Saturday, January 29, 2011

Horan praises Kolleen Park as today’s best female leader

Horan, member of the group Clazziquai, chose music director Kolleen Park as the leader of today.
On tvN’s “Current Affairs Ranking Show”, Horan said, “I met Director Kolleen Park before she became a star”. According to the story, the two had met two years ago when Horan had to interview the director. Regarding first impressions, she said, “The combination of her strong appearance but gentle way of talking were exquisitely mixed into a lasting impression”.
Kolleen Park became a sensation after her appearance on KBS’s “Qualifications of a Men”, where she displayed gentle, but responsible leadership.  Regarding her leadership, Horan commented, “I was touched by her ability to lead the choir. When trusting her instincts, she asserted herself with decisive drive, but then would later make sure she didn’t hurt the members’ feelings”. Adding on, “She is a fair leader that knows how to give carrots and sticks”.

Horan herself also has a strong, charismatic image, but says she now prefers to be known as “a singer with command of the stage”.
The show will air on January 30th.

Source: Nate
credit allkpop

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