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SHINee sends their warm New Year greetings!

For SHINee fans, the best way to kick off 2011 was to see special handwritten messages from their favorite idols.
The boys recently took to their official site and left behind some heartwarming notes for their fans:
Onew cackled, “Let’s have a fun 2011! HAHAHAHAHA
Jong Hyun wrote, “Happy New Year! Best of health!!
Cleverly, Key included the figure of a rabbit in his message, as 2011 will mark the year of the Rabbit. “Happy New Year! Always be healthy! Let’s be as one for a long time!
The artistic Minho expressed, “Happy New Year! Always be happy and healthy! You’re the best~”
Finally, Taemin wrapped up the set with his cheerful message, “Happy New Year! I’ll do my best for the remaining year of my teens! Fighting~!”
Source: SHINee’s official site, allkpop

IU Talks About Her Recent Embarrassing Moment

Singer IU recently spoke on an embarrassing moment she experienced at the KBS Entertainment Awards.
On the 1st, during an interview on KBS 2TV Entertainment Relay, IU stated, “The search ‘IU’s embarrassment’ was most memorable for me.”
During the recently held KBS Entertainment Awards, IU stuck her hand out to shake winner, comedian Kim KiYeol‘s hand, but was met with embarrassment. IU caused laughter during the interview by saying, “After sticking my hand out, I just clapped.”
She also revealed, “I liked dancing up until elementary school. I started disliking it after seeing so many people that are really good at dancing. I don’t have much confidence when it comes to dancing right now.”
Check out IU’s embarrassing moment below.

Source: Lee Uhn Hyuk / KpopTubeDotCOM2 @youtube,
Translation: ch0sshi

Wonder Girls perform their hits at Jiangsu Satellite TV’s New Year’s Eve concert with popular Chinese and international superstars.
Even though there was absolutely no sight of Wonder Girls at any of the three year-end Korean music festivals, the girls were actually quite busy with two big presentations in China.
On December 31st, Wonder Girls celebrated the end of the year at Jiangsu Satellite TV’s New Year’s Eve special, one of the biggest Chinese year-end shows and probably the most awaited one with performances by known Chinese singers like Elvia Hsiao and Fish Leong, Taiwanese idols Fahrenheit, Columbian superstar Shakira and many others.

Wonder Girls perform their hits at Jiangsu Satellite TV’s New Year’s Eve concert with popular Chinese and international superstars.

Even though there was absolutely no sight of Wonder Girls at any of the three year-end Korean music festivals, the girls were actually quite busy with two big presentations in China.

On December 31st, Wonder Girls celebrated the end of the year at Jiangsu Satellite TV’s New Year’s Eve special, one of the biggest Chinese year-end shows and probably the most awaited one with performances by known Chinese singers like Elvia Hsiao and Fish Leong, Taiwanese idols Fahrenheit, Columbian superstar Shakira and many others.

On the same day, Wonder Girls made a video appearance at Zhejiang Satellite TV’s fashion themed New Year’s Eve show, as they aired the girl’s Nobody performance from the JYP Nation: TEAMPLAY concert as well as Rain’s and 2PM’s rendition of It’s Raining.

Days before the event, Zhejiang TV had also aired video messages, inviting everyone to the year-end special, from Han ChaeYoung, Rain, 2PM and miss A, who are known there thanks to Jia and Fei who made appearances with JYP Sisters on some of its TV programs before their official debut.

On December 29th, Wonder Girls were also seen performing at Four Season’s New Year’s Gala at the Harbin International Conference and Sports Center, which was also filled with known Asian stars.

Wonder Girls fans certainly missed them at SBS’, KBS’ and MBC’s year end shows, while watching other idols perform special stages, but everyone should be proud that the girls had the big honor of welcoming the new year in one of China’s biggest celebrations, don’t you think?

