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Secret to Release Teaser Video On 31st, Single Album on Jan. 6

It’s been just revealed through a quick update from Secret that the girls will be releasing a single album in January!
An update from the girls shows that they are currently busy with working on their upcoming music video, which is sure to cause quite a bit of excitement among fans. In addition, they will be releasing a teaser video quite soon to hype listeners up.
The message is as follows:
‘Secret are getting ready’!!!!!!!!!!!! Secret are making their music video right now+_+ January, 2011! The 6th! Everyone can find the new single album,,,,, Please show a lot of interest in the teaser video to be released on the 31st!! +_+
We at Kpoplive will make sure to let you know as soon as the teaser video and album drop!
Source and Translation: AA Chan,

DBSK Reveals 15-Second Audio Teaser For ‘How Can I’

A 15-second teaser clip of a single in DBSK‘s upcoming comeback album has been revealed.
On the 26th, the 15-second audio preview was released through DBSK’s  homepage. The song, How Can I, will be included in their upcoming album, looking to be released on the 5th of January.
How Can You is a ballad that slowly picks up, and member Changmin can be heard saying, “The story I don’t want to believe.” Due to the extremely short clip, it has raised the curiosity amongst fans.
Fans expressed their anticipation by commenting, “I wish they would let us hear more“, “It’s the best Christmas present ever“, “I cried after listening for 15-seconds“, and, “I don’t know how to wait for January 5th.”
DBSK also revealed an audio message to fans on the 26th to celebrate their 7th anniversary.
Check out the 15-second audio teaser and their message to fans below.

Source: Kwon Soo Bin / sukissmin & Crystal8871 @youtube,
Translation: ch0sshi

The YongSeo Couple releases banmal couple song on Youtube

As YongSeo fans may know, We Got Married’s pseudo-couple Yonghwa of CNBLUE and Seohyun of SNSD have been hard at work on their latest WGM mission to create a UCC ‘banmal song (반말송)’ — in other words, a casual tune themed by informal lyrics.
As we earlier reported, the latest episode reveals Seohyun struggling with the lyrics then impressing Yonghwa with her final product. After teasing fans with a sneak peek at the track yesterday, the Sweet Potato couple’s UCC project has been unveiled on Youtube, simply titled, “Banmal Song”.
Check it out below!

source allkpop

SHINee to make Japanese debut in March

Via tokyohive:
Today South Korean boy band “SHINee” held their first concert in Japan at the Yoyogi National Gymnasium in Tokyo and have announced that they are going to make their official Japanese debut under “EMI Music Japan” in March 2011.
In 2008 they were awarded Rookie of the Year in South Korea. Since then their popularity has kept on growing and now they are going to follow their fellow idol groups to Japan to expand their fandom even further.
Even before their debut they are already a big number in Japan. Within one month more than 100,000 people applied for a ticket for their performance today. In the end, 24,000 lucky people were able to see the five members of SHINee today. They performed two shows, which adds up to about 5 hours and 60 songs. There is no doubt that this must have pleased their Japanese fans.
Member Jonghyun still wasn’t able to fully perform with the others due to an injury on his left foot. “I’m sad that I can’t perform as much as I want, but at least I’m able to stay on stage with the others,” he said in tears.
Source: Sanspo, allkpop

Younha shows off her explosive vocals at ‘Time 2 Love’ concert

Younha’s 2010 ‘Time 2 Love‘ concert was held at 6pm on December 26th at Kangnam Coex D Hall in Seoul.
Younha sang various stories of love to match the name and theme of the concert. Along with her new song ‘Take Care of My Boyfriend‘, which was released on December 9th and became popular, Younha sang her signature ballad ‘Waiting‘ and ‘We Broke Up Today‘. She also sang her collaboration with singer/songwriter Yoo Hee Yeol, ‘Today’s Seoul is Sunny All Day‘, jazz track ‘Sound of Rain‘, and ‘Best Friend‘, a song defining friendship and love. As usual, Younha showcased her fantastic live vocals.
Meanwhile, Younha’s new song, ‘Take Care of My Boyfriend’, is remaining at the top of various music charts, being praised as a ‘Younha style ballad’ that goes well with winter.
Also, all 10,000 pre-sale copies of the EP album that was released on December 16th were sold out in just a day. Younha’s new EP is already making the music market more lively.
Source: Newsen, allkpop
Photo: Newsen

