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Park Jaebum’s Concert Excites 12,000 fans

Singer Park Jaebum held a concert called, 2010 White Love Party Concert, for his fans.
At the White Love Party Concert, Park Jaebum, Supreme Team and many other artists attended the concert. The concert was held on Christmas Eve and on the 26th and it was a way for Park Jaebum to spend the rest of the year with his fans.
Park Jaebum walked on stage wearing a black suit and began singing Count On Me (Nothin’ On You) and the crowd cheered him on. Afterwards, ChaCha, a member of AOM, came on stage and they both sang Speechless and they both showed smooth vocal skills.
A special event called, Nice and Slow, was held and during the concert, one person from the crowd was picked and Park Jaebum serenaded romantically to this one person.
Then, he wore a red baseball jacket and began singing a remix version of Bestie to set a more lively mood. During this time, the crowd and Park Jaebum both sprayed snow to each other making it a White Christmas.
He also sang Demon, which is the original soundtrack track for Hype Nation. He put on a fantastic stage with the songs, Run It, Take You Down, Down and many others.
Park Jaebum and AOM came on stage and had put on a bboy performance and during that performance, 2NE1′s Can’t Nobody and Kara’s Mister came on and Park Jaebum started dancing cutely right away. As soon as Usher’s U Got it Bad came on, he showed his abs and the fans went crazy.
Park Jaebum said to his fans,
“I’m happy that I can spend Christmas with all of you guys. Thank you so much for being here and for having a great time with me. Everyone, Merry Christmas!”
On the other hand, Naver Music has announced that Park Jaebum is the most searched male solo artist of 2010.
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Super Junior’s Ryeowook Considers Himself a Fan of IU

Super Junior member Ryeowook recently recognized solo singer IU as a great addition to the Korean music industry, even sharing that he considered himself a big fan of hers. 
“I really like IU lately, she sings so well,” Ryeowook shared. Being one of the lead vocalist in Super Junior, the compliment is sure to mean a lot to the young singer. It was just last week when IU won a Mutizen award during SBS‘s Inkigayo, leaving her with tears of happiness. “When IU’s name was called for the award, I burst into applause, and I didn’t even leave the stage, I just kept clapping…it was really refreshing. Lately idol groups are usually the winners during music shows, and with IU, who is a female soloist, winning first place…it seems like these shows are being revitalized, it’s a great feeling.”
IU, who debuted in 2008 with Lost and Found, has been reaching an amazing popularity which she never thought possible. With her great success, many are sure to keep an eye on her future activities. IU will be starring in the upcoming KBS 2TV drama, Dream High along with other idol singers.

SECRET’s Sunhwa to cameo in “All My Love”

SECRET’s Sunhwa will be making a cameo appearance on MBC’s daily sitcom, “All My Love“.
Playing a malicious character, Sunhwa will be a cute but wicked old college friend of Ga-In’s. During her college days, Ga-In used to lie and brag excessively; Sunhwa’s character will embark on an act of revenge that purposefully places Ga-In in some hot water.
The episode will be aired on December 28th.

Source: Asia Today via Nate, allkpop

Park Tae Hwan confesses that 2NE1’s Dara is his ideal woman

Olympic swimming athlete Park Tae Hwan confessed that 2NE1’s Dara was his ideal woman while on KBS 2TV’s “Win Win.”
Park revealed, “I like older women as opposed to younger women. My ideal woman is a sweet woman I randomly saw while attending a concert: Sandara Park.”
Dara made an appearance on the show as a ’surprise guest’, which immediately caused Park to fidget out of nervousness. She then asked Park, “Why do you like me?
The athlete truthfully answered, “You’re petite and cute, and your outgoing personality appeals to me.”
When asked what he would do if Dara asked him to teach her how to swim, he replied, “It’d be an honor! I wouldn’t take pay, and I’ll even provide a full set of swimming gear. All Sandara has to do is buy me a meal.
The rest of the episode can be seen on December 28th.
Source: TV Daily via Nate, allkpop

