Monday, January 31, 2011

'Dream High' Concert Tickets to be Distributed Free of Charge

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KBS2TV's Monday & Tuesday mini-series Dream High's crew decided to distribute concert tickets free of charge. With the success and profit of the Secret Garden OST Concert, it has driven crew to do it for Dream High, as well, naming it Dream High Concert, something that is unusual.

IU releases MV for Alicia!

After the OST of Alicia was out not long ago, IU now released the MV of "Alicia".

Jang Geun Seuk shocked fans with his bra-like outfit!

Fashionista Jang Geun Seuk shocked fans with his latest fashion on a Samsung event recently.
Take a look at the photos above,he is wearing a bra-like top during the event,do you have any opinions to voice concerning his fashion?

FT Island’s Lee Hongki and BEAST’s Lee Kikwang Humiliated by Girl

On the January 30 broadcast of MBC‘s ‘Sunday Night- Hot Brothers’, Lee Kikwang and Lee Hongki were humiliated by a girl while on a date as avatars of Park Myung Soo and Park Hui Sun.

Son Dambi Works with FPM for New Single

Son Dambi will be working with Japan’s FPM for her brand new single.

WooRi posed with Gil Lime's Boss!

Rainbow's Woori shared a new selca on Cyworld.
This time she is not alone as "Gil Lime"'s boss (If you watch Secret Garden) poses with her.His name is Philip Lee and he played the role as Ha Ji Won's boss in the drama,he is such a kind person unlike in the drama in this photo!

credit dkpopnews

Teen Top transformed into Shy Boy? Maybe,Orange Caramel?

Teen Top's official Twitter account shared a photos of 3 Teen Top members posing in girls' outfits.

The caption there mentioned about Secret's Shy Boy but i think they look more like Orange Caramel,what do you think?

credit dkpopnews

SNSD & Super Junior pose for 2011 SPAO Slim Hoodies Collection!

Super Junior and SNSD get together for the latest SPAO CF.Check out some new promotional photos and video on this post!

SNSD's Soo Young's cameo appearance on Paradise Ranch!

SNSD's Soo Young showed her senior ChangMin some love on drama Paradise Ranch.
Check out the footage of SooYoung in the latest episode of Paradise Ranch ^ ^

JYJ-KARA Situation Episode By 'Sisa Magazine 2580' Accused Of Bias

MBC's 'Sisa Magazine 2580' released a report on the dispute between idols and their entertainment agencies but has fallen under a concentrated attack by JYJ fans. These fans of JYJ claim that the program was adjusted with a strong bias towards the entertainment agencies before it was aired.

Hyun Ah shared cute selcas on Twitter!

What a busy day for me..

Singapore suju fans calls for SS4 after watching their first SS3

To some fans, Super show 3 Singapore(SS3SG) might just be another concert they just saw but to most of the fans in singapore, the super show 3 concert that was held yesterday is a dream come true.

Stars who will celebrate their birthday in February!

Its February tomorrow! Check out which Star's birthday falls in the month of February! Do remember to leave wishes for them especially if they have Twitter!

Hyomin will never stop cheering for SeeYa

After power-vocal group 'SeeYa' said their final goodbyes to their fans on the January 30th episode of SBS' Inkigayo, many stars have finally said their goodbyes, as it was a good run for the group.

HanBanDo States "...Kim Jaejoong, We're Still In Discussion, Nothing's Confirmed"

The production company of 'HanBanDo (The Korean Peninsula)' released a statement regarding the rumors of Jang Dong Gun, Ha Ji Won and Kim Jaejoong starring in the new drama.

Kim Junsu “We can not work in Korea is a strange thing.”

At January 30th broadcast of MBC ‘News Magazine 2580′, the main topic surfaced was titled ‘JYJ and Kara, why are they?’, the topic focused and brought in recent ‘KARA situation’ and JYJ conflict with their former agency SM Entertainment in the spotlight.

Japanese Fans Donate To Polio Patients For Jaejoong’s Birthday

To commemorate the 26th birthday of JYJ member Kim Jaejoong, Japanese fans donated 204,348 bottle caps.

Hyun Bin Attending the Berlin Film Festival

Hyun Bin is given permission to attend the Berlin International Film Festival before having to enter the Marine Corps.

Which Two Idols Got Accepted Into Gun Kook University?


Recently two idols have joined the ranks of many to be accepted into the Music Arts Department of Gun Kook University. Want to take a guess as to who it was?

UEE Upset About Not Being Able to Attend MBC’s Idol Championships Swimming Event


After School‘s UEE recently expressed her disappointment in not being able to attend the swimming event for MBC‘s Idol Star Athletics & Swimming Championships.

INFINITE’s Japanese Single is the Most Downloaded Ringtone in Japan.


7 member group INFINITE‘s Japanese single To-Ra-Wa has ranked number one most downloaded ringtone in Japan.

2AM to Hold Encore Concert


With a successful launch of their album Saint’o'clock and many projects planned for the future, 2AM has announced they will be holding an encore concert in Seoul.

T.O.P's Interview On Goethe Magazine

'Want to become that kind of person who ‘will devote all of his youth to his work’
This busy and supreme Korean artist has attracted attention from us as an artist now. He might not be so familiar to our readers. However, his insatiable passion and ambition towards his career is really outstanding and appreciative.

2PM’s Nichkhun’s “It’s Skin” CF teaser

Take a look at Khun's latest CF here!

Secret remains victorious with "Shy Boy" + Announcement!

Secret has pulled off a good start for 2011. For the second week in a row, Secret shots up to first place edging out other top contenders after all the scores have been tallied.

JYP released If for Dream High!

