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Park Jin Young provides some behind-the-scenes stories from “Dream High”

Singer and producer Park Jin Young revealed his thoughts on making his first acting debut through “Dream High” while on KBS 2TV’s “Win Win.”
Regarding his first script reading, he revealed, “At first, it was okay, but my mind blanked out when it got to my turn. And then I ran to the bathroom and found out that my whole body was drenched in sweat. The director later told me that I was shaking during the reader. It was embarrassing for me to look at Taecyeon, Wooyoung, Suzy and JOO, since the kids I scolded were watching me.”
When asked whether ‘acting senior’ Taecyeon gave him any tips prior to the script reading session, he answered, “He told me to act comfortable like usual.”
Continuing on the focus of “Dream High,” MC Kim Seung Woo asked the producer to reveal any hidden stories behind the ongoing drama filming.
Park Jin Young started, “I just wanted to produce a drama, I had no plans of acting in it. I drafted a project proposal and got it checked over by the CEO. He liked it, so I submitted it to some producers.”
Afterward, he received a love call from Bae Yong Joon, allowing him to take one step closer to realizing his drama production dream. 
I was satisfied just co-producing as the director of music and choreography, but representatives of KBS suggested I play the role of a teacher. I contemplated it, and a lot of people encouraged me, saying that I just needed to deliver as much as I did for the ‘Nobody‘ music video. I went back to look at the video and thought that I didn’t do too bad (if I do say so myself).
Regarding his friendship with Bae Yong Joon, he revealed, “I first met him with one of the writers. The writer asked if we had any specific plots we wanted and Yong Joon replied that he didn’t. I got so excited, I started blabbing on and on for an hour. I later asked Yong Joon why he didn’t say anything and he said, ‘I wanted to see what the writer had to say first.’ His reply was so mature, I was really embarrassed of myself.”
Source: Newsen via Nate,allkpop

SM The Ballad Releases Free iTunes App

SM Entertainment‘s new ballad unit group has been experiencing great success with the release of their first mini-album, Miss You. Now, SM The Ballad is ready to share their music internationally as they release their very first free iTunes app.
Available for all iPhone users, SM The Ballad’s free app will include the full tracks of their first mini-album, an image gallery and a clock, plus the music video for Miss You! You can get this app via Apple’s iTunes’ store here. Check out a screenshot below:
Source: iTunes.apple.com, tvbanimeonline
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Why BEAST’s KiKwang was Dropped from JYP

Park Jinyoung Shares Reflections on the Jay Park Controversy

JYP Entertainment’s Park Jinyoung was asked to once again reflect on the controversy over ex-2PM member Jay Park’s withdrawal on the most recent set of KBS 2TV’s ‘Win Win.’
When asked, “Can you tell us just briefly about 2PM Jaebum’s withdrawal?,” by MC Kim Seungwoo, JYP thought carefully and then replied cautiously, “What more can I say after the company has released its position [on the issue]? I can’t say any more because it’s a story in which the future of young people with potential is too entangled with….”
Park Jinyoung continued, stating, “The most regrettable thing that can happen is when [artists] make a mistake when they’re young and then they debut early, so those common mistakes that they might make explode into a large public matter. Because it explodes when they can make money and give strong performances at such a young age, it is all the more unacceptable.”
The producer explained that he was unable to do anything about the matter because it had grown so large. “If [the issue is] small, I can cover it, but it grew too big so I had to choose between protecting this child and deceiving the public. If I cover it up somewhat, I can protect this child and not deceive the public at the same time, but the situation grew bigger and it seems that this guy will be hurt if I reveal [what’s going on] when the public says ‘reveal the truth.’ That part is the hardest.”
Jay Park’s contract with the South Korean management company was officially terminated in late February 2010 following several months of controversy and conflict.
Source: Nate,tvbanimeonline
Translation: JinaStar@itsjaypark.com (via 2OneDay)
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Hyun Bin to sing male version of ‘That Man’ for ‘Secret Garden’ OST album

