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Adam Couple on SSTP Radio

These were LIVE tweets from _xeth:

Kwon said that it was the first time they introduced themselves as "Adam Couple" ^^

Question to Kwon & Gain: is there a song which you want to sing for / hear from your partner?
Gain: the song at JYP's concert.

They picked out three songs - Kwon's song might be among them ^^

Gain: 에코 (Eco) - 행복한 나를, Kim Dongryul - 사랑한다는 말, Park Jinyoung - 청혼가

Kwon: 에코 (Eco) - 행복한 나를 (Happy Me), Jokwon - 고백하던 날, Park Jinyoung - 난 여자가 있는데 <- Kwon says that Gain really loves JYP's song.

[Kwon's song: Park Jinyoung - 나 돌아가]

The event which Gain remembers the most: ice rink and Kwon singing. Kwon had to apologize because he made her cry ^^

Ah that was sweet. They called one of the listeners who had become a couple with her boyfriend through Adam couple's WFIL.

["Nagging" yay! And "We Fell In Love" now]

Question for the Adam couple: What are your names in each other's phones?
Gain: Kwonnie
Kwon: Gain noona

Question: Does your heart still flutter when you hold hands or link arms?
Kwon: Yes.
Gain: No.

Next question: Who do you like more? Okyeob-Geumji or the Adam couple?
Kwon & Gain: Adam couple.

Question No. 1: Are you really dating?
Kwon says that they really try to give their best in WGM (put in all their emotions & feelings) but they're not really dating ^^

[Gain's song: 4men - Gift.]

Kwon: I'm nervous... yes, our make-believe marriage of 1 year and 3 months ends with Shindong & Park Gyuri's Shim Shim Tapa broadcast on the 6th of January 2011. I really...I sincerely thank you for supporting the Adam couple. I didn't want to cry but Gain noona cried before and I tend to cry too when others cry...

Two years, ah I said "two"...there were many things which happened during 1 year and 3 months and we created many memorable moments. It's an honor to announce the end on Shindong & Park Gyuri's Shim Shim Tapa.
Nothing has changed between our friendship and please look forward to Gain noona's and my activities. And there is something which I really don't like to hear from others: "I heard you got divorced?" People say "You got divorced?" jokingly but please don't say it.

Gain noona, if you want to say something too...

Gain: be honest, we became really close apart from the relationship (as in friendship) we had. We were on the show for a long time and we became close. In fact, this does not mean the end to us. We will see each other every day through the sitcom and the relationship won't change even with WGM ending.

The fans waited and looked forward (to a new episode) every week...and I'm really sad that they won't be able to see us on the show anymore. But to the Adam couple, this only means that WGM has ended. This is not the end for the Adam couple. Don't feel too disappointed. We want and we will share stories about the Adam couple with the fans from time to time.

Kwon: I want to sincerely thank all the WGM PDs and writer noonas. I can't stop crying.

Kwon: Yes...Gain noona stopped singing halfway through the song because her emotions were overwhelming her.

Gain: I'm sorry.

Kwon: And she was frustrated while singing because she was actually sad so please don't misunderstand that.
Right now...the tears we shed are tears of feeling sad that we couldn't show everyone a better side of the Adam couple for a longer time.

And we will continue to appear on the sitcom "All My Love", have activities and work hard individually, as 2AM and Brown Eyed Girls, so please cheer for us and support us.

Gain: First...right. I think what Kwonnie has said is okay. In fact, I'm really worried about the fans. They are probably shocked right now. The listeners... I think there are many who are crying with us... I'm sorry to those people.

Kwon: On WGM, there were times when we heard ugly things from fans but also very good things. But with our make-believe marriage coming to an end, we want you to keep us in your memories as a fun and pretty couple*.


(first part with AC: translating by @2AMfacts)
*Singing JYP’s Honey*
The first line was sang by Gyuri.
Then Kwon
Then Ga-in
And then Shindong.
They list out several examples of WGM couples ~ Most popular couples.
Introduced about “Kkap Kwon”,”Eyeliner and,”Ga-in”.
They did a special introduction, and said that they’re “Adam Couple” together.
“We are the Adam Couple, no matter how we progress as “Adam Couple”,
normally we are only being introduced as “This is Jo Kwon”, “This is Ga-in”,
so it’s the first time we introduced ourselves as Adam Couple.
Shindong to Adam Couple : “First I must congrats you. “
Jo Kwon to Shindong : “Do you watch “We Got Married”?”
Shindong : “Of course, Nichkhun and Victoria are around *joking* “
They talked about the duet last year.
Shindong said he paid more attention to Khuntoria?
Gyuri said Goguma couple is better
And they talked about the revision of the “We Got Married” series.
One year ago, “Adam Couple” also attended Shin Shin Ta Pa.
And during that time, it’s was with Kim Shin Young.
Does “Shin Shin Ta Pa” changed after a year?”
Kwon : Chatting with Shinyoung was very enjoyable and relaxing. Gyuri is so pretty.
I’m nervous. The recent event I sang for Ga-in, she cried.
(second part: translating by @adamcouple)

DJ: Ga-In do you have any songs you wish to hear Kwon sing?
GI: The song during the JYP concert
DJ: What about Kwon? What song do you want to hear Ga-In sing?

