Monday, February 28, 2011

Yumi Katsura Invites Three Kpop Groups to Model at Her 70th Showcase

At a fashion show in Japan many idol groups were invited to attend and even performed live for the biggest wedding fashion show.

Yumi Katsura Parks 2011 Grand Collection in Tokyo invited three Kpop idol groups. The groups included Supernova, BEAST, and 4Minute. The idols appeared as models showing off the collections of wedding attire designed by Yumi Katsura and even showed off their musical talents as well.
The afternoon showed consisted of Supernova and 4Minute. They girls were dressed in beautiful gowns while the men wore white tuxedos. They impressed the audience by performing some of their hit songs. Supernova performed Last Kiss and Shining Star, while 4Minute performed Muzik and Why.

BEAST was part of the evening show which 4Minute once again took part of. BEAST wore black tuxedos and performed Special as well as Beautiful. 4Minute gave an amazing repeat performance as well.
These Kpop idols were lucky enough to take part in the first wedding fashion show to be held in Japan. As well as taking part in the designers 70th showcase. 4Minute was able to wear some of the 100 new wedding dresses the designer created specifically for this big event. The designer even stated, “I wanted to inform the audience about the attractiveness of fashion to teenage girls.” Which is why she invited the Kpop idols to model her clothing.
The leaders of each group that performed also had something to say at the press conference for the fashion show. Yoon Hak, the leader of Supernova stated, “This place was completely filled with enthusiasm during the show and we really want to hold our live performance here if we can have the chance.”
While Nam Jihyun, the leader of 4Minute expressed the groups feelings about their opportunity. “We are all enjoying the show as if we were actually debuting as models, and we really appreciate them making pretty dresses for us.” Of course BEAST’s leader Yoon Doojoon also added in the following comment, “I really thank the organizers for inviting us to this wonderful event. As we flew here to Japan, we will present a more splendid and outstanding performance today.”
Each group looks really nice in the clothing they’ve modeled. Yumi Katsura really chose the groups well to model her clothing.

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