It was recently announced that actor Hyun Bin, who is currently acting as Kim Juwon for his drama, “Secret Garden”, will be participating in the OST production by singing a track titled, “That Man.
“Hyun Bin, who feels great attachment to the drama, was closely consulted with in order work around his busy filming and year-end schedules for the OST production. With Hyun Bin’s participation, the album’s run toward becoming a legendary OST album has only accelerated and is becoming more realistic,” said producer Jung Seung Woo, the CEO of Achieve Group DN.
The representative continued to explain, “Recently, ‘Secret Garden’ has been the biggest trend both online and offline. Whether you’re walking on the streets or into a cafe, there isn’t a place where the “Secret Garden” OSTs are not heard. In particular, many have given their full acknowledgment to Baek Ji Young’s “That Girl” and “That Man” for being able to perfectly convey the sentiments of the main characters right from the beginning of the drama. Even on community notice boards, fans have been consistently voicing out that they would like to hear a male version of the songs “That Girl” and “That Man”. The news of Hyun Bin participating in the OST album will definitely be of good news to these fans.”
Currently, ‘Secret Garden’ is not only receiving explosive viewer ratings, but also on music sites for their OST album, leaving many music associates envious with additional anticipation.
In addition to Hyun Bin’s version of “That Man”, the upcoming ‘Secret Garden OST Part 4′ will also include Yoari’s “Appear” (female version), Jung Ha Yoon’s “You Are My Everything“, and Yoon Sang Hyun’s “Here I Am“.
Source: Star News,allkpop

Kim Hye Soo posts pictures from her youth

Actress Kim Hye Soo has revealed through her mini-homepage a “Lil Soo” photo collection from her kindergarten years to late teens.
The photos highlighted Kim Hye Soo’s immaculate features, porcelain skin, and deer-like eyes, proving her natural beauty.
Her array of expressions from cute to sexy were perfect example of her future career as an all-encompassing actress.
Netizens showed vibrant reaction, “Original national little sister”, “Template for natural beauty”, “Queen of past photos”, and “Always the actress, so amazing“, pouring on the actress their praises.
Source: TV Daily via Nate,allkpop

Will Girl’s Day succeed in entering the male locker room?

The members of Girl’s Day became a part of the “job star” family for a recent recording of CMC’s family variety program, “Leave it to Jobstar“.
The girls become temporary workers at a Jimjilbang (Korean spa) alongside the four MCs Ji Sang Ryul, Kim Jin, Han Min Gwan, and Ahn Young Mi. Together, they cleaned the hallway, manned the register, and did laundry, in addition to other manual tasks associated with spa work. The point of all this labor was to earn a day’s worth of experience and perspective on earning vocational pay.
A hilarious moment in the show came when the idol members and the MCs were giving a hint, “Locker“, while in the midst of cleaning a heat room. They raced to the men’s and women’s locker rooms to find the final question.
Unfortunately, when Girl’s Day nd Ahn Young Mi arrived at the women’s locker room, they were forced to turn back by the staff. Passing by the men’s locker room, they were unable to control their curiosity and knocked on the door.
The aftermath of the girls’ entrance to the men’s locker room will be aired on December 24th.
source: Newsen via Nate,allkpop

Why didn’t Lee Ki Kwang debut under JYP?