1. Happy Me
DJ: What do you like about this song?
GI: This is the song that Kwonnie sang to me… I cried after hearing it because the lyrics were so touching.

2. Marriage
GI: You’ll feel like getting married after listening to the lyrics
DJ:”But there isn’t anyone to get married to”, these lyrics make you want to get married but you don’t have anything else except love.

3. Words of Love for You (?) <—- Not sure
DJ: A song that Ga-In likes… It would be nice if someone sang this to me.

GI: “This line that says I love you”, I only remember these few words. I’m not good with saying affectionate things
JK: That’s why it’s said that GI noona is good at push-pulling
DJ: Kwon’s favorite song is the same as Ga-In, “Happy Me”
Both DJs say: Ah what’s this!

JK: I sang this song for noona…
JK: I didn’t expect her to cry! I did so many events for her before and she hasn’t cried before. She didn’t even cry when I made her the snack house in Jeju.
JK: I didn’t think she would cry, I thought the lyrics were very suitable because it’s been very tiring due to all the filming for the sitcom and other activities

(third part: translated by @AdamCoupleBAR)

3: Kwon: this song is made for noona…it was the “moving song
Kyuri: you write the things you want to say to your wife in it
#song- JYP ‘I have a woman’
Kwon: my wife really likes this song
she sang this during the WGM ep with JYP..
she sang again during the <KJE chocolate> and changed the words to “I have Jokwon”..really sexy~~~
I want to change the words to “I have GaIn”
<first half end>

(part 4 translated by @AdamCouple BAR)
#Kwon’ live
JYP’s song…(name Im not sure.)
Kwon: GaIn likes this…me too…its a really romantic song..
Please dont go….holding on to you so tight
started the footsteps.. the feelings are getting intense
the lyrics are telling a stroy where the loved one is going to somewhere else.
ShinDong: wow…Jokwon’s live is so good !
Kyuri: GaIn…what are you thinking…
GaIn: the song is so sad
MC: she’s remembering their memories…
GaIn: yeah.

<Lets Ask Questions , there are 49million questions… >
audience: Adam Couple is so nice! I envy them~~~ Jokwon I love you!
<after story time…>
Kwon: there’re a lot of married peopel watching WGM….they say they envy us and thought we really got married
ShinDong: would old people ask you like “when are you having babies?” these kind of questions??? since the old people always thought they are truly married….

(part 5: translated by @AdamCoupleBAR)
Whats the one event that gave GaIn the deepest impression…
GaIn: I rarely cry….
my favorite event is the one at the Ice Skating resort….
Kwon: after we got on to WGM…there’re a lot of AC fans..
MC: do you feel like you really got married?
Kwon: yeah…I felt like I really got married…

<Jump to Question Time>
Q: the top 5 question…starting with the 5th..
what do you save as the name for the other in your phone?
GaIn: I saved as Kwonnie
Kwon: GaIn noona..
Kwon: people thought we would save each other as yobo..of GumJi OkYeob…actually my favorite is Kwonnie…its more meaningful..
Q: do you really have a joint concert coming up?
Kwon: we chat about it in the cafe..we were just kidding..
ShinDong: have you ever thought of holding a 2AM and BEG joint concert?
(they went on with paring 2AM and BEG members….)

source Adam Couple BAR, 2AMfacts, adamcouple, admin Annetta

The ‘Adam Couple’ posts a goodbye message on me2DAY

Jay Park’s fanclub donated over $100,000 USD to various charities

Jaywalkers have been headlining news once more for their charitable acts, as it was recently revealed that one of Jay Park’s fanpages, “Underground,” exceeded $100,000 USD in donations.
“Underground” consists of fans in their 20s and 30s, and they were in the news last year for their $5,000 USD donation to the Disabled Athletics Association that Jay Park is the PR ambassador for. They also donated an additional $5,000 to the Children’s Foundation.
The group first began with Naver’s “Happy Bean” digital charity donations, and began sending books to adopted children overseas.  Members also participated in a total of 16 different sessions of volunteer work at the Welfare Foundation. Last January, the group donated a total of $10,000 to Haiti as well.
Since September of 2009, the total “Underground” donation figure has exceeded $100,000 USD.
Representatives of “Underground” commented, “We have been participating in different charities since Jaebeom’s withdrawal.  We’re glad to be able to continue our charitable participation with consistency, instead of having it be a one-time act.
Source + Photos: Newsen via Daum, allkpop

