Saturday, February 26, 2011

Big Bang’s Red Sunset Glow Featured in High School Textbooks

After dominating online music charts as well as offline sales for their highly anticipated comeback album’s release recently, Big Bang snags another achievement, this time in the academic circle.
On February 23, the Minister of Education, Science and Technology announced that Red Sunset Glow, a popular song by Big Bang in 2008 which was an original by singer Lee Moonsae back in 1988 is featured in one of the three revised music textbooks which was approved by the aforesaid government division last July 2010. In addition to that, it has been reported that this textbooks contain a number of pop songs which have been popularized by various singers in the country, and this includes songs by some of the biggest names in the music industry such as famous idol group Big Bang.
For the upcoming new semesters, these textbooks will be distributed to all high schools all over Korea, so that students will be able to learn and study the differences as well as the various similarities of Korean music and how it has evolved since then. Published by Tae Sung Publishing Company, these texts will tackle Korean music since the 1920s up until the present time, in order to make its content more familiar to students in the music curriculum.
Aside from Big Bang, songs from singers such as Yoon Simdeok, Lee Mija, Sanulrim and Cho Youngphil will also talked about in these books. Other publishers such as Kumsung Publishing Company and Parkyoungsa have also published books featuring different contents about popular music like Park Chunseok‘s Arirang Mokdong, Seo Taiji and the BoysI Know, as well as Yoo Youngseok‘s Square Dream and Four Season, respectively.
With this announcement, a representative from the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology remarked:
“Our music textbooks used to contain classical music or art songs, but those publishing companies have used content concerning popular songs and idol groups for the first time. These days, it has become the trend for textbooks in every subject to try to maximize the learning effect in students by giving them motivation.”
Pop music has a wide sphere of influence in the present time, as it is what the youth of today listens too. Is it indeed a feat for idol groups like Big Bang to have their music acknowledged not just by music fans but also by dignitaries in the academe. In this way, it is highly expected for youngsters to be more attentive and interested to study music because of it’s familiar content and generation proximity.
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