On the latest episode of KBS2TV’s “Win Win,” Park Jin Young (JYP), the main guest of the show, revealed the reason as to why he didn’t debut B2ST’s Lee Ki Kwang during his trainee days under JYP Entertainment.
Park Jin Young revealed, “Ki Kwang was outstanding in both singing and dancing, and the reason why he didn’t debut was because he knew this fact himself.
Lee Ki Kwang, being the supporting MC of the show, tilt his head in curiosity and Park Jin Young continued, “In order to strive to be more and become something greater, you can’t be satisfied with your singing and dancing… but Ki Kwang already was good at singing and dancing.
Nevertheless, he also added, “But, I heard these days that he is the hardest worker amongst artists, I’m proud of him.
Source: Nate,allkpop
Photo: Win Win

4minute releases ‘One Thing’ for “It’s Okay, Daddy’s Daughter” OST

4minute’s Nam Ji Hyun plays the role of cute and preppy ‘Shin Sun Hae’ in SBS’s drama “It’s Okay, Daddy’s Daughter.” She recently recruited her fellow 4minute members to sing the track titled “One Thing” for the OST (soundtrack) and the track was just released on the various Korean Music portals.
The song is an emotional song with a sweet melody and loving lyrics. It also features Hyuna’s patented rap skills and is a wonderful song to listen to.
Check out the track below and remember to support the artist(s) by purchasing the music.

source allkpop

Wheesung releases “Winter Night” album

Just hours ago, talented vocalist Wheesung released his winter compilation album, “Winter Night”. The album was in the news recently because Wheesung received permission to remake Michael Jackson’s hit song, “You Are Not Alone”.
On the morning of the 21st, Wheesung tweeted, “I dared myself to sing Michael Jackson’s song. I’ve always wanted to sing a song of his in my own style, but as his voice still lingers with me, mine ended up just being an imitation. However, I am still thankful for such an honorable opportunity. It’s an opportunity given to me by the heavens, and I will be satisfied and proud just the same.
‘I am glad the wish I made on the day you returned to where you were from has finally come true.‘”
Wheesung also recruited the talented vocalist Cloud to participate in the album.
Check out some of the select tracks from the album below and remember to support the artist by purchasing the music.

source allkpop

B2ST’s Doojoon and Dongwoon MV teaser for “When the Door Closes”

The members of B2ST divided into teams of two for their “Welcome to B2ST Airlines” concert, and they recently announced that the solo songs each pair had come up with will see an official release very soon. The three duet tracks will also be joined by a full version of “Lights Go On Again“, starting from December 21st.
The first up to bat is unit duo Doojoon and Dongwoon with “When the Door Closes”. Hours ago, a video teaser along with the track was released. Now, a video teaser for the music has been unleashed. The video teaser contains various footage from their Welcome to B2ST Airlines concert(s), check it out below.

source allkpop

Actor Shin Sung Rok doesn’t think 187 cm is that tall

Actor Shin Sung Rok personally labeled himself as a ‘cute man’, despite his height of 187 cm, while making an appearance on SBS’s “Night After Night.”
MC Kim Jae Dong questioned the actor on his statement by asking, “It’s difficult to be cute at a height of 187 cm, isn’t it?
Shin Sung Rok replied, “187cm is not that tall,” causing the studio to go into a frenzy over the ridiculous but hilarious statement. The actor continued, “I was disqualified from a lot of auditions for my height. When my seniors are acting, they tell me to come up wearing only socks.”
CNBLUE’s Jung Yonghwa and Big Bang’s Daesung refused to get over the fact that Shin Sung Rok called 187 cm ‘not that tall.’ Yonghwa commented, “One of our group members is 186 cm tall, and he only wears shoes with heels, making me, at 179 cm, look like a baby.”
Source: Seoul NTN via Nate, allkpop