Details on Shindong’s role in “All My Love” revealed

We previously reported that Super Junior’s Shindong will be making a cameo appearance on MBC’s daily sitcom, “All My Love“, and additional details on his role were revealed today.
Producers of the sitcom spoke with Newsen on January 5th and stated, “Shindong will be appearing as a blind date for ‘Hwang Geum Ji’ (played by Son Gain). Filming took place in a fun environment, so fans can look forward to a great finished product.”
Shindong’s cameo will be seen on the 43rd and 44th episode, scheduled for broadcast on January 19th and 20th.
Source + Photos: Newsen

Supernova to focus on Korean promotions this year

Hallyu idol group Supernova revealed that they’ll be concentrating on their Korean activities this year as ‘actor idols.’
In an interview with Newsen, a representative of their agency revealed, “They’ve been receiving a lot of love in Japan lately and have mainly focused on their Japanese promotions. This year, they’ll be paying extra attention to their Korean activities and promote for as long as possible.
He continued, “Last year, they were only able to promote for four weeks in Korea, causing many fans to feel disappointed.  They’ll be releasing a Korean album this March that features a lot more ‘weight’, in comparison to their Japanese releases.”
Supernova will also embark on their acting activities as well. A few of the members have already gone into official preparations, as member Kwang Su has a role in MBC’s upcoming sitcom, “Real School“, while Sungje and Sung Mo will be entering the musical industry through “Really Really Like You” and “Coronation” respectively.
Geon Il was the first member from the group to debut as an actor via the 2009 mini-series, “Soul.” Consequently, he’s received the most love calls from drama productions, and is currently in discussions for his next project. Leader Yoon Hak completed filming in Japan recently for the NHK’s drama series, “Loving Kimchi.” His drama begins airing next month.
Jihyuk is also auditioning for various dramas, and has fitted acting classes into his schedule.
The representative continued, “Unlike other idols, all of the members of Supernova are able to take up an acting career.  They’ve been training in acting ever since their debut.  We’ve been receiving many drama offers, but we’re taking our time in selecting roles that best fit each member.  Please look forward to them.
Source + Photos: Newsen via Daum

New girl group ‘Piggy Dolls’ debuts with “Trend”

Another girl group has debuted in the industry, but this time with a twist: all three members of “Piggy Dolls” are of rubenesque proportions, with the combined weight exceeding 200kg. Comprised of Park Ji Eun, Kim Min Sun, and Lee Jiyeon, the group debuted on January 6th with their mini-album, “Piggy Style,” on various music sites.
Their title track “TREND” is especially fascinating in that it features lyrics expressing their personal feelings on their image.  “I’m always confident, I don’t care about anything else, what’s wrong with my body?  My face is unique.”
The group expressed, “We think our team name fits well with our members.  As you can see, we really are ‘piggy dolls.’ (laughter)”
Min Sun continued, “All three of us naturally gain a lot of weight. We like eating so we eat.  We can eat about 20kg of rice in three weeks.”
When asked about their reasons for debuting in an industry dominated by thin idols, Jiyeon answered, “People these days tend to favor thin and pretty people. We just wanted to show everyone that people who have weight like us can be just as confident. We want to break the stereotypes of girl groups as only being skinny. Hopefully our debut can console women who have been hurt because to their weight.”
However, the group acknowledged the painful reality they’re facing against in the competition against other girl groups. Fortunately, they’ve got weapons to battle their way to the top: talent.
Min Sun elaborated, “Since we’re big, we sound different… Thin people have thinner voices, and in comparison, our voices sound a lot more rich and powerful.”
At the mention of pure talent not being enough to last in today’s industry, Ji Eun added, “You can consider our concept somewhere between Big Mama and 2NE1.  We have the vocal talent of Big Mama, and the performance style of 2NE1. With both styles, we’ll be trying our best to perfect both.”
Throughout the interview, the girls were noted for their confident and open thoughts, leading the reporter to ask where their confidence stemmed from.  Jiyeon answered, “It’s our vocal talent.  I hope people stop thinking that just because we’re big, we’re going to be less talented than other idol groups.  We’ll show everyone that we’re good at dancing and singing.
To conclude the interview, Piggy Dolls showed their determination as rookies by stating, “Our goal is to captivate the audience with our own charms, especially on stage. Our long-term goal is to rank first on the U.S Billboard chart.  You may be thinking that our goal is too far-fetched, but we fully believe that you need to aim high in order to succeed faster.  Please give us your love, as we’ll be Piggy Dolls that tries our best.
Source + Photos: Asia Economy via Naver
An interesting point to note about their music video for “Trend” is that it highlights interviews of overweight people, who explain their hardships in fitting in with society.  Determined to make a change, the Piggy Dolls trio get up and out of their comfort zone to show the public and prove to those girls that overweight people can be confident and beautiful as they are.
Check it out below!

