Saturday, February 26, 2011

Inati Accidentally Punches Drama on Music Bank

Music Bank usually brings a ton of great performances by amazing Kpop idols. There is usually no errors when it comes to these because there is always a rehearsal for each performance, so what went wrong with Dalmatian‘s performance?

The performance started out as normal as Dalmatian sang and danced to their new single The Man Opposed. Fans were loving every minute of it, but what you may not have noticed is what occurred between Inati the leader of Dalmatian and Drama.
During part of the performance Inati is to “punch” Drama. They’ve practiced this plenty of times and it’s always successful, except for this time. Inati’s punch was just a bit too real this time around as his right hook actually connected with Drama’s mouth. For a second he reacts to this but they must keep going.
Drama gets up and continues on with the song as well after having to fall on the couch. When it’s his turn to sing and there is a close up on his face, blood is seen on his teeth showing just how hard Inati punched him. Of course it was all an accident but Dalmatian didn’t stop performing and pushed through that one moment to give the fans something great.
You can check out a video below with the incident highlighted to see just where it took place.

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