Monday, February 7, 2011

Jason and BaekHee posed together!

I am addicted to K-Drama Dream High lately,a very nice drama for teenagers who have dreams.
Woo Young and EunJung posed together,both of them play the roles of talented trainees in the drama,can't wait to watch the next episode of Dream High,if you are not watching it,you better start now,you won't regret it!!

Photo credits to EunJung's twitter, dkpopnews

'Golden Proportion' G.NA, "Secret to 'Mannequin Body' is Jelly"!

Sexy female singer G.NA revealed the secret that maintains her body.
G.NA is currently in active promotions for her first full-length album, ‘Black & White.’ Her body has recently become an issue, especially because of her glamorous body at 168cm and she is currently nicknamed ‘mannequin body.’

KARA’s latest album “Girl’s Talk” ranked at TOP 5 on Oricon Chart!

Korean girl group KARA’s latest album “Girl’s Talk” (Released November 24, 2010), has jumped to rank #2 on Oricon’s Weekly Album Chart this week, after being at #4 last week. This is the 11th week the album has been on sale and it is currently the same rank as it was during it’s week of release, KARA’s best yet. KARA’s album has spent 5 consecutive weeks in the TOP5 and the last foreign artist to do this was 3 member boy group O-ZONE 5 years and 5 months ago with their album “DISCO-ZONE ~Koi no MAIAHI~” (Released March 2005).
4Minute has captured the attention of Billboard Japan and was recently awarded with KPop New Arist Award.

Which Kpop Group is the Highest-Selling on Gaon Charts?

The only official music chart in Korea has awarded one Kpop boy group a very prestigious award.
Gaon Charts is known as the only music chart in Korea currently. They rate the current Kpop artists based on the sales of their albums.

Big Bang Will Surprise Fans with Their New Concept

Big Bang is hiding their new concept from the fans until their concert in late February.
On Inkigayo Seungri, G-Dragon, and TOP all had different hairstyles. The colors were different and TOP even wore a wig. This created a lot of curiosity amongst fans as to what this could mean. Soon it was exposed that the members are wanting to keep it low key as to what their new album concept will actually entitle.

Seungri Imitates the Other Big Bang Members

Seungri shares how the other members of Big Bang give him gifts on his birthday.
On Kim Jungeun’s Chocolate, Seungri performed V.V.I.P as well as What Do You Want. He shared how he was very pleased with his album and hopes it encourages people.

GD&TOP Album to be Released in the Philipines

Are you ready all you VIPs in the Philippines who have been awaiting the release of the GD&TOP album?
Well wait no longer because it has been confirmed that the album by the Big Bang rapping duo will be released very soon. Universal Records PH has announced it will be released on March 5th. They even provided us with the poster for the release of the album.

G-Dragon and TOP Want to Change the Prejudice Toward Hip Hop

G-Dragon and TOP are trying to change the minds of those who criticized them as rappers and the results have become successful so far.

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