source allkpop

MBLAQ to hold first fan meeting on January 9th

MBLAQ will be holding their first fan meet on January 9th at Seoul’s Dome Art Hall. Fans will get to play games with the boys, and see them showcase their hidden talents. There will also be a cake-cutting ceremony as well.
Their management agency stated, “We’ve prepared many different events, as this will be their first fan meet and we want both the group and the fans to enjoy it.”
MBLAQ will also perform the singles “Cry” and “Stay” from their new album, BLAQ Style.
Source + Photo: Newsen, allkpop

2NE1′s “To Anyone” Philippines Album Launch on the 15th

After a very long wait, Universal Records and 2NE1PH will finally launch 2NE1‘s ‘To Anyone‘ in the Philippines. In cooperation with MYX, Astroplus and Odyssey, the album launch event is set to the January 15th.
Having peaked at the Billboard Top 10 World Albums Chart and top 10 in iTunes U.S., their first full-length album launch in the Philippines will be held for the first time in four different venues:
1) Astroplus – THE BLOCK
2) Astroplus – SM Mall of Asia
3) Odyssey – SM Megamall
4) Odyssey – SM Bacoor
So start saving up Filipino Black Jacks! Rest assured that your money, patience and effort is wort the event! Keep checking us out for more details about the event. In the meanwhile, the girls are now preparing for their 2011 Japanese invasion under Avex label in February!
Source: MYX Philippines site, kpoplive
Written by BIL

Ga-in Fits Snugly in a Sofa

Brown Eyed Girls’ Son Ga-in is to be petite enough to curl snugly inside a sofa.
Brown Eyed Girls’s member Jea’s picture of a sleeping Ga-in is circulating as hot topic in the internet. Jea took a shot of an innocent looking Ga-in, comfortably nestled inside a small couch.
Putting up the photo on her Twitter account, Jea writes: “Works taken in Japan by Master Jea keke It has to be a warm day ah hihi”

Fans responded with comments,”only Ga-in can sleep on a small couch like this”, “Ga-in is graceful and petite-sized” and “maybe I should start with slimming down to be like her”.
Sleep well Ga-in! Hopefully the cramped space does not block your sweet dreams.
Translation:leili_1205@::_{B.E.G.Asia}_::, ZhiqlovesBEG@4-everlastings
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Hip hop ‘a capella’ girl group Coin Jackson reveal their leader to be…

Hip hop a capella girl group Coin Jackson has revealed their leader, Mari, before their upcoming debut.  A couple weeks earlier, member Jihoo became the first member of the group to be revealed.
Mari, who’s known for her tall figure, has experience in the musical industry, and has acted in musicals such as “One Summer Night.” Currently a broadcasting entertainment major at Dong Deok Women’s University, she auditioned for PPP Entertainment and was admitted out of hundreds of contestants.
Coin Jackson is Asia’s first ever girl group to specialize in the hip hop a capella genre and is awaiting their debut this month.  With a strong, addictive melody, the group plans on promoting in both Korea and Japan.
Source + Photos: Newsen via Daum, allkpop

2011 welcomes a battle of the boy groups

An early forecast reveals that the beginning of 2011 will be marked with an influx of girl group debuts, but with the return of various male groups looming near, fans will get their full doses of testosterone in the near future as well.
Rookies including MBLAQ, Teen Top and Infinite have been generating lots of chatter and interest with their ongoing comebacks this month.
MBLAQ’s title track “Cry” was released just two days ago and has already secured high rankings on various charts including those of Mnet and Bugs. Their full album “BLAQ Style” will be released on the 10th with a live comeback on the 13th.
Teen Top, whose members got kpop fans doing double takes with their silver hair concept, released a MV teaser today for their comeback track ”Transform.” Due to member Niel’s injury, the group has pushed back their live comeback to the 13th.
Finally, Infinite will be returning with their second six-track mini-album “Evolution,” with concept photos and preview videos attracting much attention. Their comeback showcase is schedule to take place in just a few hours today at Seouls’ CGV.
On the other end, news of the impending returns of TVXQ and Big Bang, arguably the two largest male groups of the Korean music scene in recent years, has already been dominating headlines in regards to their comeback albums. TVXQ and Big Bang’s last albums, “Mirotic” and “Remember”, were released in September and November 2008 respectively, so these returns mark the end of two year hiatuses for both groups.
The special edition of TVXQ’s “Why (Keep Your Head Down)” album has been released today with the HoMin duo gearing up for a comeback on Music Bank on January 7, followed by appearances on Music Core, Inkigayo and possibly M! Countdown due to reconciliations between SME and Mnet. Choreographed by Rino Nakasone of the Beat Freaks, “Why (Keep Your Head Down)” also caught the attention of American gossip blogger Perez Hilton.
Big Bang’s sub-unit duo GD&TOP made waves with the release of “High High,” “Oh Yeah” and “Knock Out” last month, complete with the most expensive comeback stage in Mnet M. Countdown’s history. After Japanese promotion plans were delayed, it was also announced that GD&TOP will have a second round of promotions for “Don’t Go Home.” Furthermore, Big Bang’s maknae Seungri will be releasing a mini-album on January 13, and the entire group will be making a full comeback soon thereafter.
Unsurprisingly, TVXQ & Big Bang’s returns are being met with overwhelming receptions — “Keep Your Head Down” recorded massive sales immediately after release, and GD&TOP enjoyed 200,000 pre-orders for their album.
Like the 2009 domination of countless new girl groups including 2NE1, 4minute, f(x) and After School , it looks like we’ll be seeing a lot of female debuts this year, but will 2011 mark the return of a boy group craze as well?
Source: Naver, allkpop

