Thursday, February 3, 2011

How Many Tracks Will Jay Park’s Mini Album Have?

Jay Park is currently working on his Korean mini album, but how many songs will be listed?
Lately it seems like Jay Park is attracting a lot of attention to himself. First for being featured in a song by J.Reyez which rose many questions about his popularity falling. Then with a remix of raps he wrote over some time and combined together, which received attention from some large hip hop sites.

All of this leading up to him releasing his mini album. How many songs is he going to have on the album though? Jay recently tweeted about working on a new song that he could potentially be placing on the album, but it seems like he’s a bit conflicted as to whether he should or not.
Do you think Jay should add a sixth song to his mini album or save it for his next one? We’ll have to wait and see, so stay tuned to KPOPLIVE for updates on Jay Park’s new mini album and more Kpop Music News!

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