Friday, February 4, 2011

Luna Will Be Making Her Musical Debut On the 4th

f(x)'s member, Luna, will be making her musical debut on the 4th. Luna's entertainment company, SM Entertainment, confirmed on the 1st that Luna has been casted as the lead female character for the musical, Legally Blonde. The 4th will be her first musical performance and she said, "I'm currently practicing as much as I can for my first performance."

As a member of f(x), Luna has been getting good feedback regarding her surprising vocal skills and charming voice. That's why, from the many idols that performed on the stage, many people are expecting great things from Luna. Also, people are interested in her because they'll be able to see her acting skills as well and see a different side of her.

The staff of Legally Blonde said, "It's hard to believe that this is her first time on a musical stage because she's fitting in so well and is doing well with her seniors by using her cute charm. I believe the audience can expect a lot from Luna and I'm sure her hard work pay off and will be able to show a new charm of her character, Elle Woods."

On the other hand, Legally Blonde was originally a movie and it became a hit musical when it was performed on Broadway and the musical has been performed since November 19th. The 3 actresses who have been casted to play Elle Woods are f(x)'s Luna, Kim Ji Woo, and Choi Sung Hee (Bada).

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