Monday, February 28, 2011

Big Bang’s Music Video for “Tonight”

Are you ready for Big Bang‘s Tonight? Were you able to catch it on The Big Show or did you miss it? Don’t worry we have the music video right here!

BEAST Releases Japanese Version of “Shock”

BEAST has given their fans a little treat by releasing the Japanese version of their hit song, Shock.
The ever popular song Shock has been released through the official YouTube channel in Japanese.

Former U-KISS Member Kibum Spills The Truth Behind Leaving His Group

Previously, we reported that Kibum and Alexander have both left the group U-KISS for reasons which are not that clear to the general public. There have been various speculations about the matter lately; however, Kibum personally addressed the situation by appearing in a one on one interview recently.

Lee Dahae Handpicked to Host the Seoul Art and Culture Awards

We haven’t heard that much from actress Lee Dahae recently after her participation in the Korean Tourism Organization‘s omnibus drama Haru. In spite of her absence from the spotlight, she was chosen to host for the upcoming Seoul Art and Culture Awards because of her impressive ability in speaking various languages.

Park Miyoung’s Popularity is on the Rise

Park Miyoung has gathered the attention of advertisers as she becomes the most sought out actress for commercials.

Big Bang’s Comeback is Explosive

Big Bang‘s comeback has been nothing short of successful and it doesn’t look like that’s going to ever stop.
Big Bang has returned after 2 years and 3 months but their fans have shown just how much they’ve missed them. They released their album on the 24th of February which consists of six songs. These six songs have landed the spots for number 1 to number 6 on music charts.

Daesung Takes the Leading Role in “Tonight”

The SBS special of the Big Bang Show, fans were able to see the music video for Tonight as well as amazing performances from Big Bang.

Yumi Katsura Invites Three Kpop Groups to Model at Her 70th Showcase

At a fashion show in Japan many idol groups were invited to attend and even performed live for the biggest wedding fashion show.

Supernova Will Teach Japanese Viewers Korean

Lucky Japanese viewers who want to learn Korean will be able to do so with the help of Supernova.
Beginning on March 29th, Supernova will be participating on a show called Korean Language Class on TV. They will be teaching Japanese viewers the Korean language by taking turns to teach the most frequently used Korean expressions.

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