Monday, February 7, 2011

'Golden Proportion' G.NA, "Secret to 'Mannequin Body' is Jelly"!

Sexy female singer G.NA revealed the secret that maintains her body.
G.NA is currently in active promotions for her first full-length album, ‘Black & White.’ Her body has recently become an issue, especially because of her glamorous body at 168cm and she is currently nicknamed ‘mannequin body.’ G.NA met with MoneyToday Star News and revealed think, “Thinking positively is my diet recipe.” She also disclosed, “Instead of forcefully dieting, I just try to enjoy and work hard at everything.”

She also said “I usually eat a lot but seeing as to how I dance on stage, I maintain my body naturally. I also usually eat slowly and comfortably.”

G.NA maintained her body by jumping rope 2,500 times, doing yoga, stretching and exercising consistently.

A snack G.NA enjoys and looks for is jelly. In G.NA’s dorm, the refrigerator is filled with lots of jelly. When G.NA feels she needs a snack, she goes and takes a jelly. Smiling, she said, “Controlling what I eat is important but I just can’t take my hands off of jelly. It was only because of jelly I could lose weight and grow muscle.”

G.NA transformed herself into a cute and bubbly appearance with her new song ‘Black & White.’
Last year, G.NA had boldly asked for separation from a guy with her debut song ‘I’ll Back Off So You Can Live Better.’ This time, she cutely says “I want you to accept my love” and transforms into a ‘cute girl.’ Because of this, she is receiving lots of love from male fans.


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