Thursday, February 3, 2011

Kim Taehee’s Acting is Improving

After being criticized so many times for her wooden acting, Kim Taehee finally receives praise for her role in My Princess.
Kim Taehee has worked on several projects in the past that have fallen through due to her acting. Even though she’s very beautiful, her acting has always been something that has hindered her success.

Many had their doubts about how well she’d do in My Princess with her past roles. However, it seems that something’s changed about this particular actress. Her adorably comedic character on the drama seems to have captured many viewers praise. In fact, there’s little to no criticism about her acting at all.
One critic stated that viewers are glad to see new sides to their favorite actors they never seen before. Though most actors tend to return back to their previous habits after one good stint. At this point, Taehee must prove that she can carry on her great acting even after My Princess ends.
Even though she’s being commended by some, there are still those who don’t think her acting has changed at all. Especially since Taehee is very well known for mostly doing commercials rather than movies or shows. A former SBS executive stated that actors need to expand their horizons or fans will begin to shun their work and their careers can be cut short.
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