Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Childhood B2ST revealed..who am I?

Idol group Beast consecutively revealed childhood photos of themselves grabbing a lot of attention.
On the 3rd of February, Beast’s main vocal Yang Yoseob tweeted ” For the fans” and revealed a cute childhood photo of himself on Twitter. In the photo, Yoseob’s face looked rather long and he still had puppy fat.
On the 5th, Jang Hyunseung posted on his Yozm page a childhood photo together with his little sister that was taken by his father . In the picture, both him and his sister are wearing sunglasses leaving people with a deep impression of his unique pose.
Leader Doojoon and maknae Dongwoon also revealed childhood photos of themselves last month that immediately became a topic of discussion.
On the 25th of January, Doojoon’s sister revealed a childhood photo of Doojoon confidently making a speech on her personal Twitter page. She wrote ‘ 6 year old Doojoon giving a speech in church, someone who is comfortable with a mic’.
After that, Doojoon replied her by saying ‘ Don’t spread such photos, it’s embarassing’. His funny response made fans laugh.
Meanwhile on the 28th, Dongwoon tweeted,” Do you want to see a photo that has never been revealed? I want an explosive reaction but no laughing. ” He then posted a childhood photo of himself. Even as a child, he had an aquiline nose, strong chin and beautiful eyes,earning him recognition as ‘The Beautiful Boy.’
Beast will be holding their encore concert on the 18th and 19th of February at the Seoul Olympic Stadium.
CREDIT : dkpopnews
TRANS: Yang Ting@mybeastyboys

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