SISTAR on winning a rookie award, pole dancing, and their Christmas plans

Despite the four girls of SISTAR preparing for a busy end to their even busier year, the group managed to sit down for an interview with Joong Ang Daily in order to reveal some of their thoughts as the year comes to a close.
▲ “You received the rookie award at the ‘Golden Disk Awards.’  Has anything changed after winning an award?
Soyu: “My parents watched the broadcast and said they were proud of me.  I think it was the happiest moment since joining a girl group.  A lot of the artists that won rookie awards at the ‘Golden Disk’ all advanced to become great singers, so it gives us some hope.  We were fighting over who got to take home the trophy (laughter).  We agreed to take turns sleeping with the trophy until putting it on display at the company.
▲ “Your new track, ‘How Dare You,’ has been earning a hot response.  How do you feel about the style change as compared to ‘Shady Girl‘?
Hyorin: “Our personalities match a lot better with ‘How Dare You,’ since we’re all very tomboyish and outgoing.  We’re not at all shady like the lyrics of ‘Shady Girl’ states, so we had to act a lot on stage.  I feel so much more refreshed after completing a powerful stage for ‘How Dare You.‘”
▲ “Your pole dance in your music video became a problem.
Bora: “All three of the major broadcast companies said that the scene couldn’t be broadcast.  Is a pole sexy?  It’s an opinion that’s hard to understand.  When you see a real professional dancing on a pole, you immediately begin exclaiming, ‘That’s beautiful.’  It’s frustrating since people don’t look at the dance and only the pole.”
▲ “They say that the pole dance diet actually works.
Hyorin: “There’s a lot of exercise involved since it’s a dance that uses your entire body.  It helps a lot in shaping your body since you need flexibility as well.  I attended a class for it for two weeks and it was so difficult that I lost about 3 kg.  I have calluses on my hands and I’ve developed biceps from having to carry my weight with my arms.  It’s so upsetting not being able to show it on broadcast.  We’ll show it at our own concert later.”
▲ “There’s a lot of opportunities for you to meet male celebrities.  Honestly, have any hit on you?
Bora: “We meet a lot for recordings, but none that we know privately.  We’ve never been hit on as well.  Since we don’t have cellphones, there’s no chance for a ‘problem’ to occur.  The agency suggested that it’d be better for us to concentrate on our rehearsals without cell phones, which we all agreed to.  And even so, when girls hang around in groups, guys don’t like approaching you because it’s intimidating.  Wouldn’t it be easier for solo singers?
▲ “You must have a lot of hardcore fans by now.  Any stalkers?
Soyu: “A lot of people support us.  I was once surprised after seeing a male fan in his late 20s that came to all of our events in Daegu, Busan, and others, all in one day.  He always shouts, ‘Soyu’s husband is here!’  Another college student fan bought me shoes and moved me with her story of working hard to pay for her own tuition.
▲ “It’s Christmas soon.  You must all want to go out and have fun.  Any special plans?
Hyorin: “We have to appear on a live broadcast for ‘Music Bank‘ on [December] 24th and must rush to K. Will’s concert right afterward.  It’s such a busy Christmas, we don’t have time to dream of any fantasies.  Still, being able to survive the scary girl group competition has been a big enough gift for us.  We’re glad to be able to enjoy such a happy Christmas, despite being busy.”
Source: JoongAng Daily via Nate, allkpop

