Thursday, February 3, 2011

"Sulli Reveals Her Childhood Pictures and Says She's the Prettiest Now"

Once again, F(x)'s Sulli has started her reckless remark series.
On February 3rd, Sulli was on KBS 2TV's New Year Special Idol Brain Competition and revealed her past pictures.

"Miss A's Min Got Embarrassed After Spelling the Word Chicken Wrong"

The girl group, Miss A's Min spent her school days in America but was embarrassed recently because she spelled the word, chicken, wrong.

T-ara Transforms Into a Trot Idol Through the Song, Love's Battery

On the 3rd, T-ara was on MBC's Star Dance Competition and sang Hong Jin Young's Love's Battery. Park So Yeon, Park Ji Yeon, Hyo Min and the rest of the members performed a very stable stage and with good stage manner, they received a very good score. Although they were lip-syncing, the five member's choreography was on sync and shook the hearts of the male competitors.

Big Bang presents "Love & Pain Tour 2011"

Seungri, "T.O.P's face should be in a museum"

During the guesting of GD&TOP and Seungri on CHJ Powertime, the question, "who's the most good-looking person?”, was asked.

Sharing the BoA's love,6th Album + Repackaged scans! @BoA_1105

I spent more than an hour to work on this post.From taking photos to uploading,but i think it is worthwhile since i can share some BoA love with you guys.

BoA's Stand By Me!

I admit i am like most of the fans out there who only listen to title tracks instead of the whole album,so i often miss out some amazing songs .

SNSD's Soo Young posed with her sister SooJin!

SNSD's Soo Young's sister has been known for her celebrity-like face.
She shared a new selca taken with her popular sister Choi Soo Young of SNSD.The girls managed to meet up during Lunar New Year and i am sure that they enjoyed the meal very much.
Happy Lunar New Year to both of them!

Credits to SooJin twitter for the photo, dkpopnews 

Hwang Hyunhee Booked for Accident Caused by Drunk Driving

A top comedian that appears on the very popular program, Gag Concert, has been booked after a car accident while driving drunk.

Big Bang Will Be Touring In Japan Starting May

Big Bang‘s concert power is continuing from Korea to Japan.From February 25th to 27th, the 2011 Big Show will be shown to 100,000 fans and many can see that their popularity has not died down and they have confirmed that they will be touring in Japan starting in May.

Cute Cast Photos of Dream High Revealed

Several photographs of the main cast in popular drama KBS 2TV‘s Dream High have been revealed!
Core Contents Media, agency of girl group T-ara, recently released an adorable photo of the two female leads, T-ara’s Eunjung and miss A‘s Suzy, posing with puffer fish faces and a ’v’ sign.

How Many Tracks Will Jay Park’s Mini Album Have?

Jay Park is currently working on his Korean mini album, but how many songs will be listed?
Lately it seems like Jay Park is attracting a lot of attention to himself. First for being featured in a song by J.Reyez which rose many questions about his popularity falling. Then with a remix of raps he wrote over some time and combined together, which received attention from some large hip hop sites.

Kim Taehee’s Acting is Improving

After being criticized so many times for her wooden acting, Kim Taehee finally receives praise for her role in My Princess.
Kim Taehee has worked on several projects in the past that have fallen through due to her acting. Even though she’s very beautiful, her acting has always been something that has hindered her success.

Why Did Xiah Junsu Cry After His First Musical Performance?

Kim Junsu, also known as TVXQ’s Xiah Junsu, cried tears of joy.On February 1st, the musical, Tears of Heaven‘s ribbon cutting was taken place and after the performance, he was able to meet the world renown producer, Frank Wildhorn and shed tears in front of him.

Lee Seunggi Says It’s Too Early To Debut In Japan

Upon receiving a project to help him debut in Japan, Lee Seunggi has revealed that it’s too early to make a debut.A representative of Lee Seunggi’s entertainment spoke with Newsen and said, “Nothing has been planned or decided regarding Lee Seunggi’s debut in Japan. Even the news articles about this is still too early. We haven’t been able to check the articles yet. We will give you a call once we’ve looked over them.

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