Saturday, January 29, 2011

URAKARA will be a digest of Episodes 1-3

On the 28th, TokyoTV has announced that the February 4 episode of URAKARA, the drama topbilled by 5 member, girl-group KARA, who is currently in a crisis, will be a digest of the first three episodes. For the episode on February 11, they had announced their desire to complete it as planned before.This month, KARA members Seungyeon, Nicole and Jiyoung have expressed their intention to terminate their contract with DSP media, and a break-up crisis has begun. The 4th episode of the drama has yet to finish filming and there are many difficulties arising in the resolution that the filming in Japan was stopped.

On the 27th, the agency has prepared the filming equipment so that shooting for the 4th episode can resume anytime as they only have those that have been filmed and the station considered showing a digest of the first three episodes.The station further said that they want to "show all 12 episodes. We want to continue" Also, they have decided to show an preview of the 4th episode where the girls transfer to Japan's stage.

-omitted synopsis of URAKARA-

Source: Oricon
credir dkpopnews
Translation: melukia @ KH 

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