2NE1 & Kim Gun Mo to collaborate for a legendary performance on SBS’s “2010 Gayo Daejun”

2NE1 and veteran singer Kim Gun Mo will be holding an epic joint performance on SBS’s “2010 Gayo Daejun“, scheduled for December 29th.
Kim Gun Mo, a certified ‘million’ seller, will be working with 2NE1, who recently set a record this year with their triple track promotions. They’ll be singing a remake of Kim Gun Mo’s “Excuse“, along with a unique reconstruction of 2NE1′s “It Hurts.”
SBS’s “2010 Gayo Daejun” is said to be featuring a variety of unique performances, but the hottest of them all appears to be a special collaboration stage between legends of Korean music history and Korea’s hottest idols.
In addition to 2NE1 and Kim Gun Mo, viewers can expect to see 2AM and Baek Ji Young, as well as GD&TOP with Se7en.
Despite the busy schedules of all the artists, many have been working hard alongside each other to make this collaboration a big hit.
Check back with allkpop on December 29th for coverage on this exciting event!
Source: OSEN via Nate, allkpop

IU transforms into an ‘ugly girl’ for “Dream High”

After hearing that IU would be playing an ‘ugly girl’ for the upcoming drama, ”Dream High“, fans have been curious to see how the swan would regress into an ugly duckling.
On December 28th, IU’s disguise as a ’sushi girl’ was finally unveiled!
In the pictures revealed, the star is seen wearing a large sushi girl costume. She has transformed into an ‘ugly girl’ who is chubby, wears black horn-rimmed glasses, and has a messy mop of hair.
After seeing the pictures, the netizens wrote, ‘Is it really IU?’, ‘I can’t see it’, and ‘I’m looking forward to IU’s transformation’.
“Dream High” will premiere on January 3rd through KBS 2TV and January 24th on KBS World (with subtitles).
Source: Newsen via Nate, allkpop

JYJ to greet the new year on KBS’s “Live News Time”

JYJ will be appearing on KBS’s “Live News Time” on December 30th.
Prain representatives spoke with Star News and revealed on the 28th, “The trio of JYJ will be appearing on KBS’s news program for the 30th at 8 AM in order to talk about their U.S. activities and show their determination for the new year.
Continued news of the trio’s broadcast appearances have been delighting fans, especially with their upcoming Korean album release, which contains songs written entirely by them.
A world tour is currently in discussion for their international promotions.
Source: Star News via Nate, allkpop

KARA Seungyeon’s parents are unsatisfied with her looks

On the most recent episode of KBS2TV’s “General Public Talk Show ‘Hello’“, KARA’s Seungyeon revealed her true feelings about her looks.
The topic was brought up by one of the audience members, who made an appearance with her mother; the mother was said to have been discontented with her daughter’s looks.
Hearing her story, Seungyeon confessed that she could relate, by saying: “My parents are very unsatisfied with my looks as well. They always give me criticisms like, ‘Your legs aren’t pretty, so don’t wear skirts’ and ‘Don’t make your eyes like that’. They even said, ‘Your group has a young and tall member, but what’s the matter with you?’”
It may seem a bit harsh, but perhaps her parents feel that they’re delivering constructive criticisms for her career.
Source: Newsen via Nate, allkpop

