Sunday, January 30, 2011

Shinhwa’s Eric’s New Girl Group Makes A Surprise Debut

Recently, Shinhwa‘s Eric Mun held a fan-meeting in Japan only to be accompanied by Kim Gayeong (who is said to be a look-a-like of Kim Yeounga) on the stage with him.

Apparently, on January 29th during a phone interview with Newsen, an important person from Top Class had made the statement: “In December 18-19, Kim Gayeong debuted with the other 3 group members as part of the opening stage for Eric’s fan-meeting in Japan.” And so they have.
The group (who is currently unnamed) will have four members, Kim Gayeong included, are expected to debut sometime in the first half of this year.  They are also expected to debut with a song that fellow Shinhwa member, Lee Minwoo, composed for them as a gift.
The Top Class official continued on by saying: “This new song will be the official single for the new album,” and that “[t]he response from fans was great too“. Looks like we’ll be seeing great things from them!
Meanwhile, Kim Gayeong has also been chosen to be part of the SBS‘s new drama, “Poseidon“. She will be playing the role of a nursing student in the drama as well. It seems that 2011 presents to be a big year for Kim Gayeong since she’s debuting as both a singer and actress. Hopefully, she will not disappoint eager fans!

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