Wednesday, February 9, 2011

BEAST Members Continue to Take Part in ‘My Princess’

Lee Kikwang of BEAST who was cast in My Princess has the support of his fellow BEAST member who took part in an OST for the drama.

YouTube is Helping to Globalize the Korean Music Wave

The Kpop wave has become globalized with the help of the largest music community online, YouTube.
Ever since the first release of a Korean drama in Japan, the Korean entertainment industry has expanded. Slowly but surely they began to reach out to different countries, gaining fans from all over the world.

Super Junior Will be Featured in 3D

Following the footsteps of Big Bang, Super Junior will be releasing their own concert film in 3D.
Big Bang took the initiative with the new popular demand of 3D movies, by turning one of their concerts into a 3D film. Thus they have inspired other Kpop idols to do the same. One of those groups is the ever popular and in demand Super Junior.

Lee Yeonhee Celebrating Her Birthday with Her Photography Showing

One very talented actress will be holding a showing of all her photography.

TVXQ Holds Two Oricon Chart Records in Sales

TVXQ duo Yunho and Changmin continue their success with their new album as it keeps rising to the top.
They released their 31st album on January 26th in Japan and since then it’s been very popular.

Fourth Trial in MC Mong Case Takes Place

After the scandal about MC Mong purposely avoiding military duty, he now attends his fourth trial.
On February 8th MC Mong arrived at Seoul Central District court to attend the fourth trial in his case.

Ten Questions with Taeyang

Taeyang has become very successful with his two solo albums as well as with Big Bang, now he answers ten questions with JUNON Magazine.

Daesung Wants to be Wonbin in Next Life

Big Bang‘s Daesung seems to be quite envious of actor Wonbin.
During the broadcast of SBS‘s Night After Night on February 7, the curious question, “If you were born again, what would you like to be born as?” was brought up.

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