Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Online Petitions Call for SNSD to Perform in India and the Philippines

Filipino and Indonesian fans want to be added to the list of where SNSD will be performing, so they’ve taken a drastic step to see their favorite Kpop girl group.

An online petition has been started to in hopes that it will have SNSD arriving soon to perform a concert for the eager fans. Into the New World concert tour was first introduced in 2009. Since then the concert has been held in Seoul, South Korea, and most recently Shanghai, China as well as Taipei, Taiwan.
The petition that has been circulating the web recently has the following message:

“Hello everyone, we want to know how enthusiastic the Filipino Sones and other Kpop Lovers are if SNSD will be able to perform in the Philippines. In order to make this project happen, we ask you to please fill-up this short petition. Any information will be very helpful in order to make Into The New World Asia Tour possible here. We did this petition on behalf of Filipino Sones regardless which fanbase you are in.”
The idea for the Filipino fans first came from the Indonesian fans who are hoping for the same outcome. All want to see SNSD in their home country for an Into the New World concert.
As of today there are nearly 1,000 responses to the petition. The petition can be found by going to Facebook for the Philippine’s SNSD fan page where new responses are added quite frequently.

Source: Manila Bulletin Publishing Corporation
Credit : kpoplive
Written by: nikkiepop@Kpoplive.com

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  1. Guys pls check d title once...u say India in title n mention indonesia in content...
    So pls correct it b4 it confuse a lot of people...India n Indonesia are completely differnt.and India also has fans 4 kpop.so pls dont give false hope our Indian Fans...


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