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Nicole and IU briefly forgot lyrics at ‘2010 SBS Entertainment Awards’

IU and KARA’s Nicole made the mistake of not singing during their opening performance at the ‘2010 SBS Entertainment Awards‘.
The two girls appeared on stage wearing white wedding dresses, and performed Madonna’s ‘Like a Virgin‘. However, because they were so focused on their choreography, they forgot to sing the beginning part of the song.
Fortunately, it was a pre-recorded number, so it was not very noticeable.
Meanwhile, the show experienced another slip-up during the entrance of MCs Shin Dong Yup, Jang Yoon Jung and Park Sun Young. Audience members felt an awkward pause because the door that the MCs were to enter from did not open; luckily, the mishap was quickly fixed.
After this accident, Shin Dong Yup said, “You guys were laughing, but we were going crazy behind there“, drawing laughter from the audience.
Source: Newsen, allkpop

SNSD performs “Gee” at the 52nd Japan Record Awards

The ladies of Shoujo Jidai (SNSD) remastered their hit single “Gee” for their Japanese fanbase, and it became an immediate hit on various music charts.
Taking only three weeks to surpass the 100,000 sales mark, the girl group was bestowed with a ‘Gold‘ disk from the Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ) last month.
Delivering a performance of their fan favorite at the 52nd Japan Record Awards, here’s Shoujo Jidai with “Gee”!
Pre-show Interview


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2PM’s Nichkhun first watched porn when he was 15 years old

The members of 2AM and 2PM made guest appearances on MBC’s New Year special for “Bouquet” and displayed their cute antics for viewers and fans alike.
One topic of great interest was 2PM Nichkhun’s surprise confession about the first time he saw porn.   A portion of the New Year special focused on what the celebrities wanted to do the moment they became adults.  At the mention of adult films, Nichkhun immediately began showing signs of embarrassment with his ears turning red.
The MCs, amused with his sudden change in behavior, began aggressively shooting questions related to the topic, leading Nichkhun to eventually answer, “I first saw porn when I was 15 years old in New Zealand.”
Female guests on the show expressed that his shy but honest confession was endearing and labeled it as one of his charms.
2PM and 2AM also went head to head in order to become a team with their favorite girl groups through a battle of the charms.
Nickhun performed 2PM’s song, “I Can’t,” while Junho showed off his guitar skills with “Ain’t No Sunshine,” a song off of Notting Hill’s OST.  The song was revealed to have been rehearsed to be performed at the group’s future fanmeetings.
Chansung showed off a sexy freestyle dance, while Seulong captured the hearts of the girl groups with his performance of Jung Yeob’s “Nothing Better.”
The episode can be seen at 9:25 AM KST on January 2nd, 2011.
Source: BNT News, Newsen #1, #2 via Nate, allkpop

Movie Review: Finding Mr. Destiny (Finding Kim Jong Wook)

Gong Yoo’s long awaited comeback to the big screen, “Finding Mr. Destiny (Finding Kim Jong Wook)”, will be making its way to select theaters across the United States and Canada!
“Finding Mr. Destiny” is a romantic comedy that stars the ever so handsome Gong Yoo (“Coffee Prince“) and the charming Im Soo Jung (“I’m A Cyborg But It’s Okay“). This movie is based on the popular musical of the same title and is directed by musical director Jang Yoo Jung.
In the film, Gong Yoo plays the part of Han Gi Joon, an awkward neat freak perfectionist former travel agent who starts a new business to help people find their first love. On the other hand, Im Soo Jung stars as the short-tempered stage director Seo Ji Woo, whose military man father (played by Chun Ho Jin) keeps pushing her to get married. The story begins when Ji Woo’s father forces her to consult with Gi Joon’s Finding Your First Love Agency in order to search for her unforgettable first love whom she met in India 10 years ago.
Upon watching the film, I was pleasantly surprised by Gong Yoo’s terrific performance of a character contrary to his previous heartthrob-type roles. He managed to play a very square character without being annoyingly suffocating. Also, for two actors who previously had dating rumors, Gong Yoo and Im Soo Jung had great chemistry throughout the film. Like most other romantic comedies, their characters’ over-the-top opposing personalities made for a good balance as each persona was developed throughout the film.
If I were to find any flaw in  this film, it would have to be that it is the typical Korean romantic comedy. Tough girl who actually isn’t tough, much quarreling with the guy, and an ultimate airport scene. Nonetheless, if you are into cute chick flicks, this is the movie for you! It was thoroughly enjoyable and left me with a warm happy feeling inside (which is great in this depressing cold winter weather).
“Finding Mr. Destiny,” which premiered in Korea earlier this month, will be released across theaters in the US and Canada with English subtitles! The first opening will occur on Thursday, December 30th at 11:30PM at the CGV Cinemas in Los Angeles. The distribution schedule is as follows:
12/30: Los Angeles (CGV Cinemas)
1/21: New Jersey (AMC Ridgefield Park 12), New York (AMC Empire 25), Maryland (AMC Rios 18), Atlanta (AMC Discover Mills 18), Chicago (AMC Showplace Niles 12), San Jose (AMC Cupertino 16), Vancouver (Cinemark Tinseltown)
TBA: Hawaii (Consolidated Ward)
Check out the movie posters, movie stills, movie trailer, music videos, and promotions below!
Official English Trailer
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ZE:A’s Kwanghee transforms into Jessica for the 2010 SBS Entertainment Awards

