Wednesday, February 9, 2011

BEAST Members Continue to Take Part in ‘My Princess’

Lee Kikwang of BEAST who was cast in My Princess has the support of his fellow BEAST member who took part in an OST for the drama.

On a recent airing of My Princess, Yoseob took part in an OST. His beautiful vocals were heard as part of the OST titled Cherish That Person. However, he’s not alone in the activities with the Kdrama My Princess. In fact, fellow member Kikwang had been casted in the drama as well.
Kikwang currently plays the role of a chef named Kwonie that has feelings for Lee Seul, the princess. With the mix of Yoseob’s voice and Kikwang’s actings, it has left fans mesmerized. Many commented about the drama stating things such as, “It is huge that Yang Yoseob is singing an OST while Lee Kikwang is acting,” and “Yang Yoseob’s vocals are shining.”
Even though Kikwang is part of the filming for the drama, he will still take part in concert held by BEAST. The show will be at Olympic Stadium on February 18th and 19th. You can also listen to the OST sang by Yoseob below.

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