After School Kahi admits she ran away from home

After School’s Kahi shared her experience running away from home when she was younger.
On the December 26th episode of SBS’s ‘Heroes‘, Kahi stated, “I also have experience running away from home.”
The ‘Heroes’ members, who were acting as counselors for lucky students at one high school, were asked many questions. One male student, while speaking with Kahi, asked her how he should repent for worrying his parents by running away from home.
Kahi then admitted, “I am also someone who had run away from home before. I rebelled against my father in order to follow the career I wanted. It was bad.”
She gave the boy some earnest advice based on her own experience, saying, “I told my father, ‘Please trust me’. I hope you try to act responsible and study hard to show your parents good grades.
source allkpop

Wang Biho picks on T-ara’s new member

On the Christmas special of KBS’ Gag Concert, many celebrities were present such as T-ara, SECRET, Norazo, and Song Joong Ki. They performed skits with the comedians, bringing lots of laughter to the audience.
Wang Biho’s weekly insults to celebrity guests receive much attention, and this time it happened to be girl group T-ara. With an addition of a new member and a recent comeback, the comedian unloaded.
He stated, “Why does the audience have no reaction for them? I heard that the group has a new member and that she is a twin of one of the members of Co-Ed. Do you guys have no interest? They are in the same company!”
He then went on to pick on their comeback songs, stating, “You guys released new songs, but whats with the lyrics…? Your songs are starting to sound the same!”

Source: Newsen, allkpop

High school student confesses to Narsha

Brown Eyed GirlsNarsha received a confession from a high school student.
On the December 26th episode of the SBS variety show ‘Heroes‘, the members prepared a special class for the high school seniors who will become adults soon. The members were counseling the students when a male student picked out Narsha as his counsellor.
The student used some corny pick up lines, saying, “I have a woman I like. She is like an oasis in a desert“.  He then called out Narsha’s real name, saying, “Hyo Jin noona“, and turned his counseling session into a love confession to Narsha.
The student continued, “I’ll return from the army, so please wait for me“. Narsha asked when exactly he would return from the military. The student answered he would come back around 2013, to which Narsha replied, “Then should I make a decision?
Narsha warmly replied, “Let’s meet in 2013!“, and the student could not hide the joy in his expression.

Source: Newsen
Photo: SBS ‘Heroes’ capture, allkpop

JYJ’s Yoochun’s brother to debut as an actor

Earlier, we reported about JYJ’s Yoochun tweeting a picture of and writing a message to his younger brother, Yoohwan, and many began to speculate that he may be following the footsteps of his older brother into the music industry.
However, Park Yoochun’s agency recently revealed on December 26th that Yoohwan will instead be debuting as an actor. “Park Yoohwan has been preparing to enter the entertainment industry this year. His goal is to debut as an actor in the first half of 2011.”
According to a representative, Park Yoohwan has already been a trainee and has been studying acting for at least six months. Born in 1991 with similar looks and energies to his older brother, many are already anticipating his debut.

Baek Ji Young and Yoon Sang Hyun perform “My Ear’s Candy”

Singer Baek Ji Young and actor Yoon Sang Hyun delivered a surprise performance of “My Ear’s Candy” on SBS’s “Secret Garden“.
Making a cameo appearance on “Secret Garden”’s latest episode, Baek Ji Young is seen rehearsing a dance sequence with Yoon Sang Hyun’s character, ‘Oscar’. Mid-rehearsal, Baek yells at Oscar for his horrible dancing skills.
Oscar then replies, “I want to do the dance with Sandara Park,” to which Baek Ji Young scolds, “She has so many fans. Do you want this to be your last performance!”
Yoon Sang Hyun joked tongue-in-cheek, “Are you treating me like this because you got really popular with your OST?”
Baek Ji Young was already involved in the drama through her song contribution for its OST, so it was a thrill for fans to see her being physically involved in the drama as well. We’ll be updating this post as soon as we find a video of the hot cameo!
Source: BNT News via Nate, allkpop

