Saturday, January 29, 2011

G-Dragon Makes Sandara Park Nervous?

“The guy that makes me nervous is Big Bang’s G-Dragon.”On the 29th, Sandara Park was interviewed and revealed this statement. Through an interview that was done during the filming of an commercial,

How is Big Bang’s 3D Big Show Different From a Regular Concert?

The idol group Big Bang is making a comeback after 2 years and the issue of their 3D concert is getting hotter and hotter.On the 28th, Big Bang held a special premium event and they all gathered to greet everyone and to let everyone know of their Big Show 3D. It’s been more than a year since Big Bang stood on the photo line together and the fans are getting excited seeing them all together.

Leeteuk & Heechul Involved In A Seven-Cars Accident In Singapore

Male group Super Junior's members Leeteuk and Kim Heechul was in a 7 cars pile up in Singapore.

URAKARA will be a digest of Episodes 1-3

On the 28th, TokyoTV has announced that the February 4 episode of URAKARA, the drama topbilled by 5 member, girl-group KARA, who is currently in a crisis, will be a digest of the first three episodes. For the episode on February 11, they had announced their desire to complete it as planned before.

The Boss TV Guide Translation

In this issue of TV Guide, The Boss cook Kinpara-style sauteed burdock. After white, they have a mini talk about Kinpara-style sauteed burdock and Ueong Jeorim, a dish that's similar to Kinpara-style sauteed burdock.

Victoria had a Magic Scandal with....

Kkap Kwon sings After School's Because Of You!

JoKwon appeared a guest together with After School's GaHee and Jung Ah on Change The World Quiz.

Seungri “G-Dragon sent me a 30-line text message, he’s really hateful”

After saying Jiyong was his favorite member in pretty much the very beginning:
“Jiyong is kind of hateful [by hateful it's not like hateful as in he hates other things/people but it's kind of like... someone you want to hate but can't]. He criticizes a lot but then takes care of us after, so it’s very hateful.

CNBlue to drop their first album next month!

Top boy band, CNBlue, to release their first full-length album on February 23rd as stated on their official website.

Lee Hyun to release his second mini-album next month?

After successfully promoting "I'll Eat Well" as HOMME back in August last year, 8eight's powerful vocalist, Lee Hyun, is set to release his second mini-album on February 15th as stated on Bugs music portal.

Rainbow's JiSook posted some adorable selcas in hanbok on Cyworld!

Sandara Park sings Volts V theme song before debut on a Philippines show!

Davichi's Haeri released new track by E Tribe!

Davichi's Haeri collaborates with E Tribe for the very first time and their new song “At That Time, I Will Live“ reached the top of various music charts after its officially release,check out the song here,love it?

Rainbow's goddess JaeKyung shares another pretty selca!

Rainbow members should be crowned as the selca queens!!

Seungri gets a long text message from G-Dragon + highlights from "No Hong Chul" radio guesting!

The 30-line text message from G-Dragon

Sandara Park “G-Dragon Is A Good Romantic,” Romantic Ski Events?

2NE1 member, Sandara Park unveiled a cute story with G-Dragon.

Seungri "VVIP" MV Behind-the-Scenes!

Super Junior M’s Henry to appear on Strong Heart

According to a tweet exchange between @SBSPD and @henry_concerto, Henry will be on Strong Heart. Recording has taken place already.

Kim Kyung Jin is a straight A+ student

Ever wondered who is the smartest comedian? Well recently, Kim Kyung Jin nabbed that title for himself after it was revealed that he was a straight A+ student.
On the upcoming broadcast of “100 Points Out of 100,Kim Kyung Jin arrived on-set with a special guest – his mother! During a discussion about children and bragging parents, Kim Kyung Jin’s mother proudly showed off her son’s grades and scholarship receipts to the rest of the studio.
All the grades on his report card were straight A+’s, and he received full scholarships for 4 years. Not only that, but he has also acquired many certificates from the various competitions he attended.

Footage from the recording of Orange Caramel’s “Still…”

Earlier today, Pledis Entertainment released a mini music video for Orange Caramel’s ballad “Not Yet…
Pledis Entertainment had tweeted a link to the video, and wrote:
A song that shows off Orange Caramel’s outstanding singing ability! At the recording of ‘Still…’!
In the video, the members of Orange Caramel are seen passionately singing to Raina’s lyrics. While these girls are best known for their bubble-gum pop songs such as “Magic Girl” and “A~ing,” this ballad track gives them an aura of maturity.

Horan praises Kolleen Park as today’s best female leader

Horan, member of the group Clazziquai, chose music director Kolleen Park as the leader of today.
On tvN’s “Current Affairs Ranking Show”, Horan said, “I met Director Kolleen Park before she became a star”. According to the story, the two had met two years ago when Horan had to interview the director. Regarding first impressions, she said, “The combination of her strong appearance but gentle way of talking were exquisitely mixed into a lasting impression”.
Kolleen Park became a sensation after her appearance on KBS’s “Qualifications of a Men”, where she displayed gentle, but responsible leadership.  Regarding her leadership, Horan commented, “I was touched by her ability to lead the choir. When trusting her instincts, she asserted herself with decisive drive, but then would later make sure she didn’t hurt the members’ feelings”. Adding on, “She is a fair leader that knows how to give carrots and sticks”.

Taeyeon through the eyes of The One

Korean singer, The One, shared anecdotes involving SNSD Taeyeon while on the radio. He revealed to listeners this morning on iTVFM’s “Run Radio”, how it felt to be Taeyeon’s, “singing mentor”.

Comparison of IU's "Someday" and Ash's "I'm Your Woman/You're My Boyfriend"

Earlier today, we have been splashed with the news about IU's "Someday" getting accused for plagiarizing singer Ash's "Im Your Woman/You're My Boyfriend". The video below will show you the comparison of the chorus part from both songs. Watch it now and tell us what you think about it.

[Pictures] Lee Hyori graces Oh Boy magazine!

Lee Hyori shows that she is still the hottest diva in Korea in the February edition of Oh Boy magazine.
Check out some hot photos of Lee Hyori for Oh Boy here,hotness overload right?

A Look Inside G.NA’s Purse!

Come with KpopLIVE as we take a look inside solo artist G.NA‘s purse and discover all the secrets she holds within it!Korean news website JoinsMSN got a sneak-peak inside G.NA’s purse and have spilled all the details about it! She uses a white bag imported from Canada which someone gave to her as a gift and is said to pack things that are of practical use, rather than putting stuff in her purse which is more materialistic.

Sean Tweets About Big Bang’s Loss

During December, Sean and Big Bang made a surprise appearance for a fan who was fighting against Leukemia but later found out that she ascended into heaven and the fans have been mourning with Sean and Big Bang.On the 28th, Sean tweeted on his Twitter saying, “Jungeun has left to heaven” and have announced the death of Jungeun.

HyunBin’s Popularity is Skyrocketing

Hundreds of Hyun Bin’s fans flooded the streets of downtown Seoul in hopes of seeing him or getting his autograph.

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