Video Credit: DiYManNm + PikeYenny4

Rain Cleared of All Embezzlement Charges

A report issued by the Seoul Central Prosecuters’ Office reports that Rain has been cleared of all charged of embezzlement!
After having a lawsuit filed against him and his company back in April, it was found that Rain is completely innocent of what he was accused of doing. The company who sued him specialized in fabric manufacturing and claimed that it had been forced to endure many financial losses because of Rain’s management agency’s (J.Tune Entertainment) fashion affiliate, J.Tune Creative. Rain was accused of investing two billion won in the affiliate, but embezzling the money through registering the company stock assets (worth around 2.5 billion won) under false pretenses.
It was eventually ruled that such accusations were false, and the claim that Rain’s modeling fees (totaling up to 2.2 billion won) was not excessive. Two officials at J.Tune were, however, indicted for embezzling a total of 900 billion won worth of firm money.
Rain was previously the largest shareholder of J.Tune Entertainment until recently, when he sold all of his shares and asked Park Jinyoung to take charge of the agency instead.
Source: 10Asia,
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Dalshabet’s ‘Supa Dupa Diva’ Teaser Revealed

Upcoming girl group Dalshabet‘s teaser video was recently released.
The teaser for Dalshabet’s debut single Supa Dupa Diva was recently revealed. This teaser was long awaited by netizens as the group is one that was created by hitmaking producers E-Tribe.
Dalshabet will start their official promotions starting on the 6th by first appearing on Mnet MCountdown, KBS 2TV Music Bank, MBC Music Core, as well as SBS Inkigayo.
The full single is set to drop on the coming 4th.

Source: fredoommk @youtube,
Written by: ch0sshi

How close is Jay Park to releasing his Korean mini-album?

Jaywalkers rejoice – it looks like Jay Park’s mini-album is almost ready to go!
Recently, the “Bestie” singer took to his Twitter and wrote, “another song done~ my minialbum for Korea 40% done!! prolly will be finished by January!
Fans who followed the star’s account began to wonder how far along the production was, as Jay Park had previously tweeted, “title track is officially done!!!! and it was all done within the family baby thats how we do!!!
With beats from dok2 and Cha Cha, and a possible collaboration with The Quiett, his new work is definitely shaping to be a hot release!
source allkpop

KARA releases individual Japanese “Jumping” MVs

To kick off the new year properly for their fans, KARA has released solo music videos for their Japanese version of “Jumping“.
Watch Gyuri, Nicole, Jiyoung, Seungyeon, and Hara charm the cameras for their individual takes below!
**While there are five videos out, we could only grab three at this time. Check back with us for updates!
[ Gyuri version]

[ Nicole version ]

[ Jiyoung version ]

source allkpop

Nichkhun praises G-Dragon

With the recent release of “GD & TOP,” Big Bang artists G-Dragon and T.O.P have been receiving much praise from various members in the entertainment industry. Recently, 2PM member Nichkhun showed his admiration for G-Dragon with this post on twitter:
T.S. : Oh Yeah – GD & TOP~ this song is stuck in my head!! =] gotta give it to GD! He’s a genius~ keep making great songs!!
Gotta love the love shown by Nichkhun to a fellow member in the industry.
[Thanks to everyone who sent this in.]
source allkpop

SHINee successfully kicks off 1st concert in Korea “SHINee World”

Last Christmas weekend, the boys of SHINee held their concert ‘THE 1st CONCERT in TOKYO’ “SHINee World” at the Yoyogi National Gymnasium in Tokyo. To kick off the new year, the boys held the first leg of their two day concert “SHINee World” at the Seoul Olympic Park Stadium in Seoul.
Various members from the entertainment industry including members from Super Junior, MBLAQ, B2ST, and TVXQ were in attendance to show their support for the group and their first concert in Korea. SHINee is scheduled to held their second concert on January 2nd at the same venue around 4:00 PM (KST). They’re also scheduled to go to Australia in a few weeks for the “Korea-Australia Friendship Concert“, taking place on January 12th at Sydney Town Hall.
Photos credit: as tagged
source allkpop

“Mother” named 2010’s sixth best film by CNN writer

According to CNN’s Tom Charity, the film “Mother“, which stars Kim Hye Ja and Won Bin, was the sixth best movie of 2010.
The film is about a mother (Kim Hye Ja) who is on a mission to prove that her mentally challenged son, Do Joon (Won Bin), is not responsible for the brutal murder of a woman.
6. “Mother”
Korean soap actress Kim Hye-ja makes one of the movies’ most unconventional amateur sleuths in the latest idiosyncratic thriller from Bong Joon-ho (“The Host”; “Memories of Murder”): a street herbalist convinced that her mentally challenged son is not the murderer he has been made out to be. Her investigation is unorthodox, intuitive and ultimately agonizing.
If you haven’t already, it certainly sounds like a film you want to be checking out.
Source: CNN, allkpop
Thanks to chyea226 for the tip!

