Saturday, January 29, 2011

Seungri gets a long text message from G-Dragon + highlights from "No Hong Chul" radio guesting!

The 30-line text message from G-DragonSeungri: Jiyong is kind of hateful (kind of a love/hate feeling that's hard-to-explain). He criticizes a lot but also takes care of us after, so it's very hateful. After the first broadcast [of the comeback], he sent me a 30-line text message. It was the longest text message I received from Jiyong. He wrote tons of bad stuff about my expression, live performance, gesture, "what kind of dance is that", "are you really a dancing kid?", "what is this?", "don't you exercise these days?", "you look so dwarfish/weak", "do you not see the camera?", etc. I got scolded when I get home and I said stuff like, "please wait", "I'll do better", etc.

Then, Seungri mentioned that G-Dragon called the managers, stylists, etc. and told them to take care of him and to always give him warm food and all that caring stuff. Seungri says that G-Dragon is hateful because he's cool and he can do everything.

The suicide comment
No Hong Chul asks what kind of comments online are the most hurtful.
Seungri: This isn't something that happened to me personally but to another person. The person called me while crying and said he got a comment saying, "The only thing left for this person is suicide". So I told him not to care about those comments too much and tried too cheer up even though I was hurt too. I said I'd save him (like bring him back to life).

G-Dragon is a romantic
No Hong Chul: If you were a girl, who would you date from BIGBANG?
Seungri: G-Dragon. (Sighs) He is very romantic. I'm his roommate so I see everything. He's seriously romantic. If he dates someone, he makes a song for the person. One time, he asked me how the song was and I said, oh my god, if this was released in Korea, it's going to be huge deal and it would make a lot of money. But... since it's for the woman he loves, it's only for her and gives up that money/fame from that song.

Seungri also says he never made a song for a woman yet. He also said that he hardly receives presents from females and that their managers tell him that some rookie female idols/singers like him so he sent a message to them on radio.

Seungri talked about GD like 1/3 or 1/4 of the time and also mentioned that he wants Daesung's body.

(This summary was a bit focused on the things Seungri said that are related to G-Dragon. Will update once more info is available).

Traslation by: finkling

SOURCE : Big Bang Updates
CREDIT : Vic @ Big Bang Update, dkpopnews

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