Saturday, January 8, 2011

Video footage of GD&TOP’s Guerilla Date

Last week, the boys of JYJ froze up a section of Hongdae with their surprise guerilla date with KBS2TV.

BoA Joins in SME-JYJ Dispute

Artists and workers under SM Entertainment (SME) are getting more and more active in the disputes between SME and JYJ, as an artist and dance instructor under the company recently sent out some controversial messages via the web regarding the conflict.

4Minute’s New Teacher Is Nichkhun’s older brother?

4minute will be hosting a new E! channel reality show called 4minute’s Mr. Teacher.

IU’s Back Dancer Sparks Controversy for Allegedly Insulting 2NE1′s Minzy

A back dancer for IU has sparked interest and controversy for comments made against Minzy of 2NE1 that were made on his Minihompy page.

Will Big Bang and 2NE1 be Debuting in the US this Year?

There is no doubt that Big Bang and 2NE1 will be promoting in Japan this year, but what about in the USA?

JYJ and TVXQ Dominate HMV Japan’s Music Charts

Despite the many controversies currently surrounding the JYJ and TVXQ members, some fans have decided to ignore the tension and have decided to continue supporting the idols. The fan’s support has once again taken the five boys to the top as they dominate HMV Japan‘s music charts.

MBC ‘Radio Star’ Screenwriter Sparks Controversy by Tweeting Messages Against JYJ

jyj header
A screenwriter for MBC’s Radio Star’ has come into quite a negative spotlight for tweeting messages criticizing JYJ for leaving TVXQ and working away from SM Entertainment.

Lee Hyori’s comeback in 2011?

Korea’s biggest pop diva might have kept a low profile since the plagiarism controversy with H-logic, but reports say she’s ready to hit the scene again this year!

Music Core 1/08: Ow, My Eyes

That would be referencing the show’s neon not-found-in-nature lighting, which isn’t a bad change, but between that and the strobe lights I would have liked a disclaimer.

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