After School’s photo shoot and interview with Telzone

Earlier in the month, the pretty girls of After School sans Bekah, who spent some vacation time back in her native Hawaii, released their album “Happy Pledis 1st Album.” The girls recently spent some time with Korean portal Telzone to conduct a brief interview along with a full photo shoot.
The girls look lovely in the photo shoot and check out the full interview below courtesy of afterschooldaze and pledisAStrans.
Raina and Nana revealed that they like to watch the drama “Secret Garden” during their spare time.
Nana revealed that she’s currently learning Japanese. She has watched the Japanese drama, “1 litre of tears”.
Jooyeon revealed that Bekah is good at cooking.
Raina thinks she’s prettiest if when she has her make up on.
Question[Q] : What do you think about this new concept (Happy pledis Concept) Please give details about this album.
Raina[R] : The Happy Pledis Album has a “Save Children” concept. We save the deprived children. Here we donate some of album sales. Also, I do my best to write lyrics.
Q: Is there any other member that also write the lyrics for this album?
R: Yeah, Kahi unnie wrote the song, “Someone Is You”
Kahi [K] : Yes, I am the one that wrote the song
Q: jooyeon-ssi you have been cast in a drama, are you feeling tired being an acctress?
Jooyeon[JY]: I felt a bit tired at first. I thought it wouldnt be as tiring. This is something new that I can show another side of me and that’s good. But i would say, I feel happy because of acting.
Q: When seeing Orange Caramel, Did you guys think you can do as good as them? Unnie-deul (to the older members)
K: I can’t do so. Indeed. <— not fully translated >_>
Q: Is there anything you guys want to do?
Lizzy [L] : I’d like to try being cast on a sitcom. I also want to be an MC
JY: I got so many things I want to do. I want to be on a variety show, I want to be cast in a movie, and I want to try acting with a different image
Q: is there any musical instrument you learned?
K: I play Piano, and now I’m learning guitar and composing music. <_< not fully translated
Jung Ah [JA]: Ah. I only thought about singing. I never thought about learning any part other part of music except singing.
Q: What gift do you guys want? (for christmas)
JY: boyfriend?
L: A whole days rest. Holiday? Perfect holiday is a whole day. 24 hours holiday.
K: Fans Love? (whit a sweet voice) I want to have their love ♡
Nana [N]: I want holiday with my family
Q to Nana: Where do you want to go with your family?
N: Wherever, it’s okay. I just want to go to warm place
Q to Nana: you don’t like the cold weather? .
N: Yes. I dont really like cold
JA:I want to go with Bekah. I want to go on vacation where Bekah is. (Hawaii)
U-ie [U]: I think similarly with Nana. I would pend time with family, a whole day with family, play baseball with my father, go an amusement park, Go to Jongdonjin island, now because i have driver license, i want to go to a trip with driving.
Q: who’s the most talkative on the dorm?
JY: We are all the same.
N: Because we are girls we spend the night chatting like everyday.
JA: Nana is the most talkative in the dorm.
Q: Who’s the cleanest member?
U: We always have a question like this and we always say there isn’t one.
Q: Who’s the tallest on group?.
JA: Nana.
U: I’m 171cm. Oh, Nana is also 171 cm tall?
N: Yes
Q: Ah Raina looks like the shortest member. What’s your height?
Raina [R]: 16…5
Q: If you had a boyfriend what would you like to do?
R: bungee jumping.
U: Driving and going to the beach.
JY: Travelling.
JA: As usual..lobster (eat lobster together.
K: Walking around.
L: Driving with my boyfriend.
Q: What do you do to relieve stress?
L: dongdaemu dongdaemun. (shopping)
R and U: music center to listen to songs.
JA: I go eat something delicious.
K: Listen to music and go shopping.
Q: If you had a chance to switch leaders, who would fit the leader role well?
AS members: Jungah Unnie!
JA: (laughing) Ah because of age? I’m seconnd oldest.
U: Also.. omma..your nickname is Omma. Kahi unnie is Appa, then Jung Ah unnie is Omma
Q: What is something you envy from all the members!
R: U-ie unnie skin.
JY: Kahi unnie abs.
JA: jooyeon’s face.
U: Raina’s vocal skill.
L: Raina unnie vocal skill.
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Kim Tae Won regrets his past addiction of drugs

