Tuesday, February 8, 2011

G-Dragon Hopes the New Big Bang Album Puts Love in Fans Hearts

G-Dragon has been able to to mold himself from the music he writes for Big Bang, himself, and the new album GD&TOP.

His charisma on stage is always strong, as his passion for what he does shines through. Many praise him for his hard work and know he’ll be amongst some of the most successful singers and composers.
His style in music and fashion has created a phenomenon that everyone is easily attracted to. Each new generation that passes after him, will take notes from him. Especially as he prepares for another year with Big Bang. He’s helped write some of the lyrics and melodies that will be featured on the new Big Bang album.
In an interview he expresses his views on the new album and what he’s been able to do since the debut in 2006. Read below for the full interview.
Q:The ‘long time’ hard work and suffering are tolerable to you?
A: Meanwhile,many people praised my work but I still have to learn to face and digest criticisms. When it was in the past, I did feel hurt when I was criticized’.
Q:Since the debut in 2006, Big Bang has been the center of the music industry but early last year, you were said to have plagiarized a song from other artists and your solo concert was said to contain sexual elements.
How did you overcome such a torturing time?
A: ‘Different people have different comments of me on the stage. It is the fate of a singer. But when it comes to me, it does not really mean a lot. I am responsible to my performances but I don’t want to debate with others in words since music will speak for me eventually if I make good music out there.’
Q:You are now 23 years old. If you have to pick a song which resembles your life most. Which one would it be?
A: I think it would be ‘High High’ as it reminds me when I once stand on the stage, the stage does not belong to me.I will ‘play’ on the stage for you. Roo’ra had been dancing on the stage as a kid too which I can never forget until now.
Q:People praise your musical talents and have high expectations on you.
A:Some people say I am a ‘genius’ which I would regard as a misunderstanding. I am uncomfortable with such kind of attention and I think it is a burden too. I think I am lucky to have the chance to find the own way of my music. I do not know many other friends who have such kind of opportunities.
Q:Big Bang is going to return to the showbiz in February.’
A: We can expect a bigger and better appearance of Big Bang. We will deliver you the kind of rock music with a touch of nature. After ‘Sunset Glow’, we hope to be more mature and we want the music to be suitable for men to sing while they want to capture the hearts of the women. I want to deliver the right kind of Big Bang music to you.
Q:Haven’t you already showed us all of your own kind of music?
A: Not yet.Luckily, everything went well when we were promoting in the past but success is not something which will pop up every now and then. The expectation on us is very important.
Q:What are the difficulties that you have encountered when you have chosen to be a celebrity?
A: I will not eat in very popular places. Even if I know some places which offer delicious food, I cannot go there. I am sad about it.

Source: Khan News
credit : kpoplive
Translation: rice+est@Bigbangworld.com
Written by: nikkiepop@Kpoplive.com

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