Joo reveals ‘Bad Guy’ MV teaser starring 2PM’s Chansung

Having released two teaser images earlier this week, JYP Entertainment has now unleashed the MV teaser for Joo’s impending comeback, which also features 2PM’s Chansung.
The teaser reveals the title track for Joo’s comeback with ‘Bad Guy‘, and it stars her and Chansung, who we are led to believe were a previously lovey-dovey couple, but some things happened, and Joo comes storming in for revenge (?) against Chansung’s betrayal in a dramatic music video.

source allkpop

Jo Kwon & Ga-In share a ‘kiss’ on Christmas

2AM’s Jo Kwon and Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga-In were met with another obstacle in their Christmas event on this week’s “We Got Married.”
In celebration of Christmas, the couple went on a cafe date and reflected on their year as a couple. The cafe even began playing their “We Fell In Love” song, bringing out some nostalgic moments. And as if on cue, snow began falling outside, leading Jo Kwon and Ga-In to rush outside and dance.
Unfortunately, their almost-perfect date was put to an abrupt end when the couple tried to make drawings in their coffees. Jo Kwon’s drawing ended up looking like an alien, but Ga-In wasn’t quite successful either, leading her to eventually get tired of the process and abandon it.
The couple was met with another problem when the CD Jo Kwon prepared wouldn’t play, making many wonder whether it woud be another failed event following Jo Kwon’s failed one-year anniversary event.
Fortunately, Jo Kwon’s ‘ice-rink proposal’ was a hit!
Jo Kwon re-arranged “Happy Me” into his own style and sang it for Ga-In at an ice rink, moving her to tears. Despite her eyeliner smudging all over her eyes, Ga-In tried her best in showing just how touched she was for Jo Kwon’s efforts, contrasting sharply compared to the past.
In response, Ga-In sang back “Happy Me,” leading Jo Kwon to flash his happiest grin yet. He even asked, “Don’t you have anything more for me? Kiss me!
Ga-In accepted his confident request and gave a kiss not on his cheeks, but on his lips, due to Jo Kwon moving his face the minute Ga-In attempted to kiss his cheek.

source allkpop

Nichkhun and Victoria spend their first Christmas together on “We Got Married”

2PM’s Nichkhun and f(x)’s Victoria unintentionally parodied a scene from the drama “Secret Garden” on this week’s “We Got Married“!
The two visited a cafe in order to celebrate the Christmas holiday, where Victoria ordered a cappuccino and accidentally gets some of the foam on her upper lip, exactly like Ha Ji Won in the famous ‘foam kiss’ scene in the drama.
The MCs in the studio immediately began expressing their excitement over what would happen next (overflowing adrenaline from the Adam couple cut earlier), but instead of the much anticipated kiss, Nichkhun opts for the tissue and wipes off Victoria’s mouth, much to the disappointment of many.
Nichkhun also presented Victoria with a CD containing the songs “I’m In Love” and “I Can’t,” both of which he personally sang and recorded.
He shyly asked, “Even though I haven’t been able to sing the songs much, I hope you’ll listen to them.” Victoria responded, “Thank you,” with a laugh.
After looking over the CD, Victoria suggested that he write her a handwritten letter on the back. Nichkhun readily agreed and began writing his letter with much care, stressing over the way his Korean characters looked. Upon completion, he shyly handed back the CD while stating, “It looks a bit weird.” Understandingly, Victoria reasoned, “It’s okay, we’re foreigners.
Despite Nichkhun asking her to read it later, Victoria began reading it on the spot much to Nichkhun’s embarrassment.
Nichkhun wrote, “I’m glad to be able to spend Christmas with Victoria this year. Even though we weren’t able to spend it together on the actual day, I’m so, so, so, so, happy that you are in my heart.
Touched, Victoria blew onto a window and wrote, “I like Nichkhun so much.”
In the black room interview, Nichkhun revealed, “Before, all I did was sleep after the end of our year-end performances, but I want to do something more with Victoria this year.
Source: TV Daily, Newsen via Nate, allkpop