KARA’s Nicole reveals her friendship with IU

KARA’s Nicole recently revealed her friendship with singer IU on her twitter.
Nicole uploaded a picture with IU smiling and sporting V signs. She wrote, “Our pretty IUuuuuu~ And something I haven’t been able to say before~ I like you.”
Nicole and IU have become close through the variety show ‘Heroes‘. They’ve also performed Madonna’s hit song “Like A Virgin” together on SBS’s Entertainment Awards.
Source: StarNews via Nate, allkpop

Dal Shabet’s Serri is the doppleganger of Wonder Girls’ Sunye?

Along with each of the members’ profiles, K-pop’s newest rookie girl group Dal Shabet’s agency, Happy Face Entertainment, recently released the group’s debut mini-album, “Supa Dupa Diva.”
Amongst Dal Shabet’s members, Serri has specifically been garnering interest from the netizens due to her similar looks – from her overall atmosphere to even her eye smile – to Wonder Girls member Sunye.
Netizens have stated, “If someone told me Serri is a doppleganger of Sunye, I would believe them” and “They look like twins.
Looking at the photo, there certainly are some similarities, but there also seems to be clear differences.
What do you guys think?  Could you confuse the two?
Source: Max News, allkpop
Photo: Happy Entertainment, JYP Entertainment

The ‘Adam Couple’ comes to an end

The longest running couple on ‘We Got Married‘ – the Adam Couple – will be ending their virtual marriage.
On a recent broadcast of MBC radio ‘Shim Shim Ta Pa‘, 2AM’s Jo Kwon and Brown Eyed Girls member Ga-In revealed that they’re in the process of recording their last episode together.
Jung Yoon Jung, the PD from ‘We Got Married’ revealed to Star News stating, “Jo Kwon and Ga-In couple have started recording their final episode. The pair have built up a lot of affection toward one another over time, and they have shed a lot of tears.
The Adam Couple started their virtual marriage in September of 2009, and quickly became one of the most popular couples on the show. Their relationship on the show lasted for 1 year and 5 months but unfortunately, all good things must come to an end.
Source + Photo: Star News, allkpop

T.O.P for High Cut

The unit of GD&TOP has been in the spotlight recently and to capitalize on this momentum, High Cut featured Big Bang member T.O.P for a full photo spread in their magazine.
T.O.P shows varying emotions in this shoot, from happy, sleepy, and silly – he’s quite the expressive one. His female fans should be listening to “Oh Yeah” while right clicking and saving each image. Check out the full spread below.
Tip: janinelovestop
Source: High Cut / VIPZ via bigbangupdates, allkpop

SECRET releases “Shy Boy” single + music video!

SECRET has finally released their comeback single album “Shy Boy” through online music sites. Their title track, “Shy Boy”, was co-produced by Kang Jiwon and Kim Kibum, and it’s a fun dance track in the swing genre.  Their music video was directed by Johnny Bro’s Hong Won Ki and features an American retro background from the 60s as its concept.
SECRET will be returning through Mnet’s “M! Countdown” on January 6th. Check out the MV for ‘Shy Boy’ and the track ‘No.1′ below. Remember to support them by purchasing the music.

Source + Photos: Newsen, allkpop

Teen Top reveals teaser for their “TRANSFORM” music video!

Despite the temporary delay in their comeback due to the injury of vocalist Niel, Teen Top has released the teaser music video for their title track, “TRANSFORM“.
Check it out below!

Thanks to Tony Nguyen for the tip!
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SNSD releases “Beautiful Girls” music video featuring Yoo Young Jin

Beautiful Girls” is the bonus track off SNSD’s first live album, ”Into the new world“, and just moments ago, the music video for this song was released!
Check it out below!