JYJ talks about Yunho and Changmin, Japan, and changes

Ever since the announcement of JYJ splitting from SM Entertainment on July 31, 2009, both the members of TVXQ and their fans have been riding a long roller coaster with numerous ups and downs along the way. After revealing their new album, ‘The Beginning’, last October, the JYJ trio has become increasingly confident about expressing the thoughts they’ve kept to themselves this past year.
- You won the Golden Disk Awards twice in your careers (2006, 2008), did you watch this year’s awards show?
“We watched it. It made us reminisce about our past, as well as feel new emotions. It’s already been two years since we stood up on that stage. We’ve carefully stored away our Golden Disk platinum medal.” (Yoochun)
- We’ve heard that Hero Jaejoong is popular amongst Japanese female celebrities. There were even rumors about him being in a relationship with one.
“All those articles about relationships are just fiction. It’s true that I get along with the Japanese female stars, but there isn’t one that I’m in a relationship with. Japan is different from Korea in that their celebrities all comfortably get along privately. I’m close with Hamasaki Ayumi, which is probably where the relationship rumors came from.” (Jaejoong)
“Jaejoong has everything Japanese girls like about guys. He has cute and sexy charms all in one body. But in real life, he doesn’t have a girlfriend.” (Yoochun)
- Korean artists seem to be popular in Japan.
“The status of Korean artists in Japan have increased to their advantage. Korean singers are becoming acknowledged for their dancing, singing, and looks. It’s not just their skills, but they also admire Korean males for their nice bodies and being able to drink alcohol well.” (Jaejoong)
- You’ve worked so hard in Japan for how many years, but you’re unable to promote.
“We predicted that there would be difficulties along the way. We’re just thankful that we were able to even release an English album. We’re disappointed, but all we’re hoping for is to get everything solved so we can meet our fans again.” (Junsu)
- What warranted you to withdraw from the team, even when you knew it would be hard? You knew there would be a possibility of people pointing at you for betrayal.
“Up until we made our decision, we lived in chaos for over a year. At the time, there were a lot of speculations regarding business and revenue shares, but we only have one answer. We thought about how we would answer ourselves if we were to ask, “Were we really happy?”, later in life. From the moment we realized we would answer, “I don’t think so”,  there was no point of us hesitating any longer. We are sorry for everyone who supported us and helped us, but we put down the decision that we couldn’t do this to our own lives anymore.” (Junsu)
- But it wouldn’t have been easy to make that decision at the peak of your careers.
“We were prepared to face the possibility of not being able to be sing again. If we weren’t prepared to that extent, we wouldn’t have had enough courage to make that decision. We even thought of going to the countryside to build and live on a farm. We also thought this would turn into a 10 year long fight.” (Junsu)
“It’s true. We all knew our celebrity lives could end. We didn’t even have hope of doing well. I thought of selling my house in Seoul to live in the countryside.” (Yoochun)
- There are a lot of mountains you must get over, like not being able to go on broadcast.
“Even though we get criticized a lot at the beginning, doesn’t it get better later on? It’s hard when problems keep surfacing, but we’re learning how to win over them. When something bad explodes, I turn off my internet and don’t even read articles. Even though it’s a bad situation, we try to be positive. Being pessimistic just because we’re sad makes the people around us even more stressed. That’s why I write up fun messages on my Twitter and try to communicate with our fans.” (Jaejoong)
- Do you still keep in contact with SM’s Yunho and Changmin?
“We’re really sad that we can’t. We’re not saying that just because we left the company it means we left the members too… We watched their album teaser for the January comeback. We honestly hope they will do well.” (Jaejoong)
- You three members must have become more independent.
“We didn’t have a lot of time together because of our busy schedules, but after our concert last month, us three went on a nationwide trip. We traveled from Kangwon-do to Busan in two weeks. We rode yachts and went to find the nation’s best restaurants. We found out that Junsu has a lot of popularity in the countryside.” (Yoochun)
- When does TVXQ shine the most?
“We hope we can shine even more when the five of us are together. We’re open to the idea, although we’re not sure when that will happen…” (Yoochun)
- Do you have any special plans for Christmas?
“None of us have girlfriends… I think us three will be getting together for some soju.”

Big Bang and SNSD to attend 52nd Japan Record Awards

As previously mentioned, popular idol groups Big Bang and SNSD will be attending the ‘52nd Japan Record Awards show in Tokyo on December 30th.
Big Bang has been nominated for the highest award of the night, the “Japan Record Awards“. Regarding this, on December 21st, Big Bang’s entertainment company revealed, “Big Bang will be going for the ‘Japan Record Awards’ for the second year in a row,” to Money Today Star News.
Big Bang’s G-Dragon and TOP, are currently busy promoting their first duet album, but the duo will be even more busy towards the end of the year as they are scheduled to appear for ‘SBS Gayo Daejun‘ on the 29th, ‘Japan Record Awards’ on the 30th, and ‘MBC’s Music Festival‘ on the 31st.
A representative of the K-pop music industry also quoted, “Girls Generation will make an appearance for this year’s ‘Japan Record Awards’. The ‘2010 KBS Music Festival‘ also happens to be on the same night, but the chances are very high that Girls Generation will return to Korea after the ‘Japan Record Awards’ and make an appearance for ‘KBS’ Music Festival’.
On another note, the ‘Japan Record Awards’ is one of the the biggest end of the year music awards show in Japan, and the awards ceremony will be shown live through TBS.
Source: Star News via Nate,allkpop