Another new song released for Dream High,the track is IF by JYP,check out the song here,like this song?
Son Dongwoon had completed his college entrance exams on November of last year and was able to be accepted through the admissions at the Gun Kook University department of movie arts. On this day, Lee Jongsuh had also been accepted as well.

SONEs donated 1 million Won in SNSD’s name to help patients of Lou Gehrig’s Disease

SONEs have done a good deed in SNSD’s name again!

My Princess’s Lee Kikwang loyal to princess noona

On the 29th of January, the official ME2DAY of MBC’S My Princess posted a picture of Lee Kikwang that made fans concerned. In the picture, Kikwang is wearing a chef’s uniform while leaning against the palace balcony and staring up at the sky with a confused expression on his face.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

IU and Kim Tae Woo's Way Back Into Love preview!

IU and Kim Tae Woo collaborate for SBS’s Lunar New Year special, “Star Blind Date – Fun Scandal.”

HyunA's selca brings spring to Korea

Girl group member HyunA has uploaded a gorgeous new photo to Twitter that has netizens smelling the sweet aroma of springtime.

SNSD to Release Photobook in Thailand

300 high quality pages of nine beautiful girls gleaming with innocence while smiling brightly as they walk along a soft beach? It’s a miracle the photobook is not in my possession yet.

Shinhwa’s Eric’s New Girl Group Makes A Surprise Debut

Recently, Shinhwa‘s Eric Mun held a fan-meeting in Japan only to be accompanied by Kim Gayeong (who is said to be a look-a-like of Kim Yeounga) on the stage with him.

BoA Releases Paradise Ranch OST “My Only Love”

Another Kpop idol has finally released an OST for Paradise Ranch.

Jang Geunsuk’s First Single Pre-order Sales Top Online Japan Charts

Before the single is even released by Jang Geunsuk it has already snagged the number one spot in online pre-orders.

Jay Park Continues to Expand His Musical Horizons

Jay Park’s style in music has been changing to the hip hop genre and he’s beginning to gain a wider audience.

SM Entertainment To Debut “M1″ in March?

SM Entertainment has announced that a new boy band named “M1″ will be debuting in March or April 2011. When fans heard this news, they immediately connected the name to the “female Girls’ Generation” that SM had been preparing.

The nine-member boy band had been dubbed “So Nyun Chun Ji,” or “Boys’ Land.” The rumored members of SNCJ include Jino, who already debuted through SM the Ballad. Others include:

MBLAQ Mir features as rapper for Gavy NJ

Interview with Kim Heechul on the Accident in Singapore

Super Junior's members Kim Heechul and Leeteuk were in a 7 cars accident. The management company SM Entertainment eased the fans' mind by saying, "the two people are fine. When they come back to Korea on the 31st, they will go to the hospital and receive an examination. "

TaeYeon and Kim Bum Soo released Different!

The moment you have been waiting for,TaeYeon and Kim Bum Soo's duet song Different has been released,listen to it here,love it?

IU poses for Clothing Brand YS'B!

Honestly today is a day for IU,i have shared a total of 3 posts concerning IU modelling for various fashion brands.  Here are some new photos of IU for YS'B,she looks so innocent in these photos right?

10 Gold medals for Super Junior from Indonesian Elf

Super Show 3 - Super Junior the 3rd Asia tour- that held on 29-30th January 2011 in Singapore rocked the night. Super Junior showed the most entertaining side of them that pleasing all the ELF who attended the concert.

SNSD, TVXQ, Kara secured top 5 as ‘Gee’ continues to impress on Japan’s iTunes Chart

TVXQ, SNSD and Kara have shown their domination once again where the secured 3 places in the Top 5 of Japan’s iTunes Singles chart.

Cute girl IU goes sporty for Lecoq Sportif!

Singer IU becomes the model of Lecoq Sportif.  I like the photos of IU playing with volleyball,she looks energetic in these photos.It seems that she received much love after her popularity skyrocketed,let's hope that she will have enough rest despite busy schedule.

2PM model for Nepa CF!

Here are a series of new photos of 2PM for Nepa. Is that Miss A's Suzy in the 2nd last photo?

[Sandara Park Entertainment Weekly Etude CF interview subbed!

I like Dara's personality so much,she is always smiling during the interview,looking at her alone makes you happy!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

G-Dragon Makes Sandara Park Nervous?

“The guy that makes me nervous is Big Bang’s G-Dragon.”On the 29th, Sandara Park was interviewed and revealed this statement. Through an interview that was done during the filming of an commercial,

How is Big Bang’s 3D Big Show Different From a Regular Concert?

The idol group Big Bang is making a comeback after 2 years and the issue of their 3D concert is getting hotter and hotter.On the 28th, Big Bang held a special premium event and they all gathered to greet everyone and to let everyone know of their Big Show 3D. It’s been more than a year since Big Bang stood on the photo line together and the fans are getting excited seeing them all together.

Leeteuk & Heechul Involved In A Seven-Cars Accident In Singapore

Male group Super Junior's members Leeteuk and Kim Heechul was in a 7 cars pile up in Singapore.

URAKARA will be a digest of Episodes 1-3

On the 28th, TokyoTV has announced that the February 4 episode of URAKARA, the drama topbilled by 5 member, girl-group KARA, who is currently in a crisis, will be a digest of the first three episodes. For the episode on February 11, they had announced their desire to complete it as planned before.

The Boss TV Guide Translation

In this issue of TV Guide, The Boss cook Kinpara-style sauteed burdock. After white, they have a mini talk about Kinpara-style sauteed burdock and Ueong Jeorim, a dish that's similar to Kinpara-style sauteed burdock.

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