Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Han Hyejin Has High Hopes for Her New Drama

Han Hyejin is excited about her new role in a drama and talks about how she challenged herself with this role. In March a new drama will be airing called The Thorn Birds. In it, Han Hyejin will be starring as a woman called Seo Jeongeun.
The story is about one woman who takes everything for granted and then throws it away, while Hyejin’s character embraces what she did not care for with love. This particular role, the actress hopes it makes a bigger impact on the audience then her previous roles.
She stated the following about the hopeful success of the drama:
“It might be like counting my chickens before they hatch, but I have a feeling that this drama will be very successful. I can read the script smoothly and other cast members all agree that the story of the drama is very interesting. I hope that this drama will become another representative work of mine and actually I have that feeling. I had received too much love from people for playing the ‘So Seo No’ in the ‘Prince of the Legend,’ and I really appreciate the love, but I feel ashamed to still be called ‘So Seo No’ in 2011.”
Then she went on to explain exactly who her character is and what to expect of Seo Jeongeun.
“The character is the most difficult role to play as it requires wide acting ability. Seo Jeongeun is a bit actress from an orphanage. She lives bravely with a hope that she might be able to find her mother if she could become a star actress. Basically, she is a pure and innocent character, but she always misses her mother. I have to play her becoming a star at last after many troubles and sufferings, so I need various acting ability. She lives a life full of ups and downs, she is like a mixture of every character that I had played until now.”
Hyejin expressed that the role is a bit difficult for her, but she accepted the challenge greatly. She hopes that when the viewers see her performance, they’ll see how hard she worked to capture she’s playing. She says the drama is one that viewers can easily find themselves immersed in but it’s not all about the obvious good verse evil confrontation, it’s much more than that.
“At first, I also thought that the story would be very simple, but actually it was not. It seems to be very simple, but more complicated psychology is contained in the simple storyline. Expressing that complicated psychology is very difficult. Seo Jeongeun gives her love to people around her, but actually she suffers from lack of love. She always longs for affection. On the other hand, she has too pure of a personality, enough so to make people think that she is a foolish person. She experiences many difficulties and she always becomes humiliated by people, but she never loses her pure and na├»ve personality. I feel pressure because I have to present more mature acting to make people sympathize with the character, but I wanted to give it a try. It might be like running into the fire. I was so tense before the first shooting, but I could not even sleep the day before the first filming.”
Hyejin stated that the character she plays is very much similar to herself when she first started acting. She had such a strong desire to become an actress, that she showed up at auditions with absolutely no talent. She had to experience plenty of heartbreak from not receiving any roles and just like her character, she eventually becomes a successful actress after so many difficulties.
When asked about the possibility of low ratings affecting the drama, she disagreed about that. She had encountered this issue with a previous drama called Jejungwon. With that show she had actually gone onto the website and commented about how the viewer count should not affect the success or the hard work the actors themselves put into the drama, which captured a lot of attention.
“I just wanted to say that the viewer ratings cannot be the sole criteria to decide whether a drama is successful or not. Actors should not be controlled by the viewer ratings, but actually it is true that actors can be encouraged by high viewer ratings and can be discouraged by low viewer ratings. The character named Seok Ran that I played in ‘Jejujngwon’ was a great character and I really appreciated that I could play the role. The work itself was very good, but I felt bad because the drama was not successful. This drama, ‘The Thorn Birds,’ is a melodrama, but it will be differentiated from other melodramas by outstanding psychological aspects. I will act with my utmost effort for the drama’s success.”
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Written by: nikkiepop@Kpoplive.com

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