Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Which Kpop Diva is the 9th Sexiest in the World?

Only three women from Asia managed to snag a spot on 100sexistwomen.com.
The website ranks 100 women each year based on their appeal of being sexy. There has always been one woman who many claim may as well be officially named the sexiest Asian star in the world. Who is that?
Well Zhang Ziyi of course, who has made her name known not only in Asia but all around the world with her activity in Hollywood.
However, this year when the non-Korean website ranked the celebrity women, she fell at ranking only 33rd. Who beat her? Lee Hyori did coming in at number nine. Due to her focus on South Korea and no where else at the moment, it seems like quite a feat this Kpop idol has pulled off. She beat Kate Moss at 93rd, Anne Hatheway 66th, and even Beyonce who came in at 12th place. Can you imagine who else she topped?
The other women to make it onto the list from Korea are Jeon Jihyeon at 65th and BoA in 71st place. Besides Hyori and Ziyi, they’re the only Asian women that were able to make the list. Quite an accomplishment for the Asian entertainment industry that continues to grow.
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Credit : tvbanimeonline
Written by: nikkiepop@Kpoplive.com

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