Friday, February 18, 2011

New Official Website for Oh Wonbin in Japan!

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Why did SHINee's Key went to the washroom with Onew at “Idol Star Athletics & Swimming Championship"?

Previously, during MBC's “Idol Star Athletics & Swimming Championship", SHINee's Key dragged Onew along with him when he wanted to go to the restroom.

Rainbow's cameo appearance in movie "My Heart Is Beating"!

Rainbow's cameo appearance for movie "My Heart Is Beating",check out the clip below.

It's Girls' Generation Arirang Special (Subbed in English)!

2PM Wooyoung strikes a pose with IU

2PM member Wooyoung posted pictures of himself with fellow idol star IU on his official Twitter account ( today.

Kan Miyoun Releases “Paparazzi” Dance Version

Seems like dance versions are really a big hit to release after the official music video from Kpop artists. So who has released their own dance version?

Finalists for the Third Shorty Awards Named

The finalists of the Shorty Awards have finally been revealed after weeks of nominations from the twitter community all over the world. And we are delighted to announce that some of your favorite Kpop idols have managed to reach the final round

Namie Amuro to Feature After School in Upcoming Album “Checkmate!”

Korean pop is getting bigger in Japan by the day, and a new group is set to join the ranks of those who have ventured to the Land of the Rising Sun.

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