Monday, February 28, 2011

Former U-KISS Member Kibum Spills The Truth Behind Leaving His Group

Previously, we reported that Kibum and Alexander have both left the group U-KISS for reasons which are not that clear to the general public. There have been various speculations about the matter lately; however, Kibum personally addressed the situation by appearing in a one on one interview recently.
To avoid confusion in the part of their fans and supporters not just in Korea, but also in other parts of the world, Kibum finally breaks his silence and reveals the truth behind the reasons on why he left the group as well as an account on the sudden change in their group’s member line up which was a decision made by their management company, NH Media. In addition to that, he also seized the opportunity to once and for all, clarify the rumors regarding his leave, which was allegedly due to his joint business venture with his older brother Kim Hyungjoon.
For more details regarding the matter, check out the english subbed video below!

Through the interview, Kibum was able to shed some light to the endless questions and worries from their group’s fans on what is really happening behind the curtains. Despite his decision to leave U-KISS, fans are still happy because the young idol will still be keeping himself visible in the public eye as a businessman who will actively be promoting the character business Piro Piro. In addition to that, he also promised to return in the near future as an artist, and that is something everyone should definitely look forward to.

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