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Climix Academy product Han Groo releases teaser MV for “Witch Girl”

Singer Han Groo, a product of the Climix Academy, released the teaser for her debut music video today, titled “Witch Girl“.
Check it out below!

Climix Academy is run by singer Joo Young Hoon and aims to train the stars of the next generation.

Additionally, here’s a recent picture of Han Groo with Kim Jung Mo of TRAX and Kim Heechul of Super Junior.

Han Groo Twitter

Joo Young Hoon Twitter

Climix Academy Site

Source: Joo Young Hoon Twitter / Kim Hee Chul Twitter, allkpop

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Dal Shabet verify themselves on Me2day

Dal Shabet, E-TRIBE’s very first girl group, became the newest members of the Me2day community.
Viki, Serri, Ayoung, Jiyul, Kaeun, and Subin uploaded cute pictures of themselves with a placard reading “Verification” in order to prove that they’re the real users behind the accounts.
Through their individual accounts, the girls have been sharing pictures and information regarding their upcoming debut with their fans.
Netizens commented, “They’re so good at singing, I’ll watch on” and “So cute and pretty.
Dal Shabet is scheduled to comeback on January 6th through Mnet’s “M. Countdown” with their title track, “Supa Dupa Diva.”
Source + Photos: Osen via Daum, allkpop

B2ST unveils “Because of You” for “My Princess” OST

Although B2ST has withdrawn from the music scene in order to enjoy their well-deserved vacation, they’ve recently unveiled their OST contribution for the upcoming drama, “My Princess“!
The bright love song complements the romantic drama perfectly, as one can easily imagine the blossoming love story between a spoiled heir (Song Seung Hun) and a stingy, yet naive college student (Kim Tae Hee).
Check out B2ST’s “Because of You” below!

source allkpop

TVXQ’s “Keep Your Head Down” records massive sales within a day

TVXQ’s newest album sold over an astonishing 15,000 copies within a day, according to album sales analyst Hanteo.
The special edition of “Keep Your Head Down” was released on the morning of January 5th, and by 4 PM KST, the duo racked up an impressive sales amount of 15,000 copies sold.
Offline sales have yet to be calculated and added into the record. By 5 PM KST, the album was already recording close to 20,000 in online sales, which means that reaching 30,000 sales overall in one day would be easily manageable for the duo.
The album is currently ranking first on the Hanteo charts, in addition to all of the major music sites such as Bugs, dosirak, Mnet, and Daum Music.
Their music video for the song has also placed on ‘the most views’, ‘most replies’, ‘most favorited’, and ‘most rated video’ rankings for YouTube Korea. “Keep Your Head Down” also managed to list on other YouTube location charts for Canada, the UK, Netherland, Russia and many more as the ‘most viewed video’.
The duo will be making their comeback on “Music Bank” on the 7th, “Music Core” on the 8th, and “Inkigayo” on the 9th, followed by the release of the album’s ’standard edition’ on the 12th.
Source + Photos: Newsen via Daum, Chosun via Daum, Osen via Daum

ZE:A’s Kwang Hee is surprisingly embarrassed by a past photo

ZE:A’s Kwang Hee, who has previously made headlines for his plastic surgery stories on various talk shows, has revealed another picture of him pre-surgery on the January 4th episode of SBS’s “Strong Heart.”
The show features a special corner called ‘Teukgigayo’ where the past photos of celebrities are revealed to the tune of the lyrics, “I don’t want to lose it,” that are put on repeat until all of the photos have been revealed.
Kwang Hee’s photo was revealed third and managed to put the studio in shock.  Some commented, “That’s amazing, he’s like a different person!
Kwang Hee, who’s usually confident about revealing that he got work done, was unable to take the shock of the photo and quickly crumbled it, much to the amusement of the rest of the studio.
Source + Photos: Newsen via Daum, allkpop

KARA, SNSD named ‘New Artist of the Year’ by “25th Japan Gold Disc Awards”

2010 was an interesting year for the Japanese music industry, as they were introduced to two of Korea’s hottest girl groups – SNSD (a.k.a. ‘Shoujo Jidai‘) and KARA.
Although they already had support from their Japanese fanbase, these girls managed to win the hearts of general music fans; they not only placed highly on the charts, but they also walked away with a distinguished award each from the Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ).
At the “25th Japan Gold Disc Awards“, KARA and SNSD were named as Japan’s “New Artist of the Year” – KARA received the ‘International’ award, and SNSD attained the ‘Domestic’ award.
The “Japan Gold Disc Awards” was first launched in 1987 to recognize outstanding artists (and works) that have contributed to the Japanese recording industry. Awards are based on the actual sales number, and 2010’s winners utilized data from January 1st ~ October 31st.
Congratulations, ladies!
Source + Photo: Oricon style, allkpop

