Saturday, January 29, 2011

How is Big Bang’s 3D Big Show Different From a Regular Concert?

The idol group Big Bang is making a comeback after 2 years and the issue of their 3D concert is getting hotter and hotter.On the 28th, Big Bang held a special premium event and they all gathered to greet everyone and to let everyone know of their Big Show 3D. It’s been more than a year since Big Bang stood on the photo line together and the fans are getting excited seeing them all together.

On this day, the Big Show 3D was revealed and the show was mastered through the use of surround sound and 3D techniques. They were able to send a very hot performance to the audience. The show contained each of the member’s own talents and their natural self on stage. The show was even more fun as the members were “flying” on stage and “flying” towards the audience.
This show is not only popular among the fans in Korea but among fans overseas as well and they’re planning on releasing this in Japan at the same time as Korea. It’s good news for the Japanese fans who were planning on flying to Korea to watch the show. In Korea, it will be released on February 2nd and it will be released in February in Japan as well.
On this day, on the special premium event, the fans attended this event with cheering accessories, making the atmosphere of the event like an actual concert.

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credit tvbanimeonline
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