Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Super Junior Heechul & FT Island Hongki, night date in Japan “Confirmation of pretty boys taking over Shibuya !

The scene of Super Junior’s Kim Heechul and FT Island’s Lee Hongki’s date at night has been captured.

Rainbow's Hyun Young sings Lyn's Separation of Life on Sukira + Singing MBLAQ's Stay!

GaHee released solo album cover!

After School's leader will be making her solo debut soon.

Yoochun Participates In Press Conference To Support His Brother!

Brother of Yoochun from JYJ, Park Yoohwan, will be debuting as an actor and in order to support his brother Yoochun attended the press conference for the announcing of Yoohwan’s drama.

Changmin boosts Athena's viewership!

SBS Drama ‘Athena: Goddess of War’ saw a rise in viewership rating.

U-Kiss Releases "Always" & "Kiss Me" For "Real School" OST !

[Picture] Kan Mi Yeon revealed album cover for Sunshine!

Ex Baby Vox member Kan Mi Yeon released the jacket photo for her latest single Sunshine!
The mini album will be released on the 17th of February,she will have a duet with 2PM's Junsu too,do you like her latest album cover?
Her S-Line is simply perfect!

credit dkpopnews

[Videos] TVXQ on "Strong Heart", Cut!

The highly anticipated "Strong Heart" episode has just been uploaded. (TVXQ's Cut)
TVXQ had joined the guests of SBS’s “Strong Heart” this week for a talk battle in an ‘homme fatale’ concept special.

Rainbow's gorgeous rapper Woori shared new photo on Cyworld!

There are too many gorgeous members in Rainbow.

Childhood B2ST revealed..who am I?

Idol group Beast consecutively revealed childhood photos of themselves grabbing a lot of attention.

Super Junior, occupied first place on Taiwanese music chart for 34 consecutive weeks

Super Junior has occupied the first place on Taiwan’s music chart for 34 consecutive weeks, displaying their image as Asia’s superstars.

On the Korean Music TOP100 Charts, which is published by Taiwan’s largest online music site KKBOX (http://tw.kkbox.com), Super Junior’s 4th official album’s title song “Miinah” was crowned first place on the weekly chart for the 16th – 22nd (January) period. They have been occupying the first place on the Korean-Japanese Music TOP 100 Weekly Chart for almost 34 consecutive weeks since its release last 6th of June (2010), and (this win has) cemented their dominance.

In addition to that, “Miinah” also came in at first place on the monthly charts for a 7-month period, starting from June until December, and naturally they came out as first place on 2010’s annual chart as well. In particular, they are still marching on in first place even though it is already the new year, showing the popularity of Super Junior who has captured Taiwan.

Prior to this, Super Junior has already established a remarkable record for occupying the first place for a total of 36 weeks on KKBOX’s Korean-Japanese Music Chart with their 3rd album’s title song “Sorry Sorry”, which also came in first on another Taiwanese music site, ezpeer+’s charts for a total of 34 weeks. It is worthy to note until when they will continue to march on in first place this time.

Source: Sports World
Translated by eternalsnow @ SJ-WORLD.NET
Thanks to arenata @ SJ-WORLD.NET for the heads up!
credit dkpopnews
Please take out with full and proper credits.

[MISC] Teen Top C.A.P and L.Joe Praised TOP and G-Dragon on Twitter

Teen Top C.A.P spoke highly of TOP, "I wanna be like Bigbang TOP. A few days ago I saw him in the waiting room and while I was talking to him, I kinda felt like I became a commoner seeing a noble. I also have a dream to perform on a stage with him but I'm not sure since we both have low voices."

]Big Bang Slanket and Official Light Stick Releases!


Online Petitions Call for SNSD to Perform in Indonesia and the Philippines

Filipino and Indonesian fans want to be added to the list of where SNSD will be performing, so they’ve taken a drastic step to see their favorite Kpop girl group.

Online Petitions Call for SNSD to Perform in India and the Philippines

Filipino and Indonesian fans want to be added to the list of where SNSD will be performing, so they’ve taken a drastic step to see their favorite Kpop girl group.

YG Entertainment Maps Out Big Bang and 2NE1 Japan Promotions

YG Entertainment has mapped out how Big Bang and 2NE1 will conquer the Korean wave in Japan in 2011.

G-Dragon Hopes the New Big Bang Album Puts Love in Fans Hearts

G-Dragon has been able to to mold himself from the music he writes for Big Bang, himself, and the new album GD&TOP.

Park Jungah and Gil Breakup

After two years of a relationship, Leessang member Gil Seongjun who is better known as Gil and former Jewelry member Park Jungah, call it quits.

IU is full of excitement as she prepares to perform a cover of a Corinne Bailey Rae song at her concert.
For the very first time in South Korea, a British singer-songwriter will be holding her concert. Corinne Bailey Rae will be traveling to the country to hold her concert on March 10th at AX-Korea. She’ll also have an appearance by IU to start things off.

Han Hyejin Has High Hopes for Her New Drama

Han Hyejin is excited about her new role in a drama and talks about how she challenged herself with this role. In March a new drama will be airing called The Thorn Birds. In it, Han Hyejin will be starring as a woman called Seo Jeongeun.

Which Kpop Diva is the 9th Sexiest in the World?

Only three women from Asia managed to snag a spot on 100sexistwomen.com.
The website ranks 100 women each year based on their appeal of being sexy. There has always been one woman who many claim may as well be officially named the sexiest Asian star in the world. Who is that?

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