Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sean Tweets About Big Bang’s Loss

During December, Sean and Big Bang made a surprise appearance for a fan who was fighting against Leukemia but later found out that she ascended into heaven and the fans have been mourning with Sean and Big Bang.On the 28th, Sean tweeted on his Twitter saying, “Jungeun has left to heaven” and have announced the death of Jungeun.

He continued by saying,
With her father’s love and through Big Bang’s fan’s hard work, she received a very special gift of spending time with the members of Big Bang before she left. She also left us a present of showing more interest in children who are fighting against Leukemia.
Sean expressed that gained a lot through Jungeun and said, “Jungeun brought the hearts of all the Big Bang’s fans together. She made good use of the social network and left.
The social network is big in Korea and through this, I hope that we can all think about the thing that we all agree on and can share about. This space is the space where someone’s dream can come true and can also give hope and can possibly be a space that can give love as well. This space was a space for Jungeun where it made it possible for her to achieve her dream of meeting Big Bang.”
The meeting of Jungeun with Big Bang and Sean all began with her father when he made a post on a community site. He wrote that she wanted to see Big Bang’s Daesung and when Big Bang and Sean read this, they all went to the hospital to meet her in person and encouraged her. Afterwards, the members and Sean continuously visited her whenever they had the time and they even invited her to Big Bang’s concert that is being held in February.
The fans wrote, “It would’ve been nice if Jungeun could attend the concert in February,” “I hope that you’ll be much happier in heaven,” “Rest in peace.

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