Being part of Boohwal, one of the oldest Korean rock groups, guitarist Kim Tae Won revealed his true feelings about his past usage of drugs on SBS’ When It’s At Night.
On the recent episode, he stated, “Back then when I touched drugs, I was jailed at the Seodaemun prison. Almost as if it was a promise to my seniors, I started doing drugs. It was my foolish curiosity; I had lots of it and I regret that.”
However being caught doing drugs again in 1991, the MC’s asked, “If you regret it, why did you do it again?”
He answered, “After the formation of Boohwal in 1986, we met Lee Seung Chul. After the breakup two years later, he made a comeback with the song, ‘Final Concert’. I started to drift away from the people’s attention. At a young age, I was sulky, I couldn’t stand it because he was on TV all the time. It was originally my song; nobody gave it another look, but they went crazy when Lee Seung Chul sang it. To make it worse, that song was written while thinking of my wife, and I felt that her thoughts toward me was depressing. That sulkiness was the reason why I couldn’t end my addiction.
He also stated, “When I was high, I saw ghosts, aliens, and angels. There were even times when I saw things 3 seconds ahead. Instead of a reaction after something happened, my reaction was before an event happened. I would also hear a beeping sound for 24 hours… This is common for everyone who stopped doing drugs. You’re more into the addiction than your own life. I was so absorbed into it, I couldn’t find myself to regret it. I could only put an end to it after finding something that was more blissful. My father’s journal and my wife saved me because she came to see me at prison everyday.”
Looking at how serious drug addiction is, it’s good to see that he stopped before things got out of hand.

Source + Photo: Newsen, allkpop

Park Shin Hye celebrated Christmas in Taiwan

A picture of actress Park Shin Hye celebrating Christmas in Taiwan has been circulating around various community boards.
The actress is currently in Taiwan filming for her new drama, GTV’s “Sensation World“. A romantic drama, it revolves around the story of a wealthy woman and a man in debt – “Sensation World” is actually an adaptation of the Japanese drama, “Hayate the Combat Butler“.
Considering how she must bring out her cute aegyo for the cameras, she pulls off the cute look quite flawlessly. Netizens were also charmed by this picture in which she crouches on the floor with candles and a mini-tree. Some wrote, “She spent Christmas overseas but still looks very happy,” “She’s gotten prettier since she left,” and “She can’t possibly be cuter than this.”
Park Shin Hye will be spending New Years in Taiwan as well, and will return to Korea in early February.
Source: TV Daily via Nate, allkpop

Park Shin Hye celebrated Christmas in Taiwan

A picture of actress Park Shin Hye celebrating Christmas in Taiwan has been circulating around various community boards.
The actress is currently in Taiwan filming for her new drama, GTV’s “Sensation World“. A romantic drama, it revolves around the story of a wealthy woman and a man in debt – “Sensation World” is actually an adaptation of the Japanese drama, “Hayate the Combat Butler“.
Considering how she must bring out her cute aegyo for the cameras, she pulls off the cute look quite flawlessly. Netizens were also charmed by this picture in which she crouches on the floor with candles and a mini-tree. Some wrote, “She spent Christmas overseas but still looks very happy,” “She’s gotten prettier since she left,” and “She can’t possibly be cuter than this.”
Park Shin Hye will be spending New Years in Taiwan as well, and will return to Korea in early February.
Source: TV Daily via Nate

Rain at SuJu’s Guangzhou concert forces members to slip & Kyuhyun to perform barefoot

With Super Junior in China for part of their Super Show 3 Tour on December 25, ELFs in Guangzhou have been animated with the prospect of celebrating the Christmas holidays with their favorite idols. Unfortunately, SuJu members and ELFs had their spirits dampened when oncoming showers made the performance stage extremely wet and slippery, forcing the performers to endure low temperatures and rainy weather throughout the show.
One report states that the SuJu members appeared to be shivering from the low temperatures due to their light attire; Sungmin, who was dressed in a top with short sleeves, nearly stopped playing guitar because his fingers were practically frozen stiff.
Furthermore, due to the wet stage, leader Leeteuk and members Siwon and Kyuhyun ended up slipping one after another; Kyuhyun reportedly ended up taking off his shoes and simply enduring the cold by performing barefoot.
Instead of letting the unfortunate circumstances rain on their parade (literally), ELFs still remained supportive, enthusiastically cheering on the performers and waving their pearl sapphire blue glowsticks encouragingly. In return, the members of Super Junior determinedly put forth their best efforts for a strong show decked with holiday festivities by appearing on stage in Christmas-themed attire to sing “Jingle Bells.” The members also wished Sungmin, who will turn 25 (25 in Korean age) on New Year’s Day, an early happy birthday.
It’s nice to see that, despite the horrid weather conditions, Super Junior ended up pulling through and delivering a memorable show complete with Christmas spirit. Hopefully Mother Nature will be more forgiving in the future!
Source + Images: Apple Daily, SJ Baidu Bar, allkpop

KARA’s Goo Hara is more interested in women than men?

