Monday, February 28, 2011

Supernova Will Teach Japanese Viewers Korean

Lucky Japanese viewers who want to learn Korean will be able to do so with the help of Supernova.
Beginning on March 29th, Supernova will be participating on a show called Korean Language Class on TV. They will be teaching Japanese viewers the Korean language by taking turns to teach the most frequently used Korean expressions.

There will be 48 episodes airing, each day including a different member. At the press conference for the new show each member expressed their feelings toward having this particular opportunity. Yoon Hak stated, “I have wanted to teach the Korean language from the time when I studied in Japan.” While Sung Mo had this to say, “I am very glad that we can appear in an educational program.”
Kun Il said, “It will be our first time speaking in Korean on a Japanese TV program, so I feel really nervous.” While Kwang Soo added in, “People might be able to use Korean expressions while travelling in Korea by practicing Korean expressions very often to acquire those expressions.”
To top off the press conference, the members each taught everyone their favorite Korean expressions. They made sure to give a good explanation to show just how well they will do on this new show.

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