Twitter reading, "Since when did our Taeyeon sing so well? You amazing girl~! You got first place, you got first place~" complimenting Taeyeon's singing.

Rainbow Jaekyung, same face different feeling 'this amazing girl'

Rainbow's member Kim Jaekyung has become a hit topic between for her same face but different feelings.

OMG,SNSD released new Goobne Chicken CF!

This is truely an Oh My God CF,check out the video here,the girls keep on repeating Oh My God in this video!!

4Minute's 3 Hyuns and MBLAQ's Lee Joon showed their support towards Gayoon

MBC's Lunar Year Special 'Idol Swimming + Championships in Athletics' continues to garner more attention as curiosity arises from Netizens when 4Minute's maknae, Kwon Sohyun, uploaded a picture of her with her 2 unnies, Nam JiHyun and Kim HyunA, holding different fanboards as they cheer Gayoon who has just been confirmed to be their representative for the swimming competition.

AKB48's Haruka Tayama is a Fangirl of 4Minute

It seems like more and more celebrities are being caught by 4Minute's amazing charms and skills. Another artist has just been added to 4Minute's list of of celebrity fangirls and fanboys which is none other thanAKB48's Haruka Katayama.

Netizens discovered another ByunTae moment of SNSD's TaeYeon!

If you are a huge fan of SNSD,i am sure that you know that "ByunTaeng" is TaeYeon's nickname

4Minute's WHY Covers: Released + MTV's Official date for WHY's PV broadcast

After quite some time, we can now have a glimpse to 4Minute's official covers of 4th Japanese Single: "WHY." The covers were released via 4minute Japan mobile and was uploaded by a J4Nia known as 4M_Saayan in Twitter.

Seungri "V.V.I.P" Japanese Edition Release


Amber is set to continue official activities for f(x)'s upcoming album!

f(x)'s rapper, Amber is finally back and joins the other 4 members for their upcoming album.
A broadcast representative tweeted a fan about Amber's comeback via his Twitter saying, "Remember you asked about Amber last time? Well, she's back and is working hard for their album which is scheduled to release early this February. She'll be able to continue her official activities by next month!"

Yoohwan(Yoochun's brother) Debuts As An Actor And Receives Passing Grade

JYJ Park Yoochun’s younger brother Park Yoohwan will be debuting as an actor.
On the 12th, Park Yoohwan will begin to be broadcasted on a a drama called “Shining Brightly” which will be airing on weekends.

GD & T.O.P released "Baby Good Night" MV!

Big Bang's very own G-Dragon and T.O.P just recently released the official music video for "Baby Good Night" which is their third and last promotional single from their first album together. Check out the full music video below!

Monthly Chart: January 2011

As we announced yesterday, today we will reveal our very first Muzik Chart monthly chart for January 2011. We have compiled all the scores from the previous weeks and the current ones, with that, we have finalized our top 30 songs for January 2011.

5dolls to debut next week with title track "Lip Mark" by Brave Brothers!

Coed school's subunit 5Dolls will be making their debut next week with debut song Lip Mark.
The song is produced by popular producers Brave Brothers,are you anticipating their debut stage?

Credits to Muzikchart @ Twitter for the infos!, dkpopnews

Hyun Bin and Big Bang chosen as “Celebrity I’d like to ride home with”

Returning home on the road bored with this person, is OK!” Who’s the number 1 celebrity people wish to go with?

TVXQ released Keep Your Head Down MV Dance version!

TVXQ surprised fans with the sudden release of Keep Your Head Down MV,check out the video here!


Beast’s Yoon Doojoon expressed his thoughts on the kiss scene with Ga In.

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