On the most recent episode of KBS2TV’s General Public Talk Show ‘Hello’, the KARA members revealed much information about their personal life.
In one of the segments, the girls were asked to truthfully answer if they desired a boyfriend. Unlike Gyuri who jocularly revealed that she wanted to buy a boyfriend, Goo Hara revealed that she was not interested in men at all.
She stated, “I never received any requests from male celebrities and I don’t really have interest in men at the moment. I have more interest in women though… I want to be beautiful just like female celebrities such as Lee Hyori and Han Ye Seul.”
This however, did not stop the hormone-crazy male audience members from drooling over Hara’s beautiful appearance.
Source: Newsen, allkpop

KARA member Gyuri wants to buy a boyfriend?

KARA’s Park Gyuri revealed her desire for a boyfriend on television.
On the December 27th episode of KBS 2TV’s ‘General Public Talk Show Hello‘, Gyuri discussed things that KARA needs. While discussing this, the audience started yelling “boyfriend!” and “money!” Gyuri was a bit shocked and could not hide her embarrassment at this.
She then jokingly replied, “I should buy a boyfriend with money or get a boyfriend with a lot of money!“, drawing laughter from the studio.
Source + Photo: Newsen

SHINee’s ‘THE 1st CONCERT in TOKYO’ “SHINee World” to air in February

Over this past holiday weekend the boys of SHINee held their concert ‘THE 1st CONCERT in TOKYO’ “SHINee World” at the Yoyogi National Gymnasium in Tokyo. As most of their fans were unable to attend this concert, there’s good news for you as it’s been recently announced that this concert will air on TV.
SHINee is scheduled to make their official debut in Japan next March and it’s been recently announced on their official Japanese webpage that SHINee’s Japanese concert will air on Fuji TV on February 27th from 7:00PM – 9:00PM.
There’s still a long wait before it airs, most likely to coincide with the timing of their Japanese debut but it’s still better than nothing.
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Source: SHINee’s Official Website

Wonder Girls’ Sunye & Lim pose from dressing room of “JYP Nation” concert

The Wonder GirlsSunye and Hyelim flashed big grins for their fans recently, as seen through a picture uploaded onto Sunye’s Twitter.
The picture is speculated to be from the set of their label’s JYP Nation concert on December 24th.  At the concert, fans were especially able to see the deep friendships each of the members shared through the amount of effort they put into perfecting every performance.
Netizens commented, “Sunye and Hyelim look alike,” “How can they be so cute and pretty?,” and “It seems like they’re starting to resemble each other.”

Kim Kab Soo is a sexy beast for “All My Love”

Actor Kim Kab Soo has put netizens into a state of shock after he uploaded hilarious photos of himself dressed as a girl.
Kim, who currently plays the dad on MBC’s sitcom “All My Love“, revealed that he had to dress as a girl for a scene in the show. Seeing him wear a tight black outfit and with smokey eye makeup to boot, netizens were unable to peel their eyes away from this “hidden beauty.”
Netizens commented, “He looks like No Sa Yeon,” “How… can a person transform like that?,” “Exactly what kind of filming was this?!,” and “He’s really passionate about his acting! It probably wasn’t easy doing this.