‘We Got Married’ viewers disappointed with absence of ‘Adam’ couple

Many ‘Adam Couple’ fans were left disappointed after this week’s episode of MBC’s ‘We Got Married’.
While the ‘Sweet Potato’ couple (Yong Hwa and Seo Hyun) and the ‘Khuntoria‘ couple (Nichkhun and Victoria) made their appearances, the ‘Adam’ couple (Jo Kwon and Ga-In) were nowhere to be found.
Many fans voiced their anger on various community boards, saying things like, “Where did all the Adam fans go”, “I’d rather watch the re-broadcast”, “I hope the Adam couple’s portion gets extended doubly for next week’s episode.”
It’s likely that the ‘Adam’ couple weren’t able to film scenes for the show due to conflicting schedules, but we hope to see them on next week’s episode!
Source: Newsen via Nate,allkpop

IU was unknown during her debut days

Even big stars had their humiliating moments back in the day.
Recently, a video was uploaded onto a popular community site titled, IU’s debut days: humiliation”. A cross IU is seen climbing into the car and complaining, “The people outside just asked me if I was part of KARA. I’m IU! I’m not KARA, but IU!!”

Netizens commented, “Whatever people tell you, you’re cute”, “So what if you’re KARA or IU, you’re just cute”, and “What are we meant to do if even your complaining sounds cute.”

Source: Sports Chosun via Nate,allkpop

GD&TOP releases behind-the-scenes footage from ‘High High’ MV

GD&TOP are currently undergoing a successful run of promotions for their new album. Recently, Big Bang’s official YouTube channel uploaded behind-the-scenes footage of G-Dragon and T.O.P during the making of their “High High” music video.
Through the video, fans can see the worried expressions of the duo as they wonder if anyone would show up to their shoot. Extras were invited to attend the “High High” party, but it appears that when they recorded the video, no one had arrived yet.
Check it out below!

T.O.P: This was the secret project.

T.O.P: If we try to squeeze out scenes from the shoot, it’ll look too obvious. We wanted to have cameras everywhere so we could film ourselves having fun… but not one single person has arrived.

GD: I hope you can have fun with us, without being embarrassed.

T.O.P: What’s with the video letter all of a sudden! *laughs*

GD: Because they’re not coming… I’m just getting a bit worried….

GD: Taeyang’s coming, Yong Bae’s coming, Seung Ri’s coming, and V.I’s coming.

T.O.P: Little Seung Hyun is coming too.

GD: Five people are coming.

GD: To be honest I didn’t think so many people would be curious of us, and I’ve to a point where I really want to show something new. Just in case they won’t recognize me next time when we go to the basics, I went for the crisp and clean look.

T.O.P: Our KUSH hyung came too.

KUSH: I’m here.

T.O.P: Since it’s a party where we’re all enjoying it together, the response is really good and quite warm. We’ll work hard to turn the tables around once we come back again as Big Bang. Have fun!
source allkpop

B2ST’s Yoseob & Dalmatian’s DRAMA sing “First Snow and First Kiss” on Inkigayo

Having released their collaborative digital singleFirst Snow and First Kiss” last month, B2ST’s Yoseob and Dalmatian’s DRAMA make another appearance on the Boxing Day episode of Inkigayo to sing their duet song once again.
Yoseob and DRAMA are the best of friends, having known each other since their trainee days, and it’s certainly a dream come true for them to sing together on stage.
Check out the performance that definitely fits the mood of the week below!

source allkpop

B2ST’s Hyunseung & Kikwang perform “Let It Snow” on Inkigayo

Having performed on M! Countdown earlier, B2ST’s Hyunseung and Kikwang will be the only B2ST unit that will perform on the final Inkigayo episode of the year.
B2ST’s Kikwang & Hyunseung put on an unforgettably dramatic stage to close out the year, in large part due to their modern sexiness and neverending charisma.
Get ready to be charmed by them all over again below!
source allkpop

Girl’s Day says goodbye with “Nothing Lasts Forever” on ‘Inkigayo’

Impressing all with their sassy track, “Nothing Lasts Forever“, Girl’s Day will finally bring their hot performance to ‘Inkigayo‘ on December 26th.
Unfortunately for fans, this appearance is actually a ‘hello/goodbye’ stage, as ‘Inkigayo’ marks the end of their promotions for 2010.
Their agency, DreamTea Entertainment, revealed that the members would be taking time off to recharge before they regroup to make a return for February 2011.
Check out their final performance below!