Rising variety star, ZE:A’s Kwanghee, along with variety blue chips Jung Juri and Nancy Reng, transformed into SNSD/Girls’ Generation for the 2010 SBS Entertainment Awards, giving fans and viewers alike a good laugh.
The three performed a parody of ‘Hoot‘ wearing shiny golden clothing while singing hilarious lyrics such as, “In a blink you push us aside, stop focusing on Song Joong Ki passing by.”, “What are you looking at Seo In Young? Look at me. Because of you, our sexiness is buried.”, “My face is trouble trouble trouble”, and “I am shoot, shoot, shoot… I am cut, cut, cut.”
Netizens who saw the performance, stated, “It seems like they don’t look alike at all, but when I look at Kwanghee, Jessica comes to my my mind.”, “They are really a big hit. I rolled around the floor laughing.”, “Kwanghee’s body is good.”, “All of them are good at dancing.”
Source + Photo: Newsen. allkpop

SNSD is fly… like a G550?

As we previously reported, SM Entertainment chartered a private plane through Excel Airways in order to meet their year-end music schedules in Korea and Japan.
Through the use of this private jet, the girls were able to attend both the TBS ‘Japan Record Awards’ and the 2010 ‘KBS Music Festival‘, which were both held on the same night.
It was recently revealed that this chartered plane was actually a Gulfstream 550 (G550). For those of you that don’t know, the Gulfstream G550 is a $50 million jet manufactured by the General Dynamics’ Gulfstream Aerospace unit in beautiful Savannah, Georgia. A stable of Fortune 500 CEO’s, Gulfstream was recently brought into the public spotlight through Far⋆East Movement’s Billboard Chart Topping single ‘Like a G6′ (Gulfstream 650).
The girls are extremely busy but at least they’re going around in luxury, comfort and style.
Photo + Source:, allkpop
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Han Hyo Joo & Kim Nam Joo wins the Daesang, Kim Hyun Joong wins Popularity award + other winners at the 2010 MBC Drama Awards

Two talented and beautiful actresses Han Hyo Joo and Kim Nam Joo laughed and smiled together, as they both were awarded the Daesang at this year’s MBC Drama Awards.
Awarded by MBC’s chairman, Kim Jae Chul and Go Hyun Jung (who was awarded the Daesang last year), the two actresses were recognized for their excellent acting in dramas Dong Yi and Queen Of Reversals.
For their award speech, Han Hyo Joo stated, “Although I lack a lot, thank you for giving me this award. I would like to share this award with the Dong Yi staff, who were together for all four seasons. This award should be given to them, not me. Thank you to my family and fans, and also thank you to baseball player Yang Joon Hyuk, who told me he is a fan forever.”
Kim Nam Joo stated, “I wish time would just stop at this moment, thank you. I don’t even know if I even deserve this award. Thank you to god, my family and my husband, Kim Seung Woo.”
Kim Hyun Joong Red Carpet and winning the Popularity Award:


