Thursday, December 16, 2010

Heo Yi Jae denies pregnancy rumors

Actress Heo Yi Jae (23) is struggling with rumors of a shotgun wedding, after it was revealed that she would be getting married in January.
A representative of the actress spoke with Star News on December 17th and clarified, “We’re not sure where and under what circumstances the rumors came about, but she directly confirmed with us that she is not pregnant. We will say this once again: rumors of her being pregnant are groundless.”
He continued, “We believe that the rumor came about because of the stereotype society has of people that get married at a young age.”
Heo Yi Jae has been dating her fiancee – who’s seven years her senior – for only seven months. The man is the son of a family who owns a Korean corporation, and he’s currently running schools for business administrative training.
Source: Star News via Nate

Why did Victoria attend Nichkhun’s press conference as a reporter?

Over the past couple of weeks, Nichkhun and Victoria’s segment on MBC’s “We Got Married” focused on the couple’s visit to Thailand. Recently, Nichkhun received the opportunity to visit his hometown as an honorary ambassador for Thailand, and it was revealed that he asked Victoria to be there at the press conference with him.
Victoria agreed to attend, but as a reporter. She stood amongst dozens of other reporters, and even posed questions towards her virtual husband, cheekily having fun during this serious event.
Producers of the show revealed, “As expected, Thai reporters immediately recognized Victoria the minute she entered the press conference. Nichkhun also made sure to take care of his wife at every chance, despite being busy with the event.”
It’s cute how Nichkhun is so concerned for his wife!

source allkpop

Super Junior’s Sungmin shares his stance on dating

Super Junior’s Sungmin was a guest on the December 16th episode of KBS 2TV’s “Happy Together”, where he discussed his stance on dating.

When asked about his dating experience, Sungmin answered, “I haven’t had a girlfriend before…” But his ambiguous statement stirred the curious MCs to chirp, “That’s not a clear-cut answer!” Sungmin continued, “Idols shouldn’t publicly go out with their significant others. I watch movies, eat meals, and date if time allows, but officially going out is a big no-no.”

The MCs couldn’t contain their bewilderment as they voiced, “You may want to exchange sweet text messages with the girlfriend, but no going out? That doesn’t make any sense.” Sungmin expressed, “I always talk to the other person in a formal manner since we are not going out. We exchange messages about food, the weather, etc.”

Considering the big blowup over SHINee Jonghyun’s outed relationship with actress Shin Se Kyung, do you think that Sungmin’s approach is more sensible for a star? Tell us your thoughts below!

source allkpop

2PM reveals a Christmas version of their Cass Beer CM

With the Christmas season in full swing, the boys of 2PM recorded a holiday version of their Cass Beer commercial.
Going from ocean fun in the summer to rocking out in the snow, the boys are seen creating a Christmas melody with beer glasses and enjoying a “Fresh Christmas”.
Check out their commercial below!

source allkpop

Jay Park gifts 100 jackets for employees at Sidus HQJay Park gifts 100 jackets for employees at Sidus HQ

It was recently revealed that Jay Park personally presented 100 padding jumpers for the employees at his agency, Sidus HQ Entertainment, as Christmas gifts.
Jay Park commented, “I wanted to express my appreciation for the company family members that are always working so hard for me. Since Christmas is drawing near, I thought that it would be a meaningful present. The weather is cold, but I hope it warms their hearts up a bit.
The singer also recently ranked in at first place for Naver Music’s “2010 Naver Male Solo Search” and will be going on tour with Supreme Team, Mighty Mouth, Dok2 and others for the “2010 White Love Party Concert.”

Source allkpop

Song Joong Ki’s photo shoot in Australia revealed!

Cable TV channel ‘ELLE atTV‘ recently revealed a behind-the-scenes video of actor Song Joong Ki completing a photo shoot in Australia.

Song Joong Ki was documented utilizing his unique charms to showcase the natural beauty of Australia in various different locations.

“You will be see a different side of Sydney through Song Joong Ki’s ‘Echo Tour’ on ‘Star Velo’ as he rides a bicycle around the city,” revealed an ‘Elle atTV’ representative.

source allkpop

JYJ Secret Show “Be My Girl” Performance + Interview


Goo Hara’s doppleganger is at Hanyang UniversityGoo Hara’s doppleganger is at Hanyang University

Where could you find Goo Hara’s body double in Korea?
Cable channel Trendy’s program, “Lee Soo Guen’s Guerrilla Kitchen“, recently visited the campus of Hanyang University to film an episode at the school’s cafeteria. While there, they spotted a dead-on body double for Goo Hara – Park Ji Hyun, a student working towards an industrial design degree.
MC Sung Dae Hyun was the first to discover Park, as she had the eyes, height, and body similar to the KARA star. Apparently, her dancing skills also stunned the MCs and staff of the show. Could Park Ji Hyun be an upcoming star?

Catch ‘Hanyang University’s Goo Hara’ on the December 18th episode of ‘Lee Soo Geun’s Guerrilla Kitchen’ if you’re curious to learn more about this pretty doppleganger!

 source allkpop

Comedian Lee Gook Ju creates a funny parody of KARA’s Jumping

The pretty ladies of KARA are currently enjoying much success in the Japanese market. With their success in Japan, the girls are receiving a little more attention at home and recently comedian Lee Gook Ju created a hilarious parody video of KARA’s hit song, ‘Jumping.’
Even though it’s a parody it seems she worked hard on mastering the moves for the parody. My favorite part is when the random old man shows up at around 1:25, check out the video below!

source allkpop

B2ST’s Dongwoon and Davichi’s Kang Min Kyung “Udon” MV revealed

Yesterday we reported that B2ST’s maknae member Dongwoon would be collaborating with Davichi’s Kang Min Kyung for a duet track titled “Udon.”
Hours ago, the track was released and now the MV has been revealed. The MV is cute with everybody enjoying the delicious noodle dish Udon.

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