Friday, February 4, 2011

Idol Star Athletics Swimming trailer,you favourite idols in swimsuits!

Fans are anticipating this show so much as they have the opportunity to see their favourite idols in swimsuits.

Sandara talks about her Apple Hair again!

2009 년 여름 퉤니원 티비에서 내가 처음으로 사과머리 시도했던곳에서 2011년 1월달에 다시가서 또 홀로 사과머리를했는데 그 사이 실력이 많이는거같지않아요?ㅋ쑥쑥! 느는 실력!^.^Vㅋ 저기 리조트 다시가고싶네요! 바다도보고 수영도하고~ 갔다온지 얼마나됐다고ㅠㅋㅋ
Back in summer 2009, I tried the ‘apple hair’ for the first time and now, in 2011 I try again, but it’s just not the same, is it?ㅋ Rapidly! I’m getting better at it! ^.^Vㅋ I want to go to the resort again! And I want to go swimming in the sea~ ㅠㅋㅋ
Source: Dara’s Me2day
credit : dkpopnews
Translated by: AA-CHAN

4Minute model for Shoe Marker!

Hyomin apologizes to Seungri for comments made in SBS Idol King New Year Special

Posted Image
Girl group T-ara's member Hyomin apologize for using Banmal(semi-formal) language with senior Big Bang's Seungri.Hyomin left a message on her twitter on the 2nd stating " Watching the show now

Wonder Girls Are Going to Surprise Special Fans This Valentine’s Day

The Kpop girl group, Wonder Girls, is holding a very special Valentine’s Day contest for their lucky fans!
That’s right all you Wonderfuls, the Wonder Girls are holding a contest via their twitter.

Shin Bong Sun Mentions Yoochun on “Happy Together”

Shin Bong Sun mentions Yoochun on “Happy Together”!
She said, “Seoul’s Oppa image is that of someone who has pale skin, wears glasses, and has a luxurious style, someone like Micky Yoochun….that is the image that other females have of the Seoul Oppa.”
Source: [BaiduTVXQ]

Translation credits:, dkpopnews
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Who is enjoying some delicious Thai food?

Minzy uploaded a photo of her unnie Sandara Park eating Thai food.
The food looks delicious,she must have enjoyed the food a lot!

credit : dkpopnews

KARA Leaves Official Message, Continuing As Five

On the 3rd, KARA made an announcement on their official fanclub site. They declared their continuation as a group, “We, KARA, will continue to do our best from now as 5 members.”

Goo Hye Sun released Somang Cosmetics CF!

Luna Will Be Making Her Musical Debut On the 4th

f(x)'s member, Luna, will be making her musical debut on the 4th.

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