Top Excellence Award: Jung Jun Ho, Jee Jin Hee, Shin Eun Kyung, Gong Hyo Jin

Excellence Award: Lee Min Ho, Park Si Hoo, Lee So Yeon, Park Eun Hye

Golden Popularity Award: Lim Chae Moo, Park Jung Soo (veteran actor), Kim Yoo Suk/Ha Yoo Mi (minor role), Park Sang Won/Kim Bo Yeon (soap opera)

Rookie Award: Park Ha Sun, Jo Eun Hee, Lee Tae Sung, Lee Sang Yoon

Child Actor Award: Kim Yoo Jung, Lee Hyung Suk

Actor PD Award: Lee Tae Gon, Chae Jung Ahn

PD Award: My Fun House

Merit Award: Jung Hye Sun, Na Moon Hee

Family Award: Gloria

Radio Top Excellence Award: Jo Young Nam

Radio Excellence Award: Bae Chul Soo, Hyun Young

Radio Rookie Award: Noh Hong Chul

Best Drama Picked By Netizens: Dong Yi

Popularity Award: Kim Hyun Joong, Han Hyo Joo

Best Couple Award: ‘Pasta’ Lee Sun Kyun and Gong Hyo Jin

Photo Credits: as tagged
Source: nate, allkpop

Kang Ho Dong wins Daesang at the 2010 SBS Entertainment Awards + other winners

With Lee Kyung Kyu and Yoo Jae Suk winning the Daesang awards for KBS and MBC, our national sumo MC, Kang Ho Dong, couldn’t be overthrown at this year’s SBS Entertainment Awards, as he triumphed with the highest award in his hands.
With programs such as Star King and Strong Heart, the MC gave viewers another entertaining year.
Having won against Lee Seung Gi, Yoo Jae Suk, and Lee Kyung Kyu, Kang Ho Dong left thankful messages to all of them.
To Lee Seung Gi, he stated, “I now think that he is scary.”, complimenting him on his fast rise as an MC.
To Lee Kyung Kyu, he stated, “Not too long ago, Lee Kyung Kyu sunbae won a Daesang award. He said that he wanted to guide his juniors on a blanket of snow, step by step. I didn’t look at the clock, and looked towards Lee Kyung Kyu sunbae. That is because it’s not important how fast you go, it’s whether you take the right direction. I honor this award to him, I will catch up like a bull’s horn.”
To Yoo Jae Suk, he stated, “Whenever I hear that I am Yoo Jae Suk’s rival, I am the most proud. If we go alone, we’ll go fast, but if we go together, we’ll go far.”
He then closed his speech stating, “My son Si Woo calls me daddy. He understands my words. In any situation, with anyone, I will work hard to make a proud and boastful show. “
This is Kang Ho Dong’s 5th Daesang overall.
Best Variety Award: Lee Seung Gi
Netizen Best Popularity Award: Lee Seung Gi
Netizen Most Popular Program: Running Man
Program of the Year: Star King
Best TV Star Award: Jo Hye Ryun, Shin Bong Sun, Kim Jong Gook
Best Teamwork Award: Heroes
Special Award: Sean Lee (Star King)
Multiple Talent Entertainer Award: Kim Young Chul, Kim Hyo Jin (Strong Heart)
20 Year Anniversary Variety Star Award: Lee Hong Ryul, Kang Ho Dong, Lee Young Ja, Yoo Jae Suk, Lee Kyung Kyu, Nam Hee Suk, Lee Bong Won, Shin Dong Yup, Kim Yong Man, Lee Hyori
Best MC picked by Producers: Kim Kook Jin (Star Junior Show), Jang Yoon Jung (1000 Song Challenge)
Show Writer Award: Kim Yoon Young (Strong Heart), Song Jung Yeon (Lee Sook Yeon’s Power FM)
Radio DJ Award: Kim Chang Wan (This Beautiful Morning, I am Kim Chang Wan)
Announcer Award: Choi Kee Hwan
Variety Special Award: Kim Byung Sae, Song Ji Hyo
SBS Variety New Star Award: Song Joong Ki/Lee Kwang Soo/Gaeri (Running Man), Kahi/IU (Heroes), SHINee’s Minho/f(x)’s Luna (Star King), 2AM’s Jokwon/CNBLUE’s Jung Yong Hwa (Inkigayo), Shindong (Strong Heart)
Source: nate, allkpop
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