Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sandara Park “G-Dragon Is A Good Romantic,” Romantic Ski Events?

2NE1 member, Sandara Park unveiled a cute story with G-Dragon.On January 29, Sandara Park revealed on KBSTV2 Entertainment Tonight (MC Shin Hyun Jun) that, “G-Dragon is someone you’d think ‘This is a man I hope to find good romance with,’ though you won’t think it of him” she said.
Sandara Park continued, “Not long ago, I went to ski with G-Dragon,” she said, “Usually, though it’s not something many people believe, G-Dragon is not one who says so many words. So he got my ski board that I was carrying, without saying anything,” she revealed.
When he heard this, G-Dragon said, “Sandara Park was holding this board that looked like twice her weight,” he continued, “It looked hard for her. So without care, I got it, her thanks is enough.”
Taken from Ohdara @ Wordpress

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