Lee Hyori to make her comeback this June

K-Pop’s ‘Sexy Queen’ Lee Hyori is preparing for her comeback sometime this June.
Hyori met with a plagiarism controversy last year, as it was discovered that six tracks from her “H-Logic” album were plagiarized. The singer wrapped up her album activities earlier than scheduled, and the producer was eventually jailed for a year and six months.
Since then, it’s been rare for fans to see her on popular TV programs, as she’s been spending her time with charity organizations and occasionally MCing for gayo festivals.
The industry expected her to take a longer break before her next comeback, but Hyori has decided to break expectations and return earlier than planned.
The CEO of her agency stated, “She was a victim of the plagiarism controversy and was extremely shocked over it.  She took the time to work with charities to overcome the hardship.  Although she hasn’t completely overcome it yet, we feel that it is best to come back before it’s too late to regain her honor.
He continued, “Since she was unable to leave with a clean end to her album promotions, she will be doing her best for this comeback.
We’ll definitely be looking forward to hearing what Hyori’s got in store for us!
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How much did it cost to dress up IU for “Dream High”?

The cost of IU’s transformation for her role in “Dream High” has been estimated to be around $60,000 USD.
Producers of “Dream High” revealed that in order to costume IU into her chubby character, $50,000 USD was spent on her fat suit, along with an extra $2,000 USD for makeup spent per episode.  Six episodes have cost the drama a total of $60,000 USD so far.
Her transformation also takes over five hours, and coming out of her outfit takes an additional two.
Thankfully, her efforts aren’t wasted, as she’s been dominating the charts lately with her song “Someday” for the drama’s OST.
The R&B song was sung by IU in her audition scene on the January 4th episode.  Written and produced by Park Jin Young, the song marks IU’s first hit of 2011, continuing her streak of success from last year.

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SNSD’s Seohyun meets her mother-in-law on “We Got Married”

It’s one of the hardest meetings a girl will have to make, but SNSD’s Seohyun took a deep breath and tried to deliver a first impression that would do her husband proud.
For MBC’s “We Got Married“, Seohyun and her ‘husband’ (CNBLUE’s Jung Yonghwa) travelled to Busan recently to meet his family.  In an effort to make a positive first impression, Seohyun tried her best to learn the provincial dialect and certain gestures indigenous to Busan, in addition to showing a bigger appetite than normal.
The couple was greeted by Yonghwa’s mother upon their arrival, and visited a sushi restaurant for a meal.
Their meeting, and whether Seohyun received a passing score as a ‘daughter-in-law’ can be found on the episode scheduled for December 8th.
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Hyun Bin and Song Hye Kyo Broke Up?

Did Korea’s hottest couple, Hyun Bin and Song Hye Kyo, call it quits? Through the rumors of a Chinese media, actor Song Hye Kyo has rejected the rumor. On the 4th, a representative from Eden Nine Entertainment has explained this situation to Newsen and said, “The Chinese newspapers are constantly making rumors about them breaking up when it isn’t even true.
The representative continued by saying, “We haven’t heard a reply back from the company in China about how they were going to handle this and I feel sorry for the couple because rumors that aren’t true keep coming up.
Hyun Bin is currently finishing the drama, Secret Garden. They revealed, the reason why the Chinese media would create such rumors is because they aren’t able to meet each other often because of their busy schedules.
The Chinese media have been spreading other rumors as well, such as Girls’ Generation’s member, Yoona getting plastic surgery and have been creating bad images for many Korean celebrities. The reality is, many people in the Korean entertainment industry have not been able to solve each and every rumor because there’s just too many to handle.
On the other hand, Song Hye Kyo has been ranked 18th place in the list of 2010′s Most Beautiful Faces 100 by Independent Critics.
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MBLAQ Releases Tracklist for New Album ‘BLAQ Style’

With their album release just around the corner, the boys of MBLAQ finally unveil the tracklist for their first full-length album, BLAQ Style.
Their first comeback track Cry is rapidly climbing the music charts, and the Cry music video has been attracting even more fans as the boys show off a revamped image. With Cry already being such a hit, the thirteen new tracks on BLAQ Style are sure to satisfy all the fans! Check out the complete tracklist below.
1. Sad Memories (Intro)
2. Stay
3. Cry
4. 그대여  (Darling)
5. 버린다 (Throw Away)
6. 녹 (Rust)
7. Tonight
8. 이러지 않았으면 해 (Hope It Won’t Be Like This)
9. You’re My
10. Rolling U
11. Oh Yeah (C-Luv & Blue Magic Remix)
12. Y (JR GROOVE Remix)
13. 또다른 시작 (A Different Beginning) (Outro)
Stay tuned to KPOPLIVE for more updates on MBLAQ and their impending comeback!
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BEAST Members End Album Promotions and Enjoy Short Vacation