After School to comeback this March

After School will be returning as a nine-member group this March!
On January1st, Pledis Entertainment spoke with Star News and revealed, “After School will be releasing their album as early as March. Their latest addition, Noh Lee Young, will be joining them, so please look forward to a new nine-member After School.
After School debuted with the concept of ‘admissions’ and ‘graduations,’ just like a real school.  Through auditions, they’ve been adding members since their debut in 2009, starting with UEE, then Raina and Nana, Lizzy, and more recently, Noh Lee Young.
Lee Young becomes After School's 5th generation member
Noh Lee Young was first introduced at MBC’s “2010 Gayo Daejun” held on December 31st and appeared in the middle of the group’s “Bang!” performance with an impressive guitar break. Despite her introduction being short, she’s already left quite the impression on viewers and netizens.
She’s also the winner of the 2007 and 2008 Geumsang and Daesang at the Kangwon-do Teen Gayo Festival, and will be graduating from high school this February.

Source: Star News via Nate, allkpop

IU greets her fans for the New Year in a hanbok

Singer IU greeted her fans for the New Year wearing a traditional Korean dress (hanbok), and hoped for everyone to have a happy year-end and a new year filled with joy.
IU stated, “Thanks to all of the love all my fans have been sending me in 2011, it’s been a truly happy year for me. I was a bit upset in not being able to go on the last class trip of the year, but I’m glad that I was able to spend the year healthy and without any colds. In the 2011 new year, I will not get sick!! And I hope nothing that makes us sad or angry happens.
She concluded, “I hope everybody has a healthy 2011! Please love IU in the new year as well.”
Source: SPN via Nate

Brown Eyed Girls’ Jea wishes fans a Happy New Year

Brown Eyed GirlsJea greeted her fans for the New Year through her personal Twitter.
On January 1st, she uploaded a photo of herself wearing a traditional Korean dress (hanbok) and wrote, “I hope everyone has a blessed year ^^ It’s a very exciting year full of anticipation.  All four of us are making a beautiful album, so please look forward to it.
Brown Eyed Girls completed their promotions last year and focused on individual solo activities.  Currently in preparation for their comeback, the girls will be releasing a new official album along with both Korean and Japanese activities.
Jea previously released her solo album, “Because You Sting,” before the group’s comeback, and has been earning high remarks for her talents.
Source: Star News via Nate

Rain successfully completes “ADIEU! 2010 with RAIN” concert

Singer Rain made an impressive end to his year through his concert, “ADIEU! 2010 with RAIN,” on December 31st.
The three hour long concert brought in 7,500 fans to see hit track performances by Rain.  Starting off with “I’m Coming,” Rain went on to perform “You,” “Even a Day,” “Ways to Avoid the Sun,” “I Do,” “Hip Song,” “The Song That’ll Hold You Back,” “Rainism,” and others for a total of 20 songs.
He stated, “Today is the last day of 2010.  I’m so happy today because so many people came to attend my concert.  It’s because of all of you that I’m able to perform and feel joy like this.” Rain also revealed a bit about his upcoming album, stating,  “It will be a retro style.
Alongside stunning performances of “ONE,” which included a chair dance, “Touch Ya,” and a rendition of his mentor Park Jin Young’s “She Was Pretty,” Rain attempted to get up close with his fans every chance he got. The audience was seated in an ‘H’ arrangement, and Rain made sure to run to every corner of the concert hall in order to grab as many of their hands as he could.
Fans also had surprise events waiting for them as well. Rain called up one special couple and gave the boyfriend an opportunity to propose. After the success of the proposal, Rain commented towards the man, “Now you have to buy all of my CDs or movies!
He later called up another female audience member and presented her with a romantic serenade of “My Girl,” much to the jealousy of the remaining audience.
Many foreigers could also be seen in the audience, with people from Japan and even Europe attending in order to show their support for the ‘world star.’
Source: Sports Today via Nate, allkpop

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