Monday, February 28, 2011

Daesung Takes the Leading Role in “Tonight”

The SBS special of the Big Bang Show, fans were able to see the music video for Tonight as well as amazing performances from Big Bang.

Plenty of attention was on SBS with the 1-hour special that was held on the 27th. It’s not just because Big Bang was going to be featured, but what the fans were able to see that’s extra special. Big Bang revealed their parody of Secret Garden titled Secret Big Bang. Fans were eager to see the acting skills of each member, especially TOP and G-Dragon who play the main roles.
The Tonight music video was also released that night and it included a first. Daesung took on the lead role and even had his very own bed scene. That’s right everyone it’s not TOP, G-Dragon, or Taeyang but Daesung who’s never had this opportunity before.
What more could Big Bang possibly bring to the table at this point with all their success?

Source: Osen
Translation: alee@ibigbang
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