Saturday, January 29, 2011

HyunBin’s Popularity is Skyrocketing

Hundreds of Hyun Bin’s fans flooded the streets of downtown Seoul in hopes of seeing him or getting his autograph.

HyunBin was set to make an appearance at Lotte Department Store in Myeongdon so that he may sign autographs as well as promote Laneige Homme men’s cosmetics. His appearance at the shop was never advertised but some how fans figured it out. Word quickly spread and a sea of HyunBin fans swarmed around the entire building until it stretched all the way into a subway.
There were even fans who spent the night in the subway in near sub-zero temperatures. The store had purposely not advertised to avoid any safety issues that may arise. Though the fans figured it out along with possible VIPs being the only people to receive his autograph or possibly having to buy a certain amount in cosmetics.
The actor was set to arrive at 2 p.m. but fans surrounded the store by 10:30 a.m for the opening. There were so many people surrounding the store that the employees found it difficult to even open the store. Not only were there Korean fans there, but Japanese fans who flew in from Japan were in the mass of awaiting fans.
Below is an actual image of the fans that lined up in front of the department store.
All the fans created chaos along with the usual shoppers who weren’t even there for the actor. Just for the event the store had to hire 20 bodyguards in order to keep the store safe as well as Hyun Bin. The event lasted only 55 minutes with a total of 130 plus an additional 20 VIP customers receiving an autograph from Hyun Bin.
One staff member at the event commented, “I knew Hyun Bin’s popularity was skyrocketing, but I didn’t think it was this much. It’s amazing that we got through the event without major accidents.”
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Source: The Chosunilbo
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