Does anyone else get that he’s channeling Ga-In’s look from “Abracadabra“? Maybe he asked her for some tips!
Source: TV Daily via Nate, allkpop

A sweet “Invincible Youth” photo from Victoria and Sunhwa

While on the set of “Invincible Youth“, SECRET’s Sunhwa and f(x)’s Victoria took a picture together to commemorate their final episode.
Uploaded onto her minihompy, Sunhwa simply captioned the photo, “Tori Unnie.”
Netizens wrote, “They are both so pretty,” “I can’t believe the show is over,” and “I’m so sad that I won’t see them two.”
This photo is likely to be one of many photos that’ll surface from the set, as the members look back on their memorable journey.
Source: Sports Today via Nate, allkpop

IU talks about her ‘ugly’ character and future acting plans

IU made a humble statement about her physical appearance while attending the production conference for KBS 2TV’s “Dream High” on December 27th.
The singer plays a student named ‘Pil Sook’, who has low self-esteem because she was teased about her ‘ugly’ face. As “Dream High” marks her very first acting sting, IU reflected, “I’m really nervous since it’s my first time. When I was in elementary school, I dreamt of becoming an actress and even attended acting school, but all of a sudden switched paths to becoming a singer. I feel like how I do in ‘Dream High’ will determine the future of my career and activities.
Regarding her character, ‘Pil Sook,’ she revealed, “I’ve been looking back at my diaries I wrote during my trainee days and asking myself how I felt at that time. As opposed to acting, I’ve been trying to bring out the trainee in me.”
She continued, “‘Pil Sook’ is an ugly character in the drama, but as for me, I really am ugly when I erase my makeup (laughter).
When asked about whether she dreams of becoming an ‘almighty entertainer’, IU replied, “I don’t have such grand dreams like that yet. Should people give me opportunties, I will be thankful and do my best.  As for my acting career, I’m not sure whether I’ll continue it until after the drama finishes. Neither my agency nor myself have an idea on that – it depends on the viewers for now.
IU concluded, “I’ll do my best for the people that will be supporting us or watching over us.”
“Dream High” will broadcast its pilot episode on January 3rd, 2011.
Source: Star News via Nate, allkpop

Brown Eyed Girls’ Jea stuns in “Because You Sting” MV

Earlier, we announced that Brown Eyed GirlsJea collaborated with MBLAQ’s G.O for her new song, “Because You Sting“. A ballad track, it compares the pain of a lost love to that of a ’sting’.
Fans became highly anticipative of the music video, as it was promised that Jea would undergo a more mature image transformation. With the aid of her surprisingly smooth vocals, Jea did indeed deliver a rich music video, rife with poignant emotions and beautiful images.
Check out “Because You Sting” below:

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SNSD wants you to try out for SME’s “2011 Global Audition in Korea”

SM Entertainment recently got one of their top artists to deliver a friendly video message regarding details about their upcoming “2011 SM Entertainment Global Audition.”
After greeting everyone with hopes that they’re enjoying their holidays, SNSD announced that SME will kick off their auditions on February 12th in Daegu! Running through five more cities – Daejeon, Busan, Jeongju, Kwangju, and Seoul -  auditions will wrap up on the 27th.
SNSD encourages everyone to audition, “regardless of age, nationality, and gender“.

It’s likely that we’ll see more promotional videos from other SM Entertainment artists over the coming days, but until then, check out additional details on their official website.
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SHINee, Son Ho Young, & Shin Seung Hun to perform at “Korea-Australia Friendship Concert”

2011 will mark the 50th anniversary of the diplomatic relations between Australia and the Republic of Korea.
To mark this event, the Australian and Korean governments have agreed to designate 2011 as the ‘Australia-Korea Year of Friendship’, and they’ve got a series of events lined up! But the most exciting event by far is the “Korea-Australia Friendship Concert“, taking place on January 12th at Sydney Town Hall.
With doors opening at 7PM, K-pop fans will get to see Shin Seung Hun, Son Ho Young, and SHINee deliver exciting performances in commemoration of the event. Check back with allkpop for further updates on the news!
Source: The M-Wave, allkpop

JYJ to appear on talk show, SBS’s “Good Morning”

