Thursday, February 3, 2011

Seungri, "T.O.P's face should be in a museum"

During the guesting of GD&TOP and Seungri on CHJ Powertime, the question, "who's the most good-looking person?”, was asked. Big Bang's maknae, Seungri, answered:
“T.O.P is most definitely the most handsome person. He was good-looking even before debut and to be honest, he’s been a very handsome person since forever.
From the looks of T.O.P hyung, his face should be put in a museum for "the most handsome man. Even now, he’s good-looking. Look at his eyebrow!”

T.O.P who was just sitting and listening to the maknae’s praises then stated:
“Hey! Don’t you dare gain me any anti-fans!”

Source: Nate + Popcornfor2 + shiihx @ 21bangs

Credit : bigbangupdates, dkpopnews

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