Touch returns with “Killin’ Me” on Inkigayo

Having debuted with “I” two months ago, rookie boy group Touch makes a return with their new song, “Killin’ Me“, on the December 25th episode of Inkigayo.
“Killin’ Me” tells the story of a man who is in love with a malicious woman, and it comes complete with dance moves created by dance team DQ, who has choreographed in the past for B2ST and MBLAQ.
Check out their thrilling performance below!

source allkpop

SBS releases teaser for their “2010 Gayo Daejun”!

The ‘2010 SBS Gayo Daejun‘ is drawing nearer, and SBS has added to the anticipation by releasing a surprise teaser!
The teaser features F.T. Island, Narsha, KARA, SHINee, 2PM, B2ST, T-ara, Super Junior, After School, 2AM, CNBLUE, 2NE1, Se7en, GD&TOP, SNSD, and BoA.
While performances from any of the above are sure to electrify, many are looking forward to the dance battle between miss A and SISTAR. miss A is said to be going for the sexy concept, while SISTAR will be showing more of their strong and fierce charisma.
Check out the video below!

source allkpop

Goo Hara’s teary acceptance speech deemed ‘beautiful’ by viewers

KARA’s Goo Hara recently won the runner-up award for the ‘Show/Variety’ category at KBS’s “2010 Entertainment Awards.”
Clearly surprised over her win, Goo Hara walked to the stage in an utter daze, her eyes wide with amazement.  After collecting herself, she began her acceptance speech, stating, “I’ll be receiving this award thankfully, since I am receiving it in the midst of such amazing seniors.  I’ve earned so many things through ‘Invincible Youth‘.
As she wrapped up her speech, her eyes began brimming with tears, showing the worth of the achievement to viewers.
When she first joined the show in October of last year, she was considered to be the least known member out of KARA.  A year and two months later, she’s managed to create an entirely new ‘brand’ for herself and has grown into one of the most identifiable stars of the industry.
Goo Hara was known to have worked harder than anyone else on the show, and showcased a lot of determination. Her level of interest in farming and the way she skillfully managed to drive rice-planting tractors surprised the viewers immensely.
She was also much loved by the Yuchiri villagers for her lovely personality and caring heart.
It was only through such efforts that she was able to achieve the win, and although the show came to an end on December 24th, Goo Hara’s mark on the show won’t be forgotten by the viewers.

source : allkpop

Lee Su Geun, Lee Seung Gi express their feelings about MC Mong

It’s not unusual for award recipients to make profound acceptance speeches in order to express their gratitude. But Lee Su Guen’s speech from the ”KBS Entertainment Awards” caught the attention of many with its hidden message for MC Mong.
During his acceptance speech, the crowd cheered for the comedian as he said, “I miss a certain person who should be here with us today.” Lee Seung Gi also stated, “To the two hyungs who are looking over us from somewhere out there, thank you,” – it’s surmised that Seung Gi was hinting towards Kim C and MC Mong.
Due to his draft dodging suspicions, MC Mong was suspended and even dropped from his various activities.
The entire cast of ‘1 Night 2 Days‘ showed their gratitude towards MC Mong during this ceremony, and Mong’s fans must have been relieved to see that some of his friends were still caring for him during his greatest time of need.
Let’s hope that MC Mong can resolve his issue soon, and join his close friends once more.
Source: EDaily, allkpop

INFINITE’s mini-album tracklist and release date unveiled!

It won’t be long until INFINITE finally returns to the music scene!
Fans recently uncovered information about the group’s songs through the official ‘Korean Music Copyright Association’ website.
According to their findings, INFINITE will be releasing a mini-album titled ‘Evolution‘ on January 6th, which will contain a total of six tracks. Not only were fans able to discover the title of each song, but also the first lines in their lyrics as well.
Check it out below!
1. INTRO (Evolution)
2. Can U Smile
Lyrics: “I still remember that feeling I felt when I saw you a long time ago -
3. Hysterie
Lyrics: “Gradually, I Keep WANNA BE THE STAR for you -
(Gradually, I keep wanting to be a star for you)
4. BTD (Before The Dawn)
Lyrics: “Because I –
5. Dunno
Lyrics: “Dunno, I don’t understand hearts like yours, Dunno, I only know my heart –
6. Voice of my Heart
Lyrics: “The words I really wanted to say when I saw you, the words I couldn’t resist saying -
Source: Murisu
Tip: AWWesomeeKyuu

“Dream High” reveals two posters!