JYJ will be making their first public broadcast appearance of 2011 on SBS’s “Good Morning.”
A SBS representative revealed on December 27th, “JYJ recorded for ‘Good Morning’ today. While discussing possible celebrities that will be promoting in 2011, we decided to request JYJ’s appearance. The trio finished about an hour and a half of footage and still have additional recording left.”
The trio will also be performing for the first time on public broadcast through December 31st’s KBS’s “2010 Drama Awards“. These two confirmed appearances have industry representatives speculating over whether JYJ’s door of opportunity is slowly widening.
Regarding the speculations, CJES Entertainment carefully replied, “At this time, we’re aggressively working towards getting JYJ on public broadcast shows.
“Good Morning” will air January 5th, 2011.
Source: Newsen via Nate, allkpop

Yoon Eun Hye is hospitalized, takes a break from “My Black Minidress”

With the health of idols and their poor working conditions being a hot topic lately, it seems as if actresses aren’t exempt from the issue as well. Yoon Eun Hye alerted fans of her health condition by uploading photos of herself getting an IV treatment through her personal Twitter.
On December 26th, she wrote, “I slept for three hours at the hospital before going to the filming set in a daze.  We filmed a few cuts and the director said that I shouldn’t film today ㅠ-ㅠ.  This was the first time I canceled filming because I was sick, so it’s making me tear up a bit and definitely feel sorry for the staff!  I should never be sick!…”
A few hours later, she added, “I’m getting an IV treatment to get better fast.  I’ll be sleeping here tonight and getting better!  Tomorrow morning, I’ll wake up and return to being the strong and healthy ‘Yumin’~!  Please pray for me and ‘My Black Minidress.‘  I’ll get this IV and go to sleep...”
Fans expressed their upset feelings after seeing her exhausted face and commented, “Please get better soon,” “You have to take care of your health!,” and “That’s not a sel-ca, is it?
“My Black Minidress” is an upcoming movie scheduled to release March of 2011 and features actresses such as Park Han Byul, Cha Ye Ryun, Yoo In Na, and Lee Yong Woo.
Source: TV Daily via Nate, allkpop

One Way Releases Teaser for ‘Rainy Days’ MV

Not too long ago, a music video for the acoustic version of ‘Rainy Days’ by One Way was released, along with promises of a video for the original version of the song. That promise has now begun to be fulfilled, as a teaser for the music video has just been released.
The video takes place in a dark room with the boys sitting inside as they show off their vocal abilities. The song features Junsu of 2PM, and its accompanying music video will be released on the January 4th.

Make sure you get your umbrellas out as we count down until the day when this exciting new video finally drops onto the internet!


SHINee’s ‘Quasimodo’ MV Shown at Japan Concert

After holding a successful solo concert for the first time in Tokyo, Japan, it was revealed that the boys of SHINee had filmed and revealed a music video for their song, ‘Quasimodo.’
Only those who were able to attend the concert were able to watch the video, which depicts the boys crying and mourning a lost love; however, a fancam video was uploaded showing a rather fuzzy, albeit useful recording of the video.
SM Entertainment has not officially announced whether they plan on officially releasing this music video, but fans are planning on crossing their fingers in hopes that a much clearer version of the video will find its way to the internet soon.
Check out the fancam below, and decide for yourself: will you be crying along with the SHINee boys if this video isn’t released in its original form anytime soon?