After months of non-stop promotions, the BEAST boys are finally taking a much deserved break.
No one can deny that BEAST was one of the most hard-working idol groups in 2010. They released two consecutive mini albums, both of which yielded hits like Soom and Beautiful, and even formed three sub-units, each of which released and promoted their own duet. And on top of that, the boys voyaged into Japan for their Japanese showcase and held their first solo concert as well. BEAST has big plans for 2011, including an encore concert, but for now, they will be taking some time off to enjoy a short but sweet vacation.
So what exactly are the members up to these days? Through their Twitter accounts, JunHyung and YoSeob revealed that they will be applying for their drivers’ licenses. And to the delight of many fans, maknae DongWoon posted a picture of himself enjoying his vacation while ice fishing.
Officials from Cube Entertainment also shared some insight on BEAST’s recent break, stating “Although they are digesting individual schedules, along with variety shows and dramas, it really is a resting period. Right now, the members have gone back home. They are enjoying their personal life.”
Let’s hope BEAST can take advantage of this break before they jump headfirst into promotions once again!
Source: beastdw@twitter + NEWSEN,
Translation: Sarah An@B2ST RISING
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GD&TOP’s “Don’t Go Home” banned on MBC

Big Bang’s GD&TOP were hit with another ban, this time from MBC for their track, “Don’t Go Home“. The broadcasting network blacklisted the song on January 5th under the reason that the song was ‘unfit for public broadcast.’
This is the second ban this week for the duo, as it follows the ban of “Knock Out” from all three public broadcasting networks.
YG Entertainment representatives spoke with Star News and revealed, “We expected ‘Knock Out’ to be banned from the three networks, so we will be re-submitting the songs, but MBC banning ‘Don’t Go Home’ has come as a bit of a surprise to us.
They continued, “We’ve retorted that there is nothing wrong with the song, as it was even accepted by KBS and SBS. As much as it is hard to understand why MBC would find it unfit for broadcast, we believe that MBC has their own reasons, so we will respectfully re-submit it for an evaluation.”
When asked why they believed the song was banned, they answered, “We feel that T.O.P’s rap was a part of the problem, but we’d like for them to interpret the lyrics as is.  When we re-submit the song, we will not be editing any of the lyrics.”
T.O.P’s lyrics state:
I don’t like awkward settings
Why is the sound of the clock ticking so loud?
All I can hear is the sound of swallowing spit
Look baby, all I want is to greet the morning with you
A secret party for just us two before the night comes to an end
But you’re like Cinderella, you try to go home when the clock hits 12
Being alone makes the night so long
Call in to your parents, don’t try to act tough
S.O.S, advancing seems so far
Oh! wait a minute, why am I like this?
Am I drunk, I’m so dizzy, I’m falling asleep
Source + Photos: Star New, allkpop

SECRET’s Sunhwa cuts her hair for “Shy Boy”

SECRET’s Sunhwa has revealed that she cut her hair for the first time since she was six years old for the group’s “Shy Boy” comeback promotion.
Another preview of their abum jacket pictures has been circulating amongst netizens ever since they were revealed on the morning of January 5th.  Sunhwa, who’s been seen with longer hair ever since her debut, has opted for a shorter cut to fit with the album’s new cutesy concept.
Representatives of TS Entertainment revealed, “For ‘Shy Boy,’ Sunhwa has decided to undergo a transformation.  She’s always kept long hair ever since she was little, and it’s her first time having short hair since she was six.
SECRET will be releasing their single album on the 6th.
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Who are the most expensive CF stars?

On January 5th, TV Report released the data results they’ve compiled from various advertisement and model contracting companies in order to find the most expensive celebrity figures of 2011.
The data they’ve published were updated as of January 2011, and consists of appearance and contract fees paid to singers for year-long contracts.
So who are the most expensive CF stars?
According to the results, Rain and Big Bang were classified under ‘Special A Class’ in the industry, and are both worth $1 million to $1.5 million USD.
2PM, SNSD, Lee Hyori, and 2NE1 were placed in the $800,000 to $900,000 USD sector, while BoA followed at $700,000 to $800,000 USD.
Lee Seung Gi, Kim Hyun Joong, Jay Park, Super Junior, JYJ, Son Dambi, and the Wonder Girls placed at $500,000 to $600,000 USD.
2AM, CNBLUE, KARA, 4minute, MBLAQ, and After School (excluding UEE) are worth a minimum of $400,000 USD.  After School’s UEE exceeds that amount.
IU, FT Island, Seo In Young, and SECRET were revealed to have been in discussion for $200,000 to $300,000 USD.
Of course, the true worth of a star cannot be determined by numbers, but the numbers give better insight into the commercial aspect of the stars.
Source + Photos: TV Report via Daum, allkpop

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