Thursday, February 3, 2011

Lee Seunggi Says It’s Too Early To Debut In Japan

Upon receiving a project to help him debut in Japan, Lee Seunggi has revealed that it’s too early to make a debut.A representative of Lee Seunggi’s entertainment spoke with Newsen and said, “Nothing has been planned or decided regarding Lee Seunggi’s debut in Japan. Even the news articles about this is still too early. We haven’t been able to check the articles yet. We will give you a call once we’ve looked over them.

On this day, one media reported that a Japanese entertainment called, Amuse Entertainment and Lee Seunggi’s current entertainment have come together to create a project for his debut. They have also reported that there was the option of Lee Seunggi temporarily leaving the programs that he’s currently in to start activities in Japan.
Lee Seunggi is currently on 1 Night 2 Day and Strong Heart and because of the preparation for his debut, there is a possibility that he’ll put his domestic activities on hold.
But, as of right now, nothing is certain. If the fans and the broadcasting staff knew about this, they would surely be shocked but it would also leave many in curiosity of the result because Lee Seunggi has the ability to sing, act, and be on variety shows.

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credit : tvbanimeonline
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