Wang Biho thought Song Joong Ki’s MCing was embarrassing

Gag Concert’s Wang Biho delivered his characteristic criticisms to one of the hottest stars of 2010, Song Joong Ki, on the episode broadcasted on December 26th.
Catching sight of the actor in the audience, Lee Soo Geun asked Wang Biho, “Can you say anything to Song Joong Ki?“ Wang Biho blurted out, “Song Joong Ki was extremely awkward when he was an MC for ‘Music Bank.‘ I thought he and Seo Hyo Rim were talking in elementary school language or something!
He then reminisced over one of the moments where Song Joong Ki introduced a song alongside Seo Hyorim, and showed how Song Joong Ki’s face became contorted with embarrassment.
Wang Biho continued, “Song Joong Ki got popular through ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal,’ particularly with his three-colored smile.”  He revealed a set of the actor’s ‘three-colored smiles’ to the audience and added, “Of course, the smiles of Song’s are always so lovely. Please show us your three-colored smile!
At his request, fellow castmate Song Young Kil parodied the actor’s smile in a hilarious manner, immediately earning a response from the audience.
Wang Biho concluded his segment by mentioning all of the actresses Song Joong Ki chose as his ideal female (Miranda Kerr, Hong Eun Hee, Kim Nam Joo): “Hey, do you like married women or something?
Source: TV Daily, Newsen via Nate, allkpop

Brown Eyed Girls release a teaser for Japanese version of “Sign”

After releasing “Abracadabra” in Japanese, the “mature idols” are gearing up to continue their Japanese promotions with “Sign.”
A teaser from the music video has recently been unveiled, and though it’s unfortunately of low-quality, it appears that some of the outfits and hairstyles from the original video have remerged in the Japanese version.
But that’s not all – Brown Eyed Girls‘ fierce “fan dance” is back!
Check it out below:

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Brown Eyed Girls’ Miryo prepares for her solo debut

While Brown Eyed Girls‘ comeback is scheduled for January, most of the members have been branching out into solo activities. Ga-In and Narsha both garnered positive responses to their solo works, while Jea has just announced that she will start promoting her debut solo album as well.
Considering that all but Miryo have embarked on solo projects, curious netizens have started to ask, “Why doesn’t Miryo have a solo album yet?
Responding to the issue, representatives of Nega Network revealed through Newsen on December 27th, “Miryo is preparing for her solo album. Although we haven’t decided on a set date or other details, we will be revealing them as soon as preparations are done.”
They continued, “Since the Brown Eyed Girls are preparing for their comeback in January, Miryo’s solo debut will probably be delayed to after the group’s comeback.
The Brown Eyed Girls briefly put a pause to their group activities, and have instead been seen on individual variety show appearances as well as performing solo tracks. Their comeback this coming January has many industry representatives hyping it as the ‘return of the mature idols.’
Source: Newsen via Nate, allkpop

Dream High Holding Largest Press Conference; 650 Reporters Expected

Dream High cast celebrates massive press conference for their upcoming drama.
Today, December 27th, Bae YoungJoon, Park JinYoung, miss A’s Suzy, 2PM’s Taecyeon and Wooyoung, Kim Soohyun, IU, Uhm KiJoon, Lee YoonJi, Lee ByungJun, Yoon YoungAh, Jung MinJoo and others, including T-ara’s Eunjung who appeared in a cast after injuring her left knee ligament, are holding an over the top press conferece for KBS 2TV Dream High, set to air its first episode on January 3rd.
It is said that this will be the largest press conference to date for a drama with around 650 reporters from Korea and foreign countries expected. There will be also fans present, picked from Dream High’s official website.
The press conference will featuring an opening show, appearances by guests and performances by T-ara, miss A and San E to make the event an enjoyable and memorable one.
At the time of posting this article the press conference should be already in progress, so stay tuned as it comes to an end and more details are revealed.

Still Cuts For Jea’s Upcoming Single Revealed

Following Narsha and GaIn, Jea will be the next Brown Eyed Girls member to have her solo debut.
On the 28th, Jea will take her first step towards her solo activities with the release of her ballad single, Because You’re Stinging.
This song is one that was written and composed by the composer behind Udon, Minuki. This single will also feature MBLAQ‘s G.O. The song expresses the feeling of longing for one’s love after separation as ‘stinging’. The song will be a memorable one with original lyrics and a melody that touches the listener’s heart.
Along with the notice of her single release, still cuts from her music video have been revealed.
Neganetwork stated, “We were a bit sorry that Jea could not show off her true skills, aside from Brown Eyed Girls’ unique concepts and performances. We are expecting Jea to show off the true meaning of singing through this song.”

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