SECRET’s Hyosung and Zinger go on a double date with Batman and Mazinger Z

SECRET’s Hyosung and Zinger have revealed their weakness for superheroes!
On December 21st, Zinger posted a few photos of herself with fellow member Hyosung, linking arms with life-sized figures of Batman and Mazinger Z. She tweeted,
Lonely Secret did some dating! I’m a little shy so I’m hiding, and Hyosung unni has fallen in love with abs. Our meeting with Batman and Mazinger Z
SECRET has been enjoying some well-deserved downtime since the completion of their second mini-album promotions. They’ll be returning to the music scene with a new album in early 2011.
Source: TV Report via Nate,allkpop

Lee Hyori & Kim Jae Dong’s close relationship sparks talk of possible couple status

Photos of “BFFs” MC Kim Jae Dong and Lee Hyori have caused netizens to declare that the two would be a “surprisingly good match”.
The two came together on December 17th at Ewha Girls High School in Seoul for Kim Jae Dong’s “No Break Season 2“. Lee Hyori was there as his special guest.
When describing Kim Jae Dong, Lee Hyori said, “He is humorous and loves the mountains. His love for nature and animals are my ideal type.” Quashing any romantic suspicions, she continued, “It’s surprising that no amount of physical contact between us makes him feel like a ‘man’ to me.”
Netizens have commented, “I hope it goes well between the two” and “They should be a couple“.
Source: JoongAng via Nate

SISTAR releases “How Dare You” app for iPhone

SISTAR joins the list of the many K-pop artists who have released an iPhone app, delighting fans who wished to see their favorite idols with just a literal push of a button.
Titled “SISTAR“, the app is FREE for anyone to download. It features their album jacket photos, 60-second previews of two single tracks, the full music video, and its teaser.
To get the application, just search for “SISTAR” in the Apple App Store, or click this link. Meanwhile, you can also click this link to get more free applications from other K-pop artists.

source allkpop

Jo Kwon and Nichkhun to sing a duet for their ‘wives’

Fangirls of the ‘Khuntoria’ and ‘Adam’ couples, prepare to hold onto something. 2AM’s Jo Kwon and 2PM’s Nichkhun will perform a special ballad duet for their ‘wives’ on MBC’s ‘We Got Married‘!
According to the production crew, this duet is special in two ways. First, it’s the product of a dream the two wanted to fulfill from their JYPE training days. The second point lies in how Jo Kwon and Nichkhun were paired up with Brown Eyed GirlsGa-In and f(x)’s Victoria to live as virtual husband and wife. Consequently, their growth with their ‘wives’ introduced a different element to their original wish: a gentleman’s desire to make his ‘wife’ happy.
They might not have taken their roles seriously when they first started, but time spent together with their ‘wives’ allowed warm and sincere feelings to develop. This duet will allow the men to deliver those feelings, and to do it right, they’ve enlisted the aid of producer Ra.d, the “Master of Love Songs”. Ra.d is already familiar to Kwon and Khun, since he contributed the track, “I Can’t“, to 2PM’s album.
It sounds like the two have worked hard to prepare a special Christmas present for their wives. Their reactions to the gift from their husbands’ are highly anticipated by fans, especially since Ga-In is known to have flat reactions while Nichkhun is notorious at his clumsiness in events.
This episode will be aired on December 25th for the show’s Christmas special. Check back with allkpop for the wives’ reactions to the gift!
Source: Star News via Nate,allkpop

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