Producers of KBS 2TV’s “Dream High” recently revealed two official posters for the drama.
The first exhibits the connection between Park Jin Young and Bae Yong Joon. Located beside their images, short description tags hint at their roles in the drama. Bae Yong Joon’s states, “His ruthless challenge,” while Park Jin Young’s states, “and his hot passion have met.”
An interesting point to note here is where the graphic designer placed the tags. Bae Yong Joon, the drama’s creative producer, has the tag lined up with his eyes; Park Jin Young, the drama’s music and dance director, has his tag looking as if it was  being shouted out from his mouth. Both lend a clever visual interpretation of their roles.
The second poster features the main cast of the drama, the students of ‘Girin Arts High School’.  The students are depicted to be running after their passions and dreams.
Suzy plays the role of ‘Hyemi,’ a girl dreaming of becoming the ‘2nd Sumi Jo‘. Unfortunately, she is unable to hold her head up high because of her father’s bankruptcy.
Kim Soo Hyun plays the role of ‘Pil Sook,’ an innocent and naive country boy who harbors a hidden talent.
Ok Taecyeon plays the role of ‘Jin Guk,’ a rough and rebellious student who lived without dreams in the shadow of his father. By becoming a student of ‘Girin Arts High School’, he learns to ‘dream high’.
Eunjung plays the role of ‘Baek Hee,’ a girl who is always overshadowed by ‘Hyemi’, and so always dreams of becoming stronger than her rival.
Wooyoung plays the role of ‘Jason,’ an international dance student that excels in his genre, and IU plays the role of ‘Pil Suk,’ a girl whose ‘ugly appearance’ prevented others from recognizing her talents.
These characters can be met on ‘Dream High’s pilot episode, which will air on January 3rd, 2011.
Source: OSEN via Nate, allkpop

Park Shin Hye and F.T. Island’s Lee Hong Ki reunite!

Actress Park Shin Hye recently reunited with F.T. Island’s Lee Hong Ki!
Park was already in Taiwan filming for a new drama, “Hayate the Combat Butler“, and Hong Ki was scheduled to perform with F.T. Island at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall.
Capturing the moment, Park Shin Hye took a picture with Hongki and tweeted, “This Christmas is with Hong star. Hong star was shining on stage. You are truly Hong star! Jeremy”
The two grew very close on the set of the SBS’s drama, “You’re Beautiful.” Clearly they believed that their friendship was beautiful as well.
Source: TV Daily via Nate, allkpop

SISTAR receives a fan-made award

To celebrate their idols’ first win on KBS’s Music Bank from December 17th, SISTAR fans gave them a special awards trophy! In response, the group left words of gratitude for the thoughtful gift.
The members wrote:
Dasom: To our fans, thank you so much >_< Thank you to the President, Vice-president, and all the staff members in our company for making me a SISTAR member. And thank you to my parents! I will become a hard working Dasom. I’m so happy, I still don’t believe it… Thank you. I’ll work harder~!

Soyu: It’s Soyu~~!! We received our award yesterday thanks to everyone~ Since it’s our first award, we’re still shaken. Our Star1 thank you so much, and my friends and family, thank you. I will work to show a better image ^^ I will work hard~

Bora: I was so shocked when we got an award I didn’t even think we’d win >_< Thank you to everyone ;_; I will work reallyx100 hard. Star1 jjang!

Hyorin: We received the award you guys gave us T_T Even though I was happy when we received the real award, I was even happier when we received the award you guys made for us… Thank you so much… I will work harder to become a better Hyorin~ Thank you.

Source: Sports Chosun via Nate, allkpop

Just a simple ‘peace’ selca from IU

Dubbed as “Korea’s national little sister”, singer IU consistently delivers selca updates in order to share her experiences with her fans.
IU recently guested on “Narsha’s Volume Up“, and delivered a fun interview with some live performances as well. To immortalize the memory of her good day, IU took a simple selca of herself, cutely posing with peace signs.
The radio program uploaded the photo with the caption, “A Bonus Shot for the Oppas.” Hilariously, the title seems to suit the photo well, as fans commented, “Oppa’s heart is beating,” “The day I see IU is a Good Day,” and “Hidden girl’s charm.”
Source: TV Daily via Nate, allkpop

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