Thursday, February 3, 2011

T-ara Transforms Into a Trot Idol Through the Song, Love's Battery

On the 3rd, T-ara was on MBC's Star Dance Competition and sang Hong Jin Young's Love's Battery. Park So Yeon, Park Ji Yeon, Hyo Min and the rest of the members performed a very stable stage and with good stage manner, they received a very good score. Although they were lip-syncing, the five member's choreography was on sync and shook the hearts of the male competitors. Behind the stage, MC Kim Shin Young said, "It was the time cleanse your eyes," and praised the girls. The judges gave good feedback as well. Kim Sung Soo thanked the girls by saying, "My battery has been charged." Sung Dae Hyun said, "Can you perform this stage again for my father's 70th birthday?" The total points these girls earned was 86 points. Although they weren't able to get a higher score than their competitor, After School, they earned a high score compared to them.

After the broadcast, many of the viewers left a comment on the community board by saying, "They lip-synced and there was nothing special about the dance," "Maybe it's because they were busy with other Lunar special programs but it seems like they didn't put in a lot effort," and left negative comments about the girls.